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HDMI to HD Human Experiences

The awesome electrical connector that allows your TV, bluray player, Xbox One, PS4, Chrome Stick, Receiver, and Amplifier to talk to each other, sharing that data information that makes pixels on the screen glow with content that brain turns into experiences, sounds to convey music & speech & sound effects that enhance the depth of the experiences. 

Hope & Optimism

Kind words are healing, pleasing to the soul, pleasant to hear for the mind. We can lift each other up with positive words of encouragement, affirmation and edification, with kindness & love motivating our words. Words are powerful! 

Smartphone Intelligence ?

Neck problems, increased RF exposure, screen brightness light exposure induced sleeping problems, data addiction, information dependance, computer abuse, internet codependence, increased wireless service costs, increased annual spending on mobile electronics & accessories, could the smartphone revolution be giving rise to the human machine hybridization that paves that way to technological singularity! 

Fitbit Surge Long Term Reflections

Fitbit Surge is pure awesome, a bit clunky, produces a skin rash if you wear it too snug, has long battery life, very reliable bluetooth connectivity, awesome heart rate & sleep tracking + ongoing App improvements to the phone app dashboard on iPhone & Android phones. 

Natural Gas & LPG + Propane Fast Fill Alternatives to Gasoline

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells can convert common hydrocarbon gasses like propane, LPG & natural gas into electricity for fuel cell vehicles that can refill in under 5 minutes using existing fuel infrastructure, essential for car sharing fleets where each vehicle has high daily utilization! 

Enhance Rechargeable Battery Life

Electric Cars, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Cordless Phones, iPods, Android, iPhone & more, many consumer electronics are powered by Lithium Ion batteries. Power tools are often powered by NiMH or NiCD batteries. The starting of most engines powered by PBA batteries. Here I explain how to get the most life out of each kind of rechargeable battery~ 

Oxidizing Carbon

Oxygen In, CO2 Out, the Breath of Life exists in the biological oxidization of carbon & plants that recycle CO2 into carbon & oxygen, in a food web of ecosystems in Earths only Biosphere! 

Automotive Innovations

Radar, Night Vision, Pedestrian Detection a HUD highlighting, Automatic Headlight Brightness & Beam Profile Modulation, Parental Controls for Teen Driver Safety Enhancement, Active Driver Competence & Functionality Testing & in vehicle wifi hotspot via the vehicles LTE advanced connection or 5G wireless service. 

Tesla Model S Motor (No Rare Earth)

The AC motor in the Tesla Model S uses a VFD controller to make use of simple abundant materials that do not rely on rare earth minerals to make remarkable AC power for insane acceleration! 

LTE advance + LTE Pro

The road to gigabit mobile internet hindered by phone modems (450mb/s iPhone 7, Galaxy S8) as network throughput speeds & capacity for VoLTE & Mobile Internet services. Many people fail to make use of existing LTE speeds that are widely available.

iPhone SE flashback to a Golden Apple Era

Steve Jobs & the iPhone 5 sparkled in my vision. Captured by the creative magic of Apple's marketing campaign behind aluminum unibody designs, several generations of iPods had earned my affinity for Apple's thoughtfully designed products years earlier! 

Plastic Phone/ Cases

Metal Dents/ Bends, Glass Breaks/ Shatters, plastics used in phones are very impact resistant, strong for the real world. Why make phones out of fragile easy to totally break materials like aluminum & glass (iPhone 6,6S,7 & Plus Models) etc. 

Connecting Humanities Consciouness

Billions of people & information about everything surging through the world wide web of youtube & more. Connecting the minds mankind to information from all around the world instantly online! 

Tesla Model 3 Battery 2170 from Panasonic

Going beyond the limits of the 18650 battery, Tesla's Giga-factory churns out billions of the larger 2170 cells with 2x more energy capacity; essential for the upcoming Model 3! 

