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EHT in Coffee : Healthy Neurons = Sharper Cognition

A friend of mine recommended Nerium, an EHT supplement, which caused me to start researching EHT (eicosanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamide). I promptly purchased a French Press, 2 bags of whole bean coffee and a coffee grinder. Beware of the supplement EHT, its a pyramid scheme distribution system. The inventor is a liar, and Nerium is full of questionable components like titanium dioxide! Do your research before you buy supplements. Organic Coffee is a better solution!

Its been 5 days now and I can see a major difference in cognitive performance. I feel more stable too, some how my essential tremor is suppressed by the coffee! Normally caffeine gives me anxiety, makes my hand tremors worse, and ruins my sleep cycles. By repeatedly drinking strongly brewed dark roast fresh ground coffee (french roast), the anxiety was bad on the first day. By day 2 the anxiety was 50% less. By day 3 I was almost adapted. By dat 4 I barely noticed any anxiety. By day 5 I was looking forward to the coffee and barely noticed any anxiety :) I am partially adapted now, save for the sleep architecture (sleep quality) reduction that is associated with caffeine consumption.

For many years I have been drinking unsweetened green tea in the mornings, made of 1 table spoon of Organic Gunpowder Green Tea from China, that I buy on Amazon by the pound from Everything Tea LLC.

Lets get into the history of EHT

Back in 2003 Signum Bioscience of NJ started working on compounds that modulate PP2 Protein Phosphatase 2, a spin off of Princeton University professor Jeffry B. Stock's research. Signum partnered with Japanese Rohto Pharmaceuticals in 2008 to launch Arazine (n-acetyl-s-farnsylcysteine, a PP2 modulating agent, again in 2011 Signum partner to produce PP2 modulating agents with GlaxoSmithKline. Signum spun off and partnered to produce a rosacea drug called SIG990 with Brickell Biotech. The big news came in 2015 when Nerium International started producing the PP2 modulator EHT through a partnership with Signum.

The Bio-chemistry of Coffee

Coffee contains a whole consortium of bio-active compounds, just like tea and cannabis. Generally drug companies are interested in isolating the active compounds, improving their potency, formulating drugs based on this isolates, and then selling them to treat not solve diseases. Since coffee can be considered a food, the ongoing treatment with coffee is not a drug issue, although the caffeine in the coffee is very clearly a drug, as is sugar which is often added to sweeten the otherwise bitter extracts of coffee that people make by brewing the ground beans with near boiling hot water.

Deep Zoom on Coffee

Consumed throughout the world, coffee was introduced to Arabia from Ethiopia centuries ago, its cultivation blossoming in Africa, Latin America and Asia. The nutrient and or nutritional profile of Coffee is rich with health boosting minerals, stimulants, antioxidants, organic acids, and bio-active terpines, including Ca, K, Fe,P,Ni,Mg,Cr, polyphenols, melanoidins, and carbohydrates, among the thousands of other substances present in the coffee beans, especially after thermal roasting induces chemical changes! The CGA in coffee helps to protect against stroke damage, whiles also inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. The TRG in coffee has an anti-diabetic effect!

Ref. The scientific research that produced the above information comes from Nigerian Scientists at the Ahmadu Bello University, in Zaria, Kaduna, Nigera, who study the bio-chemistry, and inorganic chemistry of coffee, due to the important role that coffee agriculture plays in the Nigerian economy!

There are many substances the improve your health, but today we live in the age of pills. Magic concentrates of EHT like Nerium, derived from coffee. The balanced 100% organic life that people once lived also had extracts and concentrates of plants with chemistry, starting prolifically in the late 18th century. The intellectual history of science and technology emergent during this time is eloquently described by Dr. Joel Mokyr in his famous book "The Lever of Riches"

Science, Technology, Innovation
Engineering, Math, Design, Automation
Computer aided engineering based on AI technology
Electric cars that drive themselves like the Tesla Model S
Electric scooters that learn from the rider, the Segway Ninebot MiniPro
There is AI in Siri, Cortana, Google, and Facebook, the cutting edge of science, recreating the human mind in neurosynaptic processors.

Coffee chemistry is part of a new branch of analytical food sciences aimed at increasing societies understanding of the biochemical benefits of natural foods like coffee. Organic fruits and vegetables along with leafy greens and other plant parts, with some animal meat and protein, a balance diet low in sugar, high in good nutritionally rich tasty foods, the key to enjoying your coffee is not just in understanding why it is good for your mind, but also going deeper to see that a lot of people are thinking about coffee today, its one of the largest sectors in the world, the coffee bean market, right up there with crude oil!

Armed with a cheap coffee grinder from Fredmeyer, a 4 cup French Press from World Market, and some coffee from Top Pot Donuts, we are off on a coffee voyage. Perhaps this will prime us for our trip to western Europe next spring, where coffee is wildly popular. I am looking forward to some Christopher Nolan style English Black Tea ^^ in England, and I am sure Meg will love it to/ she is more interested in going to London then I am, but I look forward to seeing it too ^^

I share this kind of information to help unlock other people, so that they can make informed consumer choices armed with the truth from science, not some politically corrupt media designed to trick consumers into ever greater needless consumption. I want to inspired people to make intelligent consumer choices, healthy choices, by sharing the truth with them! Imagine if everyone set out to make the truth about everything free. Imagine the kind of peer pressure that would create on bad people, with ubiquitous surveillance big data online internet, like the closed circuit TV security system in the UK that slashed crime. We can do this in the US too, using camera innovations like the Drop Cam with Government support from local, regional, state, and federal government support, for infrastructure that serves up the truth for everyone to review. if they want to look. Furthermore public safety AI agents can review the video streams and show the police the bad guys!


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