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Understanding the Weather

Meg gave me this 1963 GM Delco Print about Weather and Air Conditioning. The beautiful pastel art and accessible language in this printing make climate science easy to understand. I am posting this document as a climate science primer for environmental, ecology, meteorological and other higher educations students. Enjoy

Forgetting : Essential to Mental Health

Now more than ever people are exposed to huge amounts of information in media. The twitter post TV world dense with an impressive gamut of constantly changing information. Information overload is now a possible psychological conditions from over-exposure to information. Forgetting is a mental memory clean up function that helps mentally healthy people discard "useless" information effectively. It turns out that marijuana is often used by people to help them unlearn "bad ideas", specifically helping people that are hindered by memories of negative life events or those who internalized toxic negative ideas from the world. The positive power of learning to "let go" and to "forgive and forget" in many ways underscore why forgetting is such an essential mental function.

Enjoy The Music :)

The world we live in is full of music. Music exists as an integral part of modern human existence. People have been making and enjoying music for thousands of years. The age of internet radio makes music you will love more accessible than ever. I like to stream free internet radio with Pandora. Put the name of a song or artist you like into the search box and Pandora will automatically build a free ad supported playlist, enjoy :) You can also pay a subscription fee to get ad free listening. Spotify, Rdio and many other internet music streaming providers exist. Google search for "internet radio" and give some different ones a try until you find one that serves up music you enjoy!

Cold and Flu Viruses vs God :)

The common cold and flu virus's we circulate and pass between each other are not really alive, these viruses complete a life-cycle process in each new host, rapidly evolving into new strains as they jump from one person to another, but they are never really completely alive.

Pleople Blame Obama, Corruption is the Problem

The main problem in the US government is the bribery and corruption in congress. Campaign finance reforms thus far implemented are tantamount to legalized bribery. So who is bribing congress and perverting our democracy into a socialist handout system for the department of defense, big oil, big pharma and chemical companies? 

Are you a non-stick person?

Joel Osteen #556 A No-Stick Anointing

"There will always be people that don't understand you, those that are critical and find fault. It's very easy to let their lack of approval stick to you and change who God created you to be. But in this empowering message, Joel will teach you how you can be strong in who God made you to be and move past those who've hurt you. Even Jesus Himself had to learn how to move past those who criticized, were disrespectful, and didn't approve of Him. Instead of using your energy to gain others' approval, you will learn how to look past these distractions, run your own race, and let God take care of those who oppose you." 

~Published on Nov 4, 2012 by TheReyRegio
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Yes I-502 : Legalizing Marijuana

Let's stop wasting law enforcement resources, generate new tax revenues, and quit subsidizing drug cartels. Learn more

Click "Read More" to Learn about Marijuana Legalization and Why it Matters!

Net Neutrality Essential for Online Freedom

Giant greedy telecom companies like Time Warner and Comcast want to control what you can access online. Without net neutrality, they could make a deal with a company like Walmart to keep you from accessing Amazon for example. 

Grid Power Storage

Hot Liquid Metal Grid Battery Mg Sb (Ambri)
Electro-chemical energy genius and MIT professor Donald Sadoway is in the process of commercializing a liquid metal grid scale energy storage technology he developed for low cost large scale industrial use. His major design objective was to use two abundant and inexpensive metals, and he did so and modeled the battery as a reverse design of an aluminum smelter (ie gigantic industrial scale and low cost). This battery technology will enable intermittent renewable energy sources like wind and solar to provide continuous uninterrupted base loading capacity 24 hours a day every day of the year. 

Tesla Model S : For The Win

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Tesla, an American start-up car maker is producing the coolest car ever made, the amazing Tesla Model S. It is a fully electric performance luxury sedan that starts at just $49,900 for the 160mi range base model.

Nexus 4 an iPod Touch Alternative ^^

A smartphone without the contract has finally arrived :) for years I have been complaining about the required data plan of smartphones, and their off contract prices were mostly north of $600. Now google is offering the Nexus 4, a real world iPod Touch alternative for $300, boasting all the best internals ^^ Woot Woot ^^

Cold Virus -- :(

Started with a dry nose, then a sore throat, then a nasal infection, then heachache, then stomach ache, joint soreness, congestion, and a mixture of tiredness and physically drained feelings: I got hit by a cold virus that is now in full swing. OTC pharma to the rescue! 

Hurricane Sandy (A taste of poverty)

As the people in the east coast of the United State begin recovering from Hurricane Sandy, millions of Americans got a taste of what billions of earths people live without all of the time (modern grid power, natural gas, running water). Are we really so cold, cruel and dis-connected to blindly ignore the poorest of people in the world?