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Transportation USA

Considering the transportation sector & emergent trends in new forms of transportation

$121 billion in congestion (traffic jams)
5.5 billion hours of wasted manpower
2.9 billion gallons of fuel wasted & turned into needless air pollution

New Technology Offers Better Ways Forward

Electric, Plug-in Hybrid & Hybrid vehicle can reduce emissions, with auto-idle Stop, No or super extra ultra special low emissions + advanced technology in applied vehicle platforms widely produced by most automakers : the benefits of vehicle electrification already well proven across battery starting, lighting, ignition system, safety systems, emissions controls, electronic features & enhanced functionality, heated seats, cameras, driver assists, stability control and other electronic features that enhance stability, performance, emissions reduction, safety and sustainability.

Eco Friendly Vehicle Platforms

Made of highly recyclable materials, most vehicles contain lots of steel, copper, aluminum, plastics, glass, electronics and other rare earth containing magnets of special alloys, optics, sensors and other recoverable modular reusable assets. Able to operate for 20 years or 200,000 miles, most modern vehicle are fairly reliable to use regularly with minimal maintenance, especially electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf.

Chemical Externalities

More transportation costs from particulate matter & greenhouse gas emissions + trace unburned fuel chemical carcinogen vapors & fumes from refueling vapor emissions & vehicle vapor pressure fuel system evaporation losses of higher boiling point lighter petroleum distillate components that cause brain damage * damage to all body cells & organ systems, tissues and membranes damaged by toxic pollutants, especially the delicate lung membranes that can rapidly absorb airborne pollutants like tire & brake dust, fumes, soot, particles, smoke, dust, grease, fluid vapors, oils, condensation drips, leaks, hydraulic fluids like brake & power steering fluid * a huge array of combustion byproduct emissions in older poorly maintained vehicles.

Health Problems from Traffic Stress, Accidents & Tail-Pipe Emission Externalities

Sickness, disease, suffering, all preventable. Accidents, paralysing & killing + death & injuries galore: inattentive, distracted, confused, irrational, emotional, human drivers senselessly harming other humans with mistakes made while controlling vehicles of all kinds. The pollution emitted because of the fuel energy system in internal combustion vehicles causes widespread preventable suffering with diseases caused by the pollution present in the exhaust gases + all the leaking fluids from vehicles mixing in with tire erosion dust gums and dust from brake pads toxic particulate matter from smoke & soot exhaust emissions. The skin & lungs & digestive system, eye membranes & your entire body cell system slowly absorbs traffic pollutants, causing diseases that share their origins from the toxic impacts on health that chemicals from transportation externalities like tire wear, brake pad operation & fuel burning for vehicle energy & heat. Even batteries have environmental toxic impacts because of the material mining for the battery materials, the distribution and moving of the materials and the end of use scraping energy impacts & costs of dealing with obsolete vehicles.

Climate Change

Entropy, chaos, destruction & impacts : transportation represents ones of mankinds dirtiest toxic industrialization commercialization. Raining pollution across all domains and sectors, the stress * physical impacts alone provide high costs. Injuries and fatalities from traffic accidents are a tragedy that can be avoided with computer controlled vehicles utilizing cognition mimic autonomous artificial intelligence deep learning powered dynamic vehicle safety & super efficient control surpassing human skill mastery piloting averages at the most basic digital levels, vastly exceeding the skill potential of any human pilot, the machines will offer unmatchable efficiency, longevity, low maintenance, lowest net energy or costs per mile, enhanced safety, ongoing optimization and continual improvements to the network and reduction of latency in all ways paving the way to elimination traffic congestion. Todays road networks can handling 7x better throughput with autonomous fleet control ad hoc caravan pooling and highway vehicle trains with drafting energy savings & dramatically reduced emissions. Going more places faster with less cost & lower emissions.

