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In Defense of Ethics : George Westinghouse!

Good people make the world better, visionaries that changed the world, all of them setting out to make the world "better"! You learned right from wrong when you were a child, so why do bad people exist? Who knows. George Westinghouse's life is the best defense of ethics that I can think of, just short of the life and times of Jesus Christ. Ethics matter! Lets make the world better together! 

George Westinghouse was a passionate man who cared about his employees! He was not greedy, he was kind. Nikolai Tesla had the highest regard for Westinghouse. Westinghouse was not a great student in school, his best education came from his fathers stream engine shop, real world education, mechanical skills that later went on to serve his success throughout his life. He thought school was boring, more interested in real world skills, in doing cool things to make the world better. His mother encouraged him, and one of the foreman's at his fathers shop was a mentor to young George, and as a young man he started working for his dads shop for $0.50 per day. Watch the full documentary via the link at the end of this article!

I am listening to song by Paul Cardall called "Life and Death", it always brings me to tears. I admit this because I am willing to be emotionally honest with those who share in my thinking by reading my blog, those who see the light of goodness in the world, who care about protecting children from toxins, who care about reducing pollution to reduce the suffering and pain that all people experience from sicknesses caused by exposure to pollutants. I desire to win over the hearts and minds of all people to the love and compassion that my Lord and Savior God shares with me, even though I am a flawed hypocrite who does not deserve forgiveness from God! To anyone I have hurt in the world with my words or action, I am sorry.

See the thing is ethics do matter, and you can teach other people virtues. I wonder when I encounter mean people in the world what went wrong in their childhood, I wonder if they had good parents. I know that some people who are unfit to be parents have children anyway, and do not have to look hard or far for an example of someone who had mean parents. My father in law was not showed love by his parents, his life has been a series of tough hard circumstances because of the meanness and unforgiveness he was shown growing up.

Some people actually care about making the world better, because making the world better will improve the lives of everyone now, and for all future generations. Ethics Matter

Good Guys actually Finish First! It may sound counter intuitive based on what the world teaches about war, cut throat business practices, cheating, theft, crime, the bad people who spray pesticides that cancer on food crops that other people eat, the evil oil executives who mindless perpetuate flaring valuable petrochemicals that they are too lazy and stupid to deal with intelligent, dinosaur types who are going to die off, replaced by people who grew up learning about the value of recycling.

Recycling rates have been increasing every year since 1970 worldwide. The price of solar panels has been constantly declining since Bell labs introduced solar power technology for space satellite applications in 1953. Tail pipe emissions on newer cars are up to 95% cleaner than older generation vehicles because of applied emissions control technologies like the catalytic converters used in almost all modern intelligently designed vehicles with a tail pipe! Home building standards have been improved continuously to make homes safer. The internet has democritized access to information for anyone who is bold enough to look up things online.

The revolutions today have been happening all along, most people will only realize how smartphones have revolutionized the world long after smartphones have been a normal every day reality for mobile phone users. We usually live during revolutions, like the decline of cable TV subscription via the adoption of Netflix, streaming, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, Youtube, the cable TV pay to watch commercials, to have access to content that you do not ever want to watch, not when you want to watch it, there are good reasons that TV is failing, that people are using their TV's to stream content from the Web via a Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, many smart Tv's even have app support built in so you can stream netflix by just using the TV, no external device required. Its actually amazing that we have come so far, yet comcast insists on throttling netflix because their ancient managers were quick to give people super fast broadband cable internet, failing to understand that it is the content that people want, not the middle man, the internet a dumb pipe that allows you access to anything, that you might be able to find quickly using a search engine, or AI digital assitant like Siri, Cortana or Alexa.

We live in an era where people carry hand sized computers that have more computational power than room sized mainframes that cost millions of dollars in the 1960's. The power of the internet alone is astounding in terms of its transfiguring effect on insurance, online shopping (say amazon), DIY videos that can teach anyone how  to do almost anything, the information is out there if you are bold enough to find it. You can use the internet to read for thousands of hours about any subject, and become an expert on a given subject if you keep reading deeper and deeper into a subject for thousands of hours. The information technology revolution is already happening, emergent AI technology with super human intelligence that scares Bill Gates and Elon Musk, just a few years away. Robots already a huge part of the mass manufacturing revolution, the Hubo and Asimo will become more than just a party trick, intelligent robots are going to be a big part of the future whether of not you can see it now. The truth is that the future is going to be very high technology with advanced medical pharmacology that eliminates side effects through genetically custom tailored drugs made for each persons unique biochemistry. We will boldly go on to explore more of God's amazing universe with fusion powered spacecaft, warp drives that can bend space time, and hyperjump thousands of light years away in just the blink of an eye. I cannot help but wonder if StarTrek lit the fire in the minds of NASA scientists working on warp drive technology today!

Ethics matter because they inform people about how to make the world better, in every thought, every word, every action, every choice, behaviors, personality patterns, what people care about, what they vote for with their feet, their money! If you want to see what someone really cares about, look at what they spend their hard earned money on. For many people that means going to the local sporting event to support the 12th man in the case of the Sea-hawks. Ever since Paul G. Allen purchased the Seattle Seahawks, the fanbase, fan flare, and culture of fan support has grown to amazing levels never previously seen, and the Sea-hawks have become a very sucessful sports team. The honest truth is that I do not know much about professional sports at all, and I am not interested in watching sports, except if it is part of a social event with friends who do enjoy watching sports.

I find it astounding how much money society spends on entertainment, while so many humans are dirt poor, starving, sick with diseases we eradicated in the developed world using vaccines a long time ago, like Polio, that still afflicts the poorest people. The Zika virus the celeberty of today, I wonder about virology, human immunology, ecology, globalization, human population, and whole gamut of related economic, policy, and technological issues related to these subjects. I am a hyperactive thinker, constantly interested in understanding more about the world, the next big innovations that will upset the markets. These can form tremendous investment opportunities, like those who saw the light about Amazon when it launched in 1997, and put their money into the related stock! People who invested thousands of dollars into Amazon in the early days, now have millions of dollars! Wild how an online book store can redefine consumer access to goods they once purchased in retail stores. Now we have drone deliveries in beta testing, Mercedes Benz just announced a UPS style truck that has an automated vending machine that puts packages on 6 wheel robots that leave the side of the van on something resembling a wheel chair ramp, the whole processes and setup is automated, eventually even the truck with drive itself using AI. Can you see the revolution of automation unfolding before our eyes?

The First Modern Industrial Benevolent Innovator
He was driven by a desire to make the world better!

Take a small trip for an hour back in history by watching this film about George Westinghouse!
Just click the following hyperlink and enjoy!

Westinghouse (Full Documentary on Youtube) 

What an amazing guy, this is the kind of person I wish we could elect to be president! An intelligent, successful, benevolent, kind, reasonable, exceptional person! He is the forgotten role model that the world could use today to understand why hard work with good goals makes the world a better place. He desired to make the world a better place for everyone! His impacts can be felt across the world today, yet few modern people even know who he was!

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