Mazda Miata

The 2016 Mazda Miata (Image Credited Link
A light review of "go-kart" like cars leads to one conclusion, something Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear also echo's, the Mazda Miata is the ultimate road legal, affordable, light weight sports car for normal people. 

Drive Safer

2nd Gen. Tesla Motors "Autopilot" Perception IO
Cultural technological inertia will keep some people behind steering wheels until 2060 or longer. Computers & autopilot will ultimately dominate driving with greater safety than people! 

Rain Scooter Thermo Subaru Alt

Inspired by a retired Boeing engineer (Mr. Dabney), our Honda PCX-150 Scooter will be utilized for commuting along with a thermal insulating 1 piece rain suit to avoid the use of our antique Subaru for even more annual transportation cost savings. 

Road Reflections of Concrete Connections

Car culture, tires, gas pumps, motorcycles, trucks, buses, hover-boards & bicycles. "Wheel's" that move people & things. Muscle, motors & engines, the power to spin those "wheels" either biological, electrical or petrochemical energy (typical).

Boiling Water

Hydrogen Bonding of H20 (Water Aq.) Model
Boiling water for tea, coffee, meals, sanitization or any other reason (hobby, craft, sterilization, manufacturing) etc. etc. The good, the bad * the ugly! 

CR-z Idle

Winston my 2014 Honda CR-z sits idle now, its 151R battery hooked up to a Deltran Battery Tender + 1.25 amp maintainer. Topped of the fuel tank, turned off the insurance & will let the newly overpriced registration expire (thanks Wa. DOT) 

Information Furniture

Computers migrating form factors from mainframes of the 1960's to the smartphones of 2010's onward! How much computing horsepower do you need? 

Non-Interference Engines vs Interference Engines

Timing belt/ chain failure ruin an interference engine, causing the pistons & valves to collide with destructive forces. Fortunately automakers produced many non-interference engines over the years: here is a list. This one is for you Bruce (former Swype sales/ business development guy) 

Limitless Mankind Ending Death Itself

An infographic at about Human Evolution sparked a reflection so powerful that I have never felt so small or insignificant in the scope of history, but I feel fortunate to be alive at the start of the digital revolution that is paving the way towards a Kardashev Level 1 civilization

Purple Basil Indoor LED tri-color

36w LED x 4 Purple Basil plant seeds :) 
Morning Snow Dusting Today : Planting Indoors : LED + Seed 
Using a TaoTronic 36w tri-color LED to start 4 organic purple petra basil plants indoors on a day where a snow dusting enhanced the visual appeal of the landscape outside where we have the pleasure of living. The achievement of peace through gardening tech :) 

Nikki Catsauras Tragedy : Self Driving Cars Saving People

Lo & Behold : Reveries of the connected world depicts the emotional damage caused by the circulation of photos about a horrid car accident rooted in speeding, cocaine use & a teenage driver who lost her life because of this combination. 

Achieving Inner Peace

Meg & I watch Netflix's Chefs Table together :) An unlikely source of inspiration to introduce intentional peace inducing thoughts & actions, the episode about Jeong Kwan gave us both great pause to stop & consider life with a new healthier perspective. I hope the consumption of this content will blossom a life long sequence of healthier thoughts as we forge our future together as one people. 

Energy Thought Materials

The universe is made of matter & energy that mankind distorts with innovative technologies! On an Earthly scale by earthly little people, all of us with our finite 700TB memory compute brains trying to make sense of the world in a life long cycle of biological decline caused by aging. Today stem cells offering the solution to death itself in future well developed forms of today's early stem cell technology. Each of us genetically & socially unique, we are each emblematic of the era & cultures we find ourselves in.

Lithium Ion Formation Slow

A major problem with lithium ion battery pricing stems from the tremendously complex 3 week long formatting cycle at the manufacturing stage. 100% charging also damages lithium ion! 

