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7th Gen Intel Tablet / Laptop action

Intel Kaby Lake 7th Gen
Image via The Verge 
Skylake 6th gen tock cycle cpu family from Intel updated with highly power efficient 4.5 gen Kabey Lake 7th gen CPU family, a tock revision of the Tick that started back with 5th gen Broadwell in late 2014. 8th Gen CPU family Cannonlake delayed till 2017

History Made of Moments : You Live in the Moment

Long ago I had the pleasure of briefly studying Zen Buddhism, under the direction of legendary teacher Rob Prufer. The deepest meaning I was able to derive from this study was that the core tenant in Zen Buddhism is to live in each moment completely and as fully engaged as possible, focusing on here and now, being happy where you are at, aware, awake, alive.

25mi in 5.25 hours on the Segway Mini Pro

As the crow 13mi or 21km! The real route much longer
Braving common sense, inspired by a movie where a man rode a Segway from Seattle to Boston, I took our Segway Mini Pro from 228th in Sammamish near the country club, 25mi all the way to Fairwood in Renton. 5 hours 15min, two stops for charging :) 

4K Gaming : Project Scorpio : My next Xbox

The next Xbox in 2017 will bring 4K gaming via a 6 teraflop GPU setup that is remarkable for a console! 

Europeans Fitter From More Movement, Higher Food Costs & Smaller Serving Sizes

Traveling to western Europe may shock people from China, India, America or other parts of the world where food is cheaper. Serving sizes in France for example, according to my own experiences in 2000 were about 40% smaller per dollar eq at a restaurant. In Tokyo Japan I saw the same high food costs, smaller servings, smaller people who walk more and drive less, often riding trains standing up. 

Pulsed Magnetic Fusion not Hot Fusion : The Key to Commercialization of Fusion Energy

General Atomics and Lockheed Martin have a strategic partnership to pipeline secretive defense fusion energy technology into commercial power applications aimed at ending coal power in 2026.  

Wi-Fi Explored

Online research of transparent technologies many people use every day, here I do a brief exploration of WiFi, a technology that began back in 1997 because of CISERO research done by scientists in Australia to find tiny black holes. Click read more to dig deeper! 

Complex Human Thinking

I am reading a book about the human brain, and it has inspired me to think about my own mind, emotions, thoughts and ideas. Now I listen to my thinking in a new way, thinking about thinking, and it has become more clear to me why understanding consciousness is so difficult! Here I explain why, click read more if you are interested in thinking about thinking! 

Do Not Microwave Food in Plastic Containers

Well, unless you are trying to fume your food with Bisphenol S, UV stabilizer, or God only knows what other chemicals are present in the plastic, heated by RF in the microwave. 

Obesity, Depression, Inactivity the 3 big killers in America

Eat smaller servings if you are having obesity issues, a serving size should fit easily into the palm of your hand. If you are really active like a carpenter, you can eat two handfuls per meal. 

HDR + 4K TV 2016 Buzz Words

High Dynamic Range or HDR, a feature from Cameras of recent release made its way into the TV monitor space with the new Buzz word for TV's in 2016, say it with me "HDR"

The Dell XPS13

Its the best windows laptop for your money, period!

EHT in Coffee : Healthy Neurons = Sharper Cognition

A friend of mine recommended Nerium, an EHT supplement, which caused me to start researching EHT (eicosanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamide). I promptly purchased a French Press, 2 bags of whole bean coffee and a coffee grinder. Beware of the supplement EHT, its a pyramid scheme distribution system. The inventor is a liar, and Nerium is full of questionable components like titanium dioxide! Do your research before you buy supplements. Organic Coffee is a better solution!

The Era of Lithium Ion

Your cell phone, your tablet, your Tesla Model S, your Segway Ninebot, your iPhone, your Android, your laptop, your portable router, your high output LED rechargeable 18650 flashlight, your portable battery packs, the mobile power we consume today is Lithium Ion! Tesla Giga-Factory FTW

Custom HPU 28nm Silicon in Microsoft HoloLens

More than 1 trillion calculation per second, the 10w HPU is amazing! 

Human Cognition vs Age into an AI

Imagine building an AI that spans a lifetime of cognition by training the AI with people ages 5,10,15 and so on up to 105, then combine the AI from each age group, all 21 of them, into a single AI using a more advance neurosynaptic chip at 10w or greater.

A Simple Health Concept

"Everything that is good for your heart is also good for your mind" 

Moms vs Toxic Products & Their Children

A Child Chewing Plastic Chemicals: Saliva ExtractionImage Via Link : : 
Many women are unknowingly exposing their children to toxic chemicals from plastics, cleaning products, engineered synthetic scent compounds, toxic preservatives and carcinogens present in a whole range of how products, toys, toiletries, kitchen accessories & cleaners, paint & solvent VOC's, and the New Car smell that is made of petrochemical toxins, like benzene, toluene, and other ring hydrocarbon poisons.

Click read more to learn why that plastic toy your children chew on is making them sick with preventable diseases, and why many common consumer products around you home pose hazards that have been minimized by media because of confluence and corruption.

5K iMac Amazing 14MP screen + More

Image via BH Photo : Note the wire free desktop ! Clean 
The first 5K all in one computer in iMac fit & finish, with solid performance & lots of upgrade options, its 27in of P3 gamut color space 25% that is notably better then the already good IPS action from the previous generation iMac's. The professional color calibrated screen makes the user experience beautiful! 

Manual Focus on Canon T5i with 50mm F1.8 prime : Mirrors and Light

A Toyota Emblem with Sky & Sun reflected off the Chrome : Focus Blur ^^
I was bringing my lovely wife to a job training center where she was learning more about formal care taking, her nurturing character drawing her towards a career of showing love towards other people. Have some free time and my nicest camera with me, I decided to shoot some selective focus images to combine into a GIF animation specifically to share on my blog :) Enjoy friends

The gif is hidden after the page break, click "Read More" to see the GIF and article :)