Computers & Human Brains

The overlapping technological patterns of smartphone adoption & emerging new transportation ride hailing app applications like Uber, Lyft & Via, able to leverage mobile phone network & telemetry technology to enable reliable personalized catered individual access to expanded mobility when the utilization of a privately owned vehicle is not practical to the rider user. Imagine leaving your home on foot in any direction, able to get back with help from a ride hailing app, nearly anywhere, 24/7, with just the phone you are already carrying. This reduces mobility associated stress and enables people to move in new ways never possible before the MOD application of new platforms for transportation. Going beyond just cars, trucks, SUV's, vans, busses & to segway, ride hailing choices, flying vehicles, scooters, bicycles, motorcycles, aircraft, autonomous vehicles & more.

Low Temp Food & Fluid Safety

Cooking the goodness out of foods & burning our cells with too much heat (hot beverage hazard) & carcinogens formed during the toasting & roasting of certain carb rich foods. 

Cooking fresh fruit and veggies above 115 degrees Fahrenheit or 46 degrees Celsius destroys fragile biomolecules, enzymes, probiotics and other healthy components of raw foods that aid in digestion. Pay especially close attention to food prep hygiene when preparing raw foods for human consumption, we are not Crow's and our gut flora is unique and requires cleaner foods. We have to endure living for up to over 120 years, so we need to avoid consuming parasites and toxins of all kinds.

Carcinogen Acrylamide formed when starches found in many foods are heated to above 250 degrees Fahrenheit or 121 degrees Celsius. This provides additional evidence that eating charred foods has the same health consequences as smoking tobacco because the carcinogen Acrylamide is formed from high temp cooking of many foods like french fries and coffee. Sadly people like the distinctive brown crust & warm flavors that are created in the Maillard Reaction that gives roasted or toasted foods yummy flavors.

Fluids hotter than 126 degrees Fahrenheit or 52 degrees Celsius can burn the squamous cells inside your mouth, the membrane epithelial cells. Overheating these skin membrane cells causes skin cancer, just like UV and radiation exposure.

Learn more about enhanced food safety knowledge by doing online research on avoiding carcinogens in food, at home & at work. Do research about avoiding overly hot beverages. Edify yourself by branching off from this posting!

**(Click Link Below)**
Start reading about Acrylamide from FDA admission of guilt literature

Easy Health Optimization

Lifestyle optimization spans a few different easy to understand areas of personal development & self improvement. 

Food & Fluids

Eating a healthy mix of foods as an omnivore can be confusing as each person has a unique mix of genes & digestion assisting gut flora. Try to eat a colorful mixture of natural minimally processed whole raw & low temp cooked foods of all kinds, paying attention to how your body responds to different foods. Avoid foods that cause allergic responses to your body, everyone has a unique chemical sensitivity.

Drink fluids like fresh clean water when you eat to help digestion. Many dry foods will absorb water from your body when you eat them. Avoid caffeinated or alcohol containing beverages at night, as they can reduce sleep efficiency or the effectiveness of each hour of sleep.

Fluids like clean water help your brain & heart health by flushing the bodies metabolic byproducts, created as we convert food calories into movement, thinking, poop, and CO2 breathing output gas. Avoid sugary fluids that contain strange or unhealthy chemicals. Try natural fluids without sweeteners or artificial ingredients. Think about what you are putting into your body!

Any movement gets your blood flowing, which keeps it from pooling up and creating stroke or embolism hazards associated with sitting too much too often. Get up and move around, as doing so increases circulation of blood to your brain, organs and tissues, helping to keep everything in good working order. Anything that is good for your heart is often also good for your brain, especially exercise.

Well established in scientific medical research, 30min to 1hr of moderate exercise daily can dramatically improve overall health & wellness. Even disabled people can get more healthy movement if their caretakers push them with creative solutions! Use that powerful mind & brain to cook up or look up more ways to move!

Improved mood, energy levels, range of motion, balance, coordination, cognitive performance & overall wellness, exercise promotes good blood flow that helps the brain function, which helps all other systems in the body function at a higher level.

Sleep Quality 

Getting enough high quality sleep helps the body perform self repairing automatic healing response processes that occur. Improving memory and cognitive function, when we sleep our brain shrinks like a sponge to squeeze out metabolites into the spinal fluid so the liver and kidneys and clean it up and purge it from our bodies in our poop and pee output streams.