Tremendous, Huge, Big, it's going to be Trump

Donald Trump won the presidential race against Hillary Clinton! Like it or not he is the new president of the USA. There are some things I like about Donald that I outline here in this posting! 

Ehang 184 Electromobility Flight Future

The Ehang 184 is a short distance low altitude electric passenger quad copter with autopilot! In Dubai the Transit Authority is brining the184 into a commercial application of the most advanced transportation technology!

Segway MiniPro $599 Awesome

The Segway Mini Pro is awesome. IP54, Magnesium Frame, UL2272, 14mi @ 10mph of Stable Safer Fun! Skip the low end hoverboard's and get a Segway Mini Pro!

The Segway Mini-Pro by Ninebot is the best self-balancing scooter you can buy for only $599 

Galaxy Note 3 GPS cable unplugged solution worked!

I dropped my phone :/ from desk heigh onto the hardwood floor, but my foot slowed the phone down! The impact did not break the screen, as phone screens often break when phone impact the ground. Every 2 seconds someone in the USA breaks a phone screen. Made of glass is cool, except that it shatters easily. Be gentle with your phone if you want it to last? People upgrade to new phones for psychological reasons before they break their phones. The phone is going to be in someones possession for 6 months to 10 years, with a median upgrade centering around the 18-24 months interval. Poorly treated overcharged lithium ions lose most of their battery life after 24 months of constant 100% overcharging at night (which swell shrink fatigues the anode while also causing cracking of the cathode). Lithium ion batteries last longer when kept charged between 30 & 80%

I tried many software repair efforts before resorting to a partial disassembly given the number of small screws. In the end it was more time efficient to do the mechanical repair.

I found the video about this repair using google on youtube. Have a look for yourself!

Capturing Vehicle Energy

Gasoline engines in most vehicle only convert about 30% of the potential chemical energy into motion, the remainder exits the drive-train as waste heat. 40 MPG + can be achieved using clean technology innovations! 

Airplane Mode : Use Wifi + Bluetooth @ Home

Smartphone @ Home = Turn on Airplane Mode then enable Wifi, this will keep your phone from using high power RF to connect to a distant cell phone tower, the wifi connection will let you "data" and Text message! Turning off the cell radio with airplane mode also enhances battery life substantially. 

Ultrabook = Ultra-Lame

Pay more for less that you can't fix, its glued together and not meant to be opened, ever! Ultrabooks offers a weaker, thinner, lighter computer in disposable fragile package, the Surface computers from Microsoft perhaps the most obvious example!

Car Sharing

Smart Digital Rental Car Sharing Network Model Replacing Car Ownership 

iPhone Turns 10

While the iPhone turns 10 in a few months (June 29th 2017) the iPhone 7 underwhelmed while the iPhone 5SE remains the best one to get for now! 

My Late 15 iMac 5K got a Ram Upgrade ^^

iMac Ram Upgrade 

Adding 8GB More User Replaceable
 Ram Easy With Door Access ^^

This Model was Shipped with 8GB of memory, something insufficient for the iMovie action I give this machine, nor was the factor memory amount enough to support my typical media heavy multi-tab internet + steam + more action. This upgrade was $54 and increased the Total Ram in this Machine to 4 x 4GB for 16GB

See the YouTube video I made about this ^^

Counter Strike to Singularity

Game engine Bots reflective of the information handling magic behind our eyes, with GPU's we are speeding towards Singularity!

Netflix Preview (trailer) Feature Added

A new feature added to Netflix allows you to preview content to help you save time you might have spent watching something that does not suit your tastes.

Geeky Beer, Tea & Coffee DIY 7 Layers Deep

Beer brewing, tea brewing, coffee brewing, the magic in the making of these super popular beverages, you can DIY your way to geek heaven 7 layers deep. 

Google Daydream Underwhelming with Future Potential

Google updates "cardboard" with an upscale $100 Daydream headset that pairs with the expensive new Pixel's phones, but this system fails to deliver anything groundbreaking. 

