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Low Gas Prices : Short Term Memories

The high climate and air pollution costs of low pump prices. People rushing out to buy gas guzzlers (SUV) while the pump price is low $2/gal, many will end up keeping these vehicles for 11 more years, long after the price rebounds to $6 or more per gallon. I hope to see oil hit $200 per barrel in the near future. 

85 Therms of Natural Gas

Rinnai RL75iN Tankless
Natural Gas Water Heater
New for 2016, we installed an instant hot natural gas water heater :) This made in Japan RL75iN is a cool unit for a small family

The 2015 Honda CB300F

2015 Honda CB300F 
My first two bikes were 600cc super sports (wrist strain, awkward seating angle), my current bike is a very comfy but kind poky PCX150 scooter, the next one we plan to add to our vehicle collection is a Honda CB300F. Not until the 2017 model year at the soonest. I have to save $5k after paying off $4k of existing credit card debt at 17% interest. This gives Honda that time to recall all the 2015 and early 16 models that have defective crank bearings and defective camshaft bearings. The fix from Honda is not out until Aug 2016. 

Ethics of a Honest Motorcycle Dealer named Tom

These guys are great, its where our Honda PCX150 came from. I gave them my business because they were honest and ethical. Lake City Powersports in Seattle. 

X-point Disruptive to IT

Imagine a desktop or laptop that boots up in 1 second with all the programs and apps already loaded into its main memory, along with every file, photo, video, database, etc all up ready to launch instantly with no lag. Intel XPoint is the solution. 

OLED moving beyond Phones

Today, Samsung Smartphones dominate the OLED experiences that people are enjoying around the world, but LG and Samsung are bringing that technology (pure black, low power consumption, high dynamic range) Super OLED tech to large format TV screens, laptops, desktop monitors, and other glowing rectangle displays, even some that can roll up almost like paper.

Amazon Echo : Cool

Like adding Star Trek or Jarvis to your kitchen, especially if you connect the Echo to some smart switches, smart outlets, or smart appliances that work with it. Amazon continues giving it more features with updates, so its becoming a cooler and more capable product as time rolls on. 

Emotional Logic

Thinking about how logical thinking and emotional thinking coexist in our mental cloud computer framework.

Our minds are composed of layers of complex abstract logic, sensory information processing, memory management, process cycle focus control, motor control, endocrine control, biological control though neuro-peptides, small signaling chemicals that control the living systems of the body, trillions of cells working together in a mutualism system of self improvement, repair, and functioning, everyone is born then become old and then dies, ephemeral like the blooms of a flower. While we are here, what we think about and say, how we affect each other. Its not all the logic and reason of IBM watson, but something more than Apple Siri or Google Now, something more than Amazon Alexa through Echo, each person is more than those AI engines put together, our mind is far more complex than the cloud computers of today, but they are both computers. Your brain is a fuel cell information engine, with automatic pattern recognition, general intelligence, acute skill building potential, and amazing motion control, organ control, and body system control.

Think about Systems
What is a system?
What are related components, how do our cells know what to do. Biological Intelligence is totally automatic, healing outside the realm of medicine today, the body heals itself before dying. Complicated intellectual frameworks to think of our minds as layers of cloud computing, with natural language processing, and automatic idea creation, building, innovation, memory sorting, memory storage and deleting of unnecessary memory data. Our brain is like Intel X point memory compute, a product that does not exit where the memory and CPU are the same device. Your brain is the network, the internet of your body!

The Roads of Today with Vehicles of Tomorrow

Making use of the existing roadways is more eco friends than investing trillions into a new system of rails, rails that would never connect to all of the suburban neighborhoods where everyone lives in America.

$599 for the Oculus Rift : Low Volume

The 2016 Oculus Rift Gen 1 
With billions of dollars and possibly hundreds of thousands of hours dumped into its development, the Oculus Rift launch price of $599 is going to limit its sales volumes. 

Bird Drone : Neighborhood Security Concept

Imagine ending crime in your neighborhood with video evidence; theft, home invasions, mail box break in's, personal assaults or any other crime that takes place out in the open, where the Birds can see. Enter the Drone Bird Concept. 

The Dirty Sachs MadAss Scooter I never Got

$3k 11hp 56mph Max 119cc Air cooled 4speed Manual
The Sachs MadAss is an interesting oil burner 

2015 Newfangled Tech Considered

The 2014 Fitbit Surge : The coolest Fitness Tracker / Watch
The one that other people actually want! 
Consider the noteworthy wrist computers *aka smart-watches, VR viewers, Hololens, Self Driving Cars, Rugged CE, LED and LiFi of 2015, or not.