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Music Mind

Hearing and Listening are Different 
I love this is internet radio station because they play sounds tracks of motion pictures that are thematic, emotionally provocative and dynamic. CINEMIX @

Jones’ing 7 Billion People

The Epitome of Jones-Esque Vain Materialism and Waste
Did you ever hear a scientist say something about “ Earths Carrying Capacity” “Sustainable Population” the “Fossil Fuel Epoch” or “Energy is Wealth” ? If not, have a look......  

Will It Blend?

1560 Watt 13Amp Beast
3Qt BPA Free W/ 4in Blade

For over a year I have heard about the Vitamix and BlendTec mixers. Actually, I heard of "Will it Blend" back in 2008, and watched a few youtube clips. $500 for a blender, no way! But a sale price of $329 along with a few hours of research caused me to finally invest in one. I am a daily smoothy maker and have been blending up smoothies daily for years now in a 1964 Imperial Osterizer 8speed that still works great, but it has a problem with cavitation that results in frequent frustration because of a design flaw and not enough power. This beast should solve that problem, read about why..... 

Pro Nuclear Energy

Eco-friendly cooling towers emit only water vapor not smog :)
The history of commercial nuclear power has been marred by a few accidents that the global media sensationalized. Much of the opposition to nuclear power is based on irrational fear. Commercial nuclear power releases less radioactive substances into the environment than coal power. Modern nuclear power plants are carbon friendly, sustainable power sources. The spent nuclear fuel from a reactor can be recycled repetitively. There are other nuclear fuels far more abundant than uranium, like thorium that can provide society with thousands of years worth of clean, sustainable grid power......

People Change

“…some birds were never meant to be caged, their colours were too bright…”
From "The Shawshank Redemption" 
People are always changing. Our brain is a dynamic adaptive information processing organ that is constantly changing based on what we do with it. There are parts of the brain that are harder to change, but even the deepest cores of a persons personality and disposition are capable of being changed. Be careful what you listen too and watch, who you interact with and what you do: you are the ever changing product of your experiences, ideas, thoughts and choices. When we see something new, we change. When we learn something new we change. When we get to know someone new we change. Everything is always changing in this world, as change is a fundamental property of life and our minds.

Cell Voice Quality Terrible, Why?

Can you hear me now? No, you sound different! Why? 

Do you ever notice that mobile phone voice quality is terrible? Did you know that there is technology from the 1980's for high definition mobil voice, but no carriers are using it! Call your cell company and demand answers! Where is the HD voice quality? Keep reading if you want to know more about this issue.

$275,000 on Gasoline

Drive a regular gas powered car for 50 years from age 20 to age 70 and you will spend something like $275,000 on gasoline fuel. Drive an electric car powered by a solar power system and your fuel will only cost $12,000. Take a look at the info graphic. 

Healthy Transportation

Bicycle Commuter in New York City :) 

We do not live in a sunny place like Florida... biking to work might sound crazy in Seattle right? Its not for the faint of heart, but it is good for your heart! Lets take a look at a commuting option that can save you $4K or more per year in some cases...