Three things, caffeine too late in the day or too much, alcohol late at night & blue light from screens of all kinds, all impact health & wellness negatively by reducing sleep quality or degrading sleep architecture. Eat all of your foods earlier in the day and avoid eating too much sugar. Fasting from sundown until you wake up and can also promote health processes in your body while you are sleeping. Try drinking most of your water & health fluids earlier in the day as well to avoid having to go pee in the middle of the night.

Spiritual, Intellectual & Philosophical 

Healing thoughts about forgiveness, love, compassion, appreciation, and understanding can all induce healthy neurological peptide emission, endorphin release, and healing cofactor hormone release from the brain into your bodies cells. Having a healthy ideological framework or perspective can enhance your enjoyment of life in all of its facets, at all times, regardless of circumstance. Faith helps people by giving each person a unique appreciate for the mystery of life, the specialness of each human and all lifeforms that are not manmade. Having good mental health with a positive outlook on life can radically improve your enjoyment of all activities including sleep, sex, work, eating, exercise, etc.

Oral Care

Flossing is overlooked but the failure to floss is a leading cause of heart disease, gum disease and neurological vascular diseases. Brushing after meals and flossing before bed improves overall health and wellness by reducing the incubating of pathogenic bacterial that can proliferate in mouth but not survive in the acidic gut environment where hydrochloric acid and special gut flora keep a health bacterial balance.


Put pocket items in your front pockets, as sitting on a wallet on one side can push the spine out of alignment. This is important while seated at work, at home, while driving or anytime you are sitting. Many people destroy their phones with bending forces by sitting on phones stored in their back pant pockets.

Study good posture because having good posture can reduce neck pain, back pain, and it even improve cardiovascular performance by allowing your lungs to breath in more easily for enhance gas exchange that encourage blood flow to the brain and body. Try not to swallow air when you are eating, the entrapped gas causes bloating, stomach pain and can control to poor posture as we tend to slump over when feeling stomach pain. Focus on digestive health while studying posture for synergistic enhancement of wellness.

System of Systems

Your body is a system of systems that are all interlinked as an ecosystem of cells and flora, in our gut, on our skin, in all the tissues organs and even bones. What you eat & drink, how much you move, your sleep quality, oral hygiene & posture choices all affect your overall wellness, health & fitness. People that live a healthy lifestyle tend to enjoy life more throughout life, through all stages aging, and they enjoy high neurological function right up until death.

Health & Wellness are like photography, something to focus on for the living people, for people who are alive, to celebrate life and intelligence with a positive perspective on all things human. Together we are stronger and thats why I am sharing this article. I hope these ideas are informative, edifying, uplifting and encouraging. Please feel free to share my article, to copy & paste, my goal is to get ther information out there so that other people can think about it and integrate the powerful ideas into their live and the lives of people that love and care about.

Avoid Toxic Products & Toxic Thinking

Negativity, toxins and other junk that is evil steals life from people with sickness of the mind, body, spirit and life itself. Bad ideology takes away from people by stealing their joy, time, money, focus and efforts to foolish ends of toil, misery & pain that is entirely preventable with a healthy lifestyle focus. Think about it!

Don't spray perfume, pesticides, paint or other chemicals on your skin, your skin is an organ that absorbs things you put on it. When I was designing my first facial moisturizer skin serum I started by doing research on how skin works as an organ, its layers and functions, composition and biochemistry. 

Avoid toxic fumes, smoke, particulate matter, industrial gases and other air pollutants. These gas pollutants not only harm the membranes inside your lungs and sinus, they entry your body and cause cellular damage to all the cell systems. Thankfully our body has a natural healing capacity that occurs during sleep mostly that helps to mitigate the onslaught of chemical pollutants that regular people regularly encounter today as a result of industrial overdevelopment and overpopulation. It takes a lot to make something for everyone when there close to 9 billion people alive at the same time. Think what you would have to do to make something for each person!

