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Tiny Home 160sq ft Shipping Container Home

Ultra-Tiny Low Cost All Electric Home 

Here I briefly explore my next home that never worked out. The objective was to make it truck portable (in a 20ft shipping container), with a totally functional kitchen, bathroom, shower, sink, toilet, washer dryer all in one, murphy bed, love seat, AV setup, and as much storage as possible. As fate had it, this never came to be, and I ended up moving to an urban apartment with underground parking ^^ which worked out perfectly :) At 375sq feet, the apartment is tiny, but more than 2x bigger than the container home I was planning ^^ Woot woot, still good practice in minimalist living. The following was the plan that never became reality, but it contains some solid ideas that I would like to share anyway if you care to take a look.

Desensitized to Everything : The Information Age of Enjoyment Burnout

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Our modern lives are filled with instant digital gratification. Unfortunately this instant gratification is causing many of us to feel depressed, always trying to fill a void with a new thing or an upgrade of something, be that a home, a car, a phone, or you name it.

People are always looking for new movies, new music, new TV shows or something new to read. The difference between "needs" and "wants" have been blurred by material wealth, even poor Americans enjoying large flat screen TV's, a warm home, running hot water, etc.

Advertisements and commercials condition people to engage in unwise credit debt spending, needless consumption, and waste creating lifestyles that are good for "Sales" but perhaps not necessarily good for anything else. Happiness is not for sale, no matter what someone tries to tell or sell you. 

The 2013 Nissan Leaf

The 2013 Nissan Leaf 
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Zero Tailpipe Emissions

The all electric 2013 Nissan Leaf represents a light revision of the original, with a few cool changes that extend range and let you lock the charging port ^^ More good things have come to the Leaf just as the CEO of Nissan promised. The Leaf is now so cool that I decided to lease one, the price was right too ^^

Android Kit-Kat 4.4 for Everyone

Project "Svelte" has Google's favorite mobile operating system, Android 4.4, on the way to older and less powerful devices. A lot of under the hood tuning to make the OS more resource efficient, along with loads of new awesome features that developers can exploit to bring android apps to a whole new level. 

Game Changing Energy Technology

From sunlight to nuclear energy and coal power, the real game changing problem we need to solve is energy storage. The liquid metal battery from Ambri has the potential to finally set renewable power free of its intermittent shackles.