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iPhone 5s & 5C

Sept 2013 iPhone 5S
Image (c) Apple 2013 via

Here is my scathing editorial on this half-baked, energy storage problem that found its way into more "new" revisions of the now iconic iPhone that got the whole "smart-phone" revolution started. 

Sealed Battery Again = Fail || 
Eco-friendly my A$$ 

Sleeping in Two Sessions

Due you find yourself waking up spontaneously in the middle of the night to a brief window of wakefulness where you are intellectually productive? If you sleep in two bulk sessions you are engaging in segmented sleep that is perfectly normal and healthy. 

Things to Think About

Guns, homosexuality, and abortion: three minor but significant issues that people get hung up on. What about the other things that matter? 

Efficient Driving Styles Save Money

You can actually get better than EPA rated fuel economy with some simple driving tricks. EPA window sticker fuel economy ratings might seem disingenuous or misleading, as many so called 40MPG vehicle rarely return such fuel economies for their drivers. It turns out that the "Driver" is the real key.