Designed To Fail

Original Nespresso VirtuoLine Coffee Machine

Teardown Analysis of Nespresso Coffee Maker :
+ Ethical Recycling of Components

Space Telescope (James Webb)

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)
Imaging the universe free of earth's filtering atmosphere. Advanced applied science & technology enabling mankind to look at existence in new ways!

Toyota Prius Prime (Reliable MPG King)

2017 Toyota Prius Prime PHEV Awesome @ 60+ MPG +e
Building on a multi-platinum sales history of the Prius platform, the worlds most popular high efficiency hybrid vehicle enters the next generation of PHEV superlative low emission commercialization with the awesome Prius Prime PHEV! 

State Farm Drive & Save Device Teardown

v3.2 left (gold antenna) : v2.2 right 
Drive & Do Not Save, It wastes your mobile data, drains your phone battery faster & it collects data that invades your privacy. 
The Drive & Save puck from Statefarm is a ripoff!  

CRz Reboot (Electric Early Torque & 40+ MPG w/ Manual Tranny Fun)

After a lengthy storage session our 14 Honda CRz awakens from its battery tender assisted slumber to serve again as my primary conveyance :) Electromotive technology excites me! Hybrid & Plug-in Hybrid & Range Extended Electric & Fully Electric FTW 

Facial Hair Shaving

From a 3 stage beard blast off to fabricating DIY exfoliating scrub & facial skin repair serum, with a GIF image that celebrates a bizarre foray into body care that started months ago with learning about the nuances of operating a large facial beard

Segway Winter Battery Tips

Segway recently sent out a winter battery maintenance notification. Follow these simple rules to enhance the life of your Segway battery. 

iPhone X (10)

iPhone X an expensive shatter prone glass & steel smartphone with no headphone jack / the good the bad & the ugly !

Tea & Coffee Caffeine

Caffeine interacts with the human body through a chain of active metabolite formation where the body breaks down caffeine into many other biologically active molecules. Each of these chemical species formed by the breakdown of caffeine comprise an alkaloid family of molecules with broad ranging impacts on health far greater in scope than simple stimulation. 

Lithium Ion : Tips & Tricks

Tips & tricks to enhance the life of your Lithium Ion batteries, while also operating them in a safer way that enhances their useful life by keeping them 30-80% partially charged, cool & dry! 

Self Driving Safety

Tesla Model S Autopilot Visualization (Simplified) 
Autonomous vehicles are already operating with increasing precision & efficiency. They learn & share their learnings so that self-driving vehicles continuously improve with software updates, like the Model S!!!! FTW

Exascale Data Movment Waste to IoT Optimization

Series 3 Apple Watch : The Ultimate 2017 IoT Device 
Faster exascale supercomputers, next gen smartphones & IoT devices with better battery life can all be achieved beyond Moore's law with new memory management architectures on existing IC processing nodes! Asymmetrical tiered memory blocks ! 

Vehicle ETC ^^

Rare 1955 mercedes 300sl sold at the Barrett Jackson Auction
YMMV & your annual vehicle spending depends on a lot of factors, especially your throttle input control (light or lead foot) : Safety is similarly a combination of the vehicle technology & driver control skill or lack thereof! Brand, manufacturing, scrapping, entropy, collecting & more! 

Electronic Stability Control FTW

Most contemporary vehicles include ESC & TC, or electronic stability & traction control technologies that help drivers maintain control of their vehicles! ESC helped to reduce road fatalities significantly over the years. 

Computational Fluid Dynamics : Simulation Driven Optimization

SpaceX Combustion Grid Simulation Visualization 
In defense of computer aided engineering, this posting briefly explores how computational fluid dynamics can be used to optimize vehicles of all kinds, reducing energy consumption while lowering emissions, enhancing range & performance while also improving control & safety. Fewer actual tests & more rapid development : the core virtue of CFD (computation fluid dynamics) simulations!