No Checkout Required

Amazon's new retail store in Seattle without a checkout. Pack your bag with the items you want & go, the items billed directly to your Amazon account.     

Trump Fan of Dr. Ben Carson : Good

I was a big fan of Dr. Ben Carson, an honest intelligent man who ran in the presidential race for the 2016 election. Now Ben Carson gets an appointment by Trump to become the Secretary of Housing & Urban Development or HUD. 

Aeropress Coffee Tested & Approved

I recent wrote a skeptical article about the polypropylene Aeropress, afraid that it would make the coffee taste like plastic. Fortunately I was wrong. Thanks for the Aeropress Allan :) 

Aeropress Skeptical

Our 2016 Aeropress :) Thanks Allan
My super generous father-in law Allen gave Meg & I an Aeropress for making coffee that I have yet to try. Aeropress produces coffee that is free of LDL increasing compounds & coffee that is up to 9x less acidic & less bitter than French Press coffee! 

Perfume/ Cologne & Cancer

I found out that many cologne & perfume ingredients are toxic but unregulated by the FDA since they are not intended for consumption. 

Digital Currency

Gold Coins & Bars 
More countries are in the process of switching to a cashless society based on cryptographic digital currencies. Lets take a deep look at money to understand why! 

Beer the Safest Alcohol

The nutritional properties of beer stem from the grain, yeast and hops used in beer brewing. Beer contains carbohydrates, B vitamins and potassium. This tasty adult beverage is one of my favorites. 

Causing Cancer : Reverse to Solve

Today in America 1 in 2 men & 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer. You can solve cancer with healthy lifestyle changes! 

Lithium Ion Explosions Overblown

Saying that Lithium Ion batteries explode makes for a hyperbolic statement emblematic of things said during the latest US presidential debate.

iPhone 6s Oxidized Battery Failures!

iPhone 6s Teardown Photo shows Battery that Failed 
Certain iPhone 6s owners experienced a rapid battery failure that was sourced to a manufacturing defect, where the battery manufacturer accidentally allowed the battery foils to become oxidized, a form of contamination that dramatically increases breakdown of the resulting cells. Not just Apple affected! 

Trusted Certificates Questioned (All Browsers Affected)

Graphical Artistic Rendering of Web Cryptography : Link
Fiddling with the Security Settings in my Android phone, I found a list of System Trusted Credentials from more than 100 corporations all around the world. The results are a bit unsettling. Inquired triggered by Gooligan outbreak! 

When the Network Becomes the Computer

Microsoft Cortana (from Halo) also in Windows 10
Back in 2010 Steve Wozniak of Apple was speaking about the future of computing when he claimed that "voice" was going to be the "next big thing" He was spot on the dot correct!

Low TDP Chipsets suprising GPU performance

You do not need a powerful gaming computer to play older computer games on a ultrabook, iMac or other lower powered portable computer.

Random Act of Kindness

Imaging what the world would be like if everyone regularly engaged in random acts of kindness!

Echo Dot 2

The Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen now gives voice control to our Nest Learning Thermostat & eventually more ^^ $39.99

Nissan Leaf 2 Year Reflections

13 Nissan Leaf S Blink Charging Drivers View Stitch
Plug in, charge, wait, go, electric cars are just like your Smartphone. Electricity becomes your gas station, your never have to go to the real gas station again as long as you drive electric!

Wifi AC Google On Hub TP-Link

Upgrading our home wireless network with AC speeds on 2.4Ghz & 5.Ghz via 13 antenna in a Goggle On Hub by TP-Link! 

Pong Made Gaming History On This Day

On this day, once upon a time, the first commercially successful video game launched! Pong "Beep Bop Beep" : marking the beginning of using computer technology for interactive digital entertainment!

