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Hearing and Listening are Different 
I love this is internet radio station because they play sounds tracks of motion pictures that are thematic, emotionally provocative and dynamic. CINEMIX @

This station ( plays music from the sound tracks of motion pictures: these acoustical masterpieces are hand chosen, composed and produced for motion pictures because they add emotional texture, tone, and feel to imagery that would feel bland in the absence of emotional provocative musical scores.

I love this station because the music is filled with life! You can feel the passion and depth in these thematic songs. They are dynamic and have a timeless sound that will transcend fast shifting cultural fashion cues and other features of the eye that dominate contemporary life and change quickly as new fads ebb and flow in and out of style.

Not all of the songs are awesome, just most of them.  According to the station: CINEMIX is a free online radio station playing soundtracks only! "CINEMIX does exactly what its name suggests--it finds the best and most unique soundtracks... and then mixes them all up in a blender. Variety is definitely the name of the game, and given the depth of CINEMIX's musical library, chances are a few of their tracks will leave you pleasantly surprised." From the (Shoutcastblog)

Some Examples:

John Debney - The Passion Of The Christ - Crucifixion

John Murphy - Sunshine - Kanada's Death, Pt. 2 (Adagio In D Minor)

John Ottman - I'm Sorry

Basil Poledouris - Audition

Rachel Portman - Joon's Medicine

Hans Zimmer - Wings Of A Film - Rain Man - Main Theme

James Newton Howard - I Wake Up 

Eduard Artemyev - Soleil Trompeur (Burnt By The Sun) - Valse Pour Maria

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