Machines that Move Emotions : Art in Metal : Cars

2018 Nissan LEAF Battery Electric Vehicle
More Power & Range + 1 E-Pedal Driving
Pro Pilot Semiautonomous + Self Park 
Curiosity to Crazy for Cars 

Craziness for cars makes sense when you stop to think about what they are, what they represent, & the deeply storied history of how cars came to be as well as their interesting future.

Stop & think about how cars have affected the trajectory of mankind; moving people & things at great speed in affordable machines over great distances at a moment's notice.

Silent PC

Nearly every desktop & laptop I have played with over the years for school, work, fun gaming, editing videos, watching videos, listening to music, or others things like writing this blog; they all have one thing in common: cooling fans that make noise, especially when they spool up to high speeds to deal with waste heat from the CPU, GPU, HD, SSD & other mainboard components.

GTX 1050 into ancient desktop

A Zotac super compact GTX 1050 (ZT-P10500A-10L) replaces a MSI NX7600GS in an antique frankenstein desktop. Special thanks to Palit Microsystems for the new GPU ^^ 

CR-z Revisited

Lovely Meg w/ Winston the 2014 Honda CRz EX 6sp Manual
"You have already made the choice, now you have to understand why" reflecting on 3 years with a 2014 Honda CR-z EX manual 

Sun + Smoke : Illuminating Air Pollution

Sunny Stretch Record Set + Forest Fire Smoke 
Sunny weather makes the smoke more visible than ever during a record breaking stretch of hot summer weather while the Canadian forest fires blaze away making smoke that continues to blanket the Northwest for days; unhealthy air when its fun to be outside :( 

Super Trees 3000

Canon SX40 + MS ICE : 22 Images "Fisheye" Projection Stitch
Dash Point State Park 7/19/2017 noon capture
"Super Trees 3000" 

Battery Life Enhancement

I am passionate about energy storage technology & I want to help you get the most life out of your rechargeable batteries. Here are some simple tricks to get long life out of rechargeable batteries 

Safe Tea & Coffee Temps

Temps below 140 Deg F ( 60 deg C ) are Safer 
Hot beverages are enjoyed by the billions every day all around the world! For the safety of the cells in your mouth, tongue, gums, cheeks, throat, esophagus, upper GI, etc make sure to drink fluids no hotter than 140 deg F & take note that 125 deg F is the upper cutoff for enhance flavor perception & absolute cell thermal denaturing safety. 

Promoting Exercise

A Hiking Trail that Meg & I Enjoy 

The benefits of physical exercise are multidimensional across all aspects of health & well being. Look at what physical exercise does for the health of your mind & body!

iPhone SE spacegrey 128GB

----------------iPhone SE Space Grey 128GB 
After 4.5 years of Phablet smartphones I make the jump from Android 5.0 to IOS 10 in a 4in iPhone SE 128 until 2020

Reparable vs Sealed Electronics

Modular vs Sealed Portable Electronics : Device repair a worthwhile noble pursuit that reduces e-waste, minimizing pollution, saving end users money & pleasing customers! 

Microsoft Surface Laptop : Limited Useful Life

Microsoft 13.5" Surface Laptop (Platinum)
A range of beautiful, lightweight Windows 10 S performance laptops with a stylish sealed design that cannot be upgraded or repaired, choose your configuration wisely....

Xbox One X

Image via link ->
Xbox One X the last console from MSFT ? Work on next Xbox console beyond Project Scorpio/ One X already underway ^^ 

Dish Sterilization : A Case for Dishwashing Sanitization 150+ deg F hot rinse modes!

Hand washing dishes to a sanitary state cannot be accomplished at 175 deg F ( 80 deg C) because elevated temperatures in this range cause skin scalding (thermal denaturing of the skin & sub dermal layers of the skin on your hands. Some automatic dishwashing machines have a heating element to raise the water temperature to sterilizing levels to accomplish sanitary hot rinse cleaning of your dishes. 