BMW Electromotive Tech Interesting

2016 BMW i3 : Image via
Cool BMW electrics cars. BMW Efficient Dynamics spikes my interests! Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. The carbon fiber reinforced hot press tech is awesome too! FTW 

Driving Intoxicated

Not everyone is fit to pilot a vehicle, sober or not. Some people lack the motor skills, cognitive performance or other functional attributes required for safe vehicle piloting. Legal marijuana poses additional challenges for keeping our roads safe while self driving cars offer a technological safety solution! 

The 18650 Revolution

I lightly disassembled a USB charger
containing a single Lithium Ion 18650 3.6v
The 18650 battery is the building brick of an emerging super powerful electromotive industry and these same batteries are unlocking rooftop wind & solar systems with 24/7 output. Thank you Tesla Motors! 


Link to Image
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of USB-C. Lets get under the hood of USB-C to see why the entire consumer electronics sector is going to move to this new port standard! 

iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Debacle & More

Tim Cook of Apple "Confused about Headphone Jack"
Phil Shiller, Greg Joswiak, Dan Riccio & Tim Cook of Apple defend omitting the 3.5mm headphone jack in iPhone 7. Here I defend the headphone jack & debunk their claims. Plus buy $160 AirPods & no Sapphire or OLED in iPhone 7 !  

Tesla Solar Roof + Power Wall 2

Tesla Total Energy Solution
Solar Roof + Energy Storage & Electric Vehicle : A clean technology synergy system that will combine beautiful solar tiles with energy storage. Add an EV to complete the trio! 

Laser LED lighting

BMW i8 laser high beam lighting technology 
Laser lighting superior to all other lighting technologies! Diode laser lighting already utilized in the BMW I8 Euro spec. with laser headlights that can project forward illumination 2x further than Xenon HID with greater energy efficiency, intelligent beam control eye safety and targeted highlighting of hazards!
Check out the YouTube Video : BMW Laser Headlights (<-click) 

Apple: Special Adapters Required

A USB C adapter (required for New MacBook Pro's)
The new MacBook pro's ships without a normal USB port. That means your existing lightning cables used to connect your iPhone to iTunes will not work for you anymore, not without a special adapter. Own an iPhone 7 and want to plug in head phones you already own, you need a special adapter! Want to plug in your SD card to your new MacBook, get a special adapter! 

Personal Computer Co-dependance

The IBM 7090 Mainframe : 1970's Computer Tech
Computers shrunk from corporate mainframe systems to the hand held smartphones of today. Desktop PC's were essential to getting us to the tiny LTE enhanced smartphones. The latest smartphone one of the only computers that gets people really excited. When Apple launches a new iPhone people camp in front of the Apple stores for days prior to the launch!

Disruptive Drone Innovations (New Vision)

Parrot RTF Swing (X-wing) VTOL
Phone App Control Drone : 7-8.5min Flight
Bombing enemies, inspecting infrastructure, innovating logistics, searching with new perspectives and a video recording platform that spans the gamut of use cases ^^ Drones are a disruptive technological breakthrough changing that ways that people are able to see everything! 

Tansportation Drone Flight Technology

Human moving autonomous Quad Copter Ehang 104
Imagine flying in all electric autonomous safety focused quad-copters for short hop commutes that elevate you above the tragedy of traffic congestion! 

Kinetic Energy Recovery

The Exact Model I Found :) 
Today I found an automatic watch that was previously misplaced. It captures body movement energy but the topic of kinetic energy recovery goes far deeper than automatic watch movements!

Toyota Mirai

2017 Toyota Mirai "H2 Fuel Cell" 

The first zero emission vehicle to win the E-Rallye race in Monte Carlo, 3 Toyota Mirai vehicles were driven more than 1000km in the event.

Bus EV backup for Grid outages : TOYOTA Japan ^^

Fuel Cell Bus 235kWh storage / 9kw Grid Out Backup
The wake of the fukashima nuclear accident created incentives and market pressures for energy storage backup tech adoption as well as generator and UPS market expansion in Japan! 

