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Plugged in : Hooked up : Screen Glow the Drug of TV and Internet

Long ago people said that TV rots the brain, now they point the finger at internet and cry out that it is bad for millennials!

Sleep or Stand, sit for no more than 2 hours!

Sure sitting around in front of a screen too much is bad, but mostly because of the sitting not the screen. My creative wife Meg put her iMac onto a standing desk setup made of furniture she built using a kit from IKEA :) I lent her some support to help with flaming the wood to give it a deep burned color, its more beautiful because of it, also unique :) The standing desk solves the health problems associated with sitting too much in front of a computer monitor. Not only is all of this screen watching and sitting unnatural, its also very unhealthy. Its not the screens, all though they can fill you mind with powerful life changing ideas, hopefully!

Do Not Insult Information Technology

Here I want to defend computers and the internet, they are valuable tools, that is until a power EMP (natural or man made) wipes out the electric society we are currently counting on to enjoy advanced technology as a civilization. Do not let the negative people convince you that people will just roll over and give up! Humans did not get this far to just give up after an EMP! To suggest as much is an insult to the human spirit of survival that perpetuates life as we "know it" as thinkers! problem solvers!

We can overcome any problem, including getting off this planet and colonizing another one that is suitable with advanced space transportation technology, watch Star Trek for some examples :P Then look to space X and NASA and the European Space Agency! Your brain is a natural information processing engine, your body an air breathing flesh bag of articulate semi-metallic bones, skin that flake off cells everywhere, hairs that grow and fall out, poop and pee, while natural intelligence operates on a relatively slow brain with limited memory, look at all of the things that humans have invented that you take for granted in modern society!

We are living in the future now with smartphones via LTE :P Wake up! Admittedly the small screens and keyboards on phones never appealed to me much. Writing this posting on a phone would make my thumbs sore. I mostly use about 6 of my fingers to type on full sized keyboards. I am still trying to get used to this iMac keyboard. Its smaller and has funny key travel that is tactile enough to give good feedback, light years ahead of the vague touchscreen io action of most phones and tablets. I like typing on mechanical keys that click softly, with just a little bit of tactile and audio feedback from the key strokes. I can do this without watching my hands, something I perfected almost 18 years ago as a young school boy, with my first home built computer, made from $700 worth of parts I purchased from a Shop in Kent WA, my dad drove me there, happy to see me building a computer as a hobby, self taught, I did it by reading online how to do it at school, after school, and then did it myself :) The specs were very 1995 :) I used lawn mowing money I made mowing lawns in our neighborhood to pay for it! I think my Dad threw in a some cash too. Thanks for being a good Dad Ken Schwarz, long live you soul, hopefully you get to read this from the great beyond, from Heaven, where I hope to see you again when I die!

Long Live Computers

Computers are the most versatile tool ever created, especially when plugged into the internet. Think of all the different things you can do with a computer, and compare that with watching TV! Its not the same! The real problems is too much sitting! Blood pooling up in the legs, stroke, a lack of cardio and movement. Lazy is bad, and idle hands make unhealthy choices!

Posting on Purpose

I made a concerted effort to publish more blog postings during a transitionary period in my life, and I am glad. I feel like I have a world of information built up in my mind that I want to share, fusions of ideas and concepts to save the world. I have little interest in making money, I want to make the world a better place, and deeply desire to come up with an idea that will do this while also creating a living that cap produce enough income for a nice life. Still working on that one, thinking about it for now!

Friends Inspired Me

The blog I created her was an idea that a friend of mine had for me. I used to read the photography blog of Ken Rockwell and the Kind Life blog of actress Alicia Silverstone. After thinking about their blogs, I looked up blogger, inspired by TED videos, and something Facebook has become that lost its sparkle a few years ago, I come here to share ideas with the world now! I hope the ads you see on my blog make sense to you as relevant or interesting! I put adsense to work since I get a fair amount of site traffic now, nothing worth mentioning in writing yet! I will write about that in more depth if I can make a living posting intelligent OP-ED material online! Interesting era we live in with people making millions on YouTube :)

Living Computer Museum Spotted in Seattle, Woot Woo

Meg & I were over in Seattle today, running a special errand, and spotted the Living Computer Museum in the SODO district of Seattle, driving with king counties most talented drivers, I am sadly one of them. I do not consider myself a good driver, I am only ok, but frankly, a lot of the people around here in Wa, where Meg and I live, drive like they smoke plastic fumes as a hobby. I am not sure what they are or are not smoking at the WA DOL, but if you can fog up a mirror you can get a drivers license in WA State. Shame on WA State! The bureaucrats here do not seem to care about science, they have something else on their minds, perhaps figuring out how to smooth over the legalization of weed? I am not sure what exactly they are thinking about. I know the 0 by 30 law is almost like a pipe dream in progress, and like the light rail, it will not really be effective for most people until 2026. This is a law in WA aimed at reducing traffic fatalities to 0% by the year 2030. I do not think it will ever completely work, but the measures they are going to use to make it happen will definitely help to take bad drivers off the road. If you reviewed the traffic safety data for the state, for the US as a whole, for other countries, it is frankly speaking amazing how poorly people are at navigating vehicles on the roads of the world. Sleep deprived, stupid, on drugs, inexperienced, old with poor sensory and motor skill performance, I have no ideas what the causes are, I am sure its unique to each driver, but we need to clean up the roads and educate drivers more like Europe does, in a hurry. How many people have to senselessly die in auto accidents before we raise the bar for drivers? Anyways, I might carefully navigate one of vehicles over to this Living Computer Museum to take a look. I love the history of science and technology.

Use Screen With Caution

Technology is a mixed bag, great if you use it responsibly, possibly unhealthy if you abuse it regularly. I play Xbox in episodic spats, mostly during the winter on crappy days, after work, when I am tired and need something to entertain my mind while letting my body relax a little before bed. I have been to bible studies and blogs where people confess that they are addicted to information, news, media, their phone keeping them awake at night, the jack of all trades computer, good at many things, master of none, the smartphone is the camera you always have with you, the one where you can text a picture to a friend, or post it online. They are amazing, smartphones are amazing, a hand held laptop computer if you will, similar prices too, you get get a tight laptop for $800 these days!

Progress you can See : Technology

I am blown away by the screen on my iMac. The SSD equipped fusion drive setup boots this machine quickly, the power management is thoughtful, its really all good news. I have nothing negative to say about it! Sure it was not the cheapest computer, but the screen is amazing, and its the part of the computer you interact with the most! Many people use 2 computer monitors, have 12 browser tabs open at the same time, have music streaming, news channel up, a blog, their Facebook page, work websites, etc. From email to everything, the internet and computers are so many different things to so many different people! Everyone is unique and the ways the people use their machines follows this feature, each use case a little different, often in subtle ways. The hour now is odd and I am going to call it a night! Take care friends, and keeping your thinker well oiled with water, hydration and sleep are key to long term brain health!

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