Sunrise Colors

North Facing Sunrise 

91 miles per gallon ( 2.58 l/100km ) via 2013 Honda CR-z mostly 55-65 mph highway use

Traveled 105mi (168.981km) using 1.152gal (4.36 L ) : US Dollar 2017 $3.099/gal for a fuel cost of $3.57 or $0.034 cents per mile

A 5K inverted cubic spherical fracturing 5120 by 2880
Made using public domain image base layering under
ovular color curve inversion boundary technique
 Aaron K. Schwarz (C) 2017 :

"Zero Eye Vivid Explosion" Aaron K Schwarz (C) 2017

"Zero Eye Vivid Explosion"  Aaron K Schwarz (C) 2017 

Restoring Old Headlights

A 3M headlight restoration kit from Autozone for $18 + 1 hr, water in a spray bottle, some paper towels, blood sweat & tears 

I restored the old oxidize headlights on our 1993 Subaru Legacy^^ 

2017 HID still better than LED conversion kit

The halogen headlights on most vehicles are inappropriate for speeds greater than 40mph according to the National Institute of Highway Safety. Only OEM LED & HID OEM + AFM Kits achieve better than Halogen performance. 

98 MPG @ 50-60 MPH

The 2013 Honda PCX-150 that I ride to work achieves 85-102 MPG, a wave of warm sunny weather put me in the saddle for commuting with exceptionally low fuel consumption.

Toyota FT-BH

Toyota FT-BH Concept : Interior 
Future Toyota B-segment Hybrid or FT-BH, a compact ultralight clean technology concept car from Toyota with fresh industrial design improvements sadly missing from almost all but the most exotic vehicle options today. Check out the video in the hyperlink^^

Regulation not Prohibition

Portugal legalized small amounts of drugs in 2011, realizing that prohibition does not work! We can all move beyond ignorance about drugs to realize their history, value, roles and the emergent science paving the way for genome specific custom made therapeutics for everyone! We can move beyond the ignorant history of one size fits all compounds for everyone!

Climate & Weather

Understanding gases, liquids & vapor pressure is not for the faint hearted. Serious science exists in Atmospheric Chemistry. Climate, weather, renewable energy, clothing, building codes, the greatest impacts of climate change will be on agriculture affecting the foundation of all human life: food! 

The Power of Data Analytics

All things human begin with electrochemical sparks in the human brain, those sparks of thought that connect people with communication, with all things human, things we learn from each other. Customers connecting to products & services in novel new ways due to e-commerce & data analytics. 

Cleaning Water

Fresh water, an increasingly rare resource on earth, its heavy to move long distances in tanks like oil, and the costs of producing clean water from dirty water exceed the market value of water. Will wars be fought over fresh water in the future, a future where pollution from China has ruined water quality with industrial fallout the world over? 

Pocket Wizard Zirconia Ceramic Dreams

"I don't know, you have a pocket Wizard, look it up" said my coworker Joe when I asked him a media reference question. What do we do with those powerful smartphone super computers in our pockets anyway?

Cohesive Framework of Knowledge & Understanding

What does it mean to fully understand reality? With out finite little brain computers we can only know so much, each person unable to solve all the problems. No one has all the answers. Can information technology set mankind free into a brighter future? 

Fitbit Surge to Apple iWatch Considered

Wearable tech entered my life back in 2013, starting with a Fitbit One, a clip on unit that tracks movement. The Fitbit Charge HR was next, followed up by a Fitbit Surge (Thanks Jaeson!). Now 4 years into "quantifying bodily movement, sleep & heart rate" I am starting to consider a platform shift away from Fitbit / Android to an all Apple digital eco-system unification for future emergent computing platforms in our home. Meg is already 2/3 rd's Apple with an iMac, iPhone SE combo & Fitbit Charge HR.

HDMI to HD Human Experiences

The awesome electrical connector that allows your TV, bluray player, Xbox One, PS4, Chrome Stick, Receiver, and Amplifier to talk to each other, sharing that data information that makes pixels on the screen glow with content that brain turns into experiences, sounds to convey music & speech & sound effects that enhance the depth of the experiences. 

Hope & Optimism

Kind words are healing, pleasing to the soul, pleasant to hear for the mind. We can lift each other up with positive words of encouragement, affirmation and edification, with kindness & love motivating our words. Words are powerful! 