Toyota is launching fuel cell transit buss that can provide backup power during outages at a rate of up to 9kw, with enough onboard fuel / energy to provide a maximum of 235kWh of output ^^ 

Hybrid Synergy Drive

Toyota Prius Prime Plug-in w/Solar Assist 
Toyota sold more than 9 million hybrid vehicles as of 2016! 
Lets examine how they continue to innovate the Prius Family! 

Meg + Vintage LED 4w Greenlight Bulbs Entry

A Canon SX40 captured video of my life with Meg :)
Thanks for watching : Meg + LED tech
Beautiful Ideas ^^ 

Blaise Pascals Wager

The logical reason to have faith in God 
For Scientists & Engineers 

Qi Chargers Fast Easy

2 Qi Chargers, 2 Smartphones, Fast & Easy, Wireless Charging FTW

I believe in wireless charging technology because it offers a cable free solution that is simple, clean, easy to use and loaded with potential for future wireless power applications! 

Nest Eco Mode

The Nest Learning thermostat has a new new ECO mode that increases energy efficiency when you are home without activating away mode! Use the App on your phone or select Eco on your Nest Thermostat to enable the new feature. 

Charging 12v 44ah C/FR AGM PBA batteries with a 1.1a digital charger to fully charge

Special Thanks to Batteries + Bulbs 897 (<-Click to Link)


Aaron Schwarz's most powerful computer console on
A "wood" table that I build 19 years ago :)
A Wireless Space where Wifi enables smart things ^^

Focusing on wearable technology, analog displays of classic into the age of digital ~
Analog dial fitness tracking progress + time, a new elegant watch from withings, and a new model that tracks heart rate HR on the way...

Desktop IO switch

Back to my old Logitech V470 bluetooth laser mouse, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 takes a break for battery rest after full charge formatting! 

Blu-ray Disc
Music music data distributed on mass produced plastic discs of increasing complexity with tighter laser spot technologies ending with the blue-violet 405nm diodes ^^

Drive & Save State Farm

I signed up to save money on my car insurance (State Farm) 

with a small bluetooth puck that automatically tracks trips! 

Nvidia GTX 1080 Blaise Pascal

Founder Edition GTX 1080 by Nvidia ^^ 
It brings me honor to know that Nvidia named their beastly high end GTX 1080 after my hero Blaise Pascal. It was Pascal's Wager that helped me to find my faith in God as an adult! 

Reverse Engineering

Apple A9X SOC 64bit ARM
1.8X CPU + 2X CPU vs A8X
Up to 2.26GHz Dual-Core ARMv8
PowerVR 7XT 12 core GPU
The legality of reverse engineering, I went on Chipworks's website and found the complete reverse engineering reports for the A9X SOC used in the Apple iPad Pro. 

Bushnell GPS 3 programmable point Tracker

Bushnell GPS Back Track
2 AA batteries (Litium Iron Disulfide Energizer, Alkaline, Zinc Carbon, Heavy Duty, Zinc Chloride, Carbon Piles) its so power efficient it can run of the lowest power cells that you are likely to encounter.

Lithium Energizer AAA will give the longest shelf life 20yrs and run time!

Alkaline AAA will give good performance!
High Quality Cells Do Not Leak

Anything less than alkaline will give ok to bad performance, but can work in a pinch.

Its a well designed product that flopped for a series of complex reasons, none the less it makes use of chip technology GPS that was designed for low power GPS solutions in consumer electronic devices like digital cameras, smartphones, automobile nav, plane nav, ship nav, marine, aerospace, transportation, GPS tracking for insurance discounts, DRONE guidance chip, Surveying and other scientific equipment.

The power circuit, battery compartment voltage setup, functionality and operation all borrowing technologies from other sectors, as a technology fusion plastic electronic device that originally sold for $59.99: I got mine on a clearance sale discount for $16.99 at Best Buy :)

Its 6 years old and still works!