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History Made of Moments : You Live in the Moment

Long ago I had the pleasure of briefly studying Zen Buddhism, under the direction of legendary teacher Rob Prufer. The deepest meaning I was able to derive from this study was that the core tenant in Zen Buddhism is to live in each moment completely and as fully engaged as possible, focusing on here and now, being happy where you are at, aware, awake, alive.
The essence of the word NOW! !!! RIGHT NOW, each instant; that is where reality exists!

History is the accumulation of civilizations collective moments across time. We are literally making history in each moment, every passing moment a chance to learn something new, to do something, to teach, to share, to care, to live, to enjoy, to think about, to dream up, to create, to express, to show, to produce or make, you have so many options with what you can do with each moment. You could choose to forgive someone, think about your future, make plans, organize, sort, work, clean, write, paint, read, watch, listen, see, travel, move, drive, ride, play with, engage, alive, you only live once, take life by the hands, our hands are amazing.

Your thumb has more degree's of freedom then your leg, hip, knee and ankle combined. Artificial legs are easier to make with a larger market, the IED's popular with ISIS often blowing off the legs of soldiers, not their hands.

Think of all the highly different things the human hand does just doing a normal day of ordinary life for an average human. You wake up, interact with clothes, complex fabrics that robots have difficult handling unless very sophisticate machine vision with AI is utilized by the robot. Our brain and visual system partners with the motor control output of the hand in what is called eye hand coordination. Many thousands of Teraflops of performance using only about 100 watts electrical/ thermal metabolic combined. The brain, eyes, ears, nose and mouth are system of high throughput data IO about the world, our senses taking in everything, our brain filtering the IO to focus on what matters. Your brain operates two computers, the left brain, and the right brain, each one a biological mirror image, but each doing highly specialized differentiated tasks, so that each brain can be a good partner to the other side. The two halfs work together to coordinate complex movement of our body frame elements, along with organ function, repair mechanism, emotional control, choices and logic, high cognition, memory management, and a plethora of other processes outside the scope of my knowledge as a writer or environmental scientist.

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