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Computer + LIDAR + Battery Vacuum = Robotic Vacuum Cleaner : The Neato D75

A Neato D75 w/Me in 10' by 12' room : Pentax W90 Photo every 10 Sec
The little robot took about 7 minutes for a single a pass over the rooms floor

Soil is Food

We eat dirt that turned into a plant. We eat plants that converted dirt into plant tissue. Animals eat plants and other animals that eat plants, Plants are solar powered, our homes and buildings will be solar powered some day as well. 

Internal Combustion : Gasoline and Diesel : Hybrid Vehicles : Plug in Hybrid and Pure Electric

A Sun Rise viewed through Particulate Smog
Forest Fires Create Dangerous Air Pollution

Air quality is something that everyone should be thinking about when shopping for a vehicle of any kind. Clean technology vehicles create less air pollution, and if you think about your car, its probably the tail pipe of carcinogens that you interact with the most, and this is true for most people in America, who in one way or another are hopelessly linked to using a car for transportation