Smartphone Intelligence ?

Neck problems, increased RF exposure, screen brightness light exposure induced sleeping problems, data addiction, information dependance, computer abuse, internet codependence, increased wireless service costs, increased annual spending on mobile electronics & accessories, could the smartphone revolution be giving rise to the human machine hybridization that paves that way to technological singularity! 

Fitbit Surge Long Term Reflections

7/1/2017 Fitbit Surge : Long Service Life Documentation 
Fitbit Surge is pure awesome, a bit clunky, produces a skin rash if you wear it too snug, has long battery life, very reliable bluetooth connectivity, awesome heart rate & sleep tracking + ongoing App improvements to the phone app dashboard on iPhone & Android phones. 

Natural Gas & LPG + Propane Fast Fill Alternatives to Gasoline

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells can convert common hydrocarbon gasses like propane, LPG & natural gas into electricity for fuel cell vehicles that can refill in under 5 minutes using existing fuel infrastructure, essential for car sharing fleets where each vehicle has high daily utilization! 

Enhance Rechargeable Battery Life

Electric Cars, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Cordless Phones, iPods, Android, iPhone & more, many consumer electronics are powered by Lithium Ion batteries. Power tools are often powered by NiMH or NiCD batteries. The starting of most engines powered by PBA batteries. Here I explain how to get the most life out of each kind of rechargeable battery~ 

Oxidizing Carbon

Oxygen In, CO2 Out, the Breath of Life exists in the biological oxidization of carbon & plants that recycle CO2 into carbon & oxygen, in a food web of ecosystems in Earths only Biosphere! 

Automotive Innovations

Radar, Night Vision, Pedestrian Detection a HUD highlighting, Automatic Headlight Brightness & Beam Profile Modulation, Parental Controls for Teen Driver Safety Enhancement, Active Driver Competence & Functionality Testing & in vehicle wifi hotspot via the vehicles LTE advanced connection or 5G wireless service. 

Tesla Model S Motor (No Rare Earth)

The AC motor in the Tesla Model S uses a VFD controller to make use of simple abundant materials that do not rely on rare earth minerals to make remarkable AC power for insane acceleration! 

LTE advance + LTE Pro

The road to gigabit mobile internet hindered by phone modems (450mb/s iPhone 7, Galaxy S8) as network throughput speeds & capacity for VoLTE & Mobile Internet services. Many people fail to make use of existing LTE speeds that are widely available.

iPhone SE flashback to a Golden Apple Era

Steve Jobs & the iPhone 5 sparkled in my vision. Captured by the creative magic of Apple's marketing campaign behind aluminum unibody designs, several generations of iPods had earned my affinity for Apple's thoughtfully designed products years earlier! 

Plastic Phone/ Cases

Metal Dents/ Bends, Glass Breaks/ Shatters, plastics used in phones are very impact resistant, strong for the real world. Why make phones out of fragile easy to totally break materials like aluminum & glass (iPhone 6,6S,7 & Plus Models) etc. 

Connecting Humanities Consciouness

Billions of people & information about everything surging through the world wide web of youtube & more. Connecting the minds mankind to information from all around the world instantly online! 

Tesla Model 3 Battery 2170 from Panasonic

Going beyond the limits of the 18650 battery, Tesla's Giga-factory churns out billions of the larger 2170 cells with 2x more energy capacity; essential for the upcoming Model 3! 

Mazda Miata

The 2016 Mazda Miata (Image Credited Link
A light review of "go-kart" like cars leads to one conclusion, something Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear also echo's, the Mazda Miata is the ultimate road legal, affordable, light weight sports car for normal people. 

Drive Safer

2nd Gen. Tesla Motors "Autopilot" Perception IO
Cultural technological inertia will keep some people behind steering wheels until 2060 or longer. Computers & autopilot will ultimately dominate driving with greater safety than people! 

Rain Scooter Thermo Subaru Alt

Inspired by a retired Boeing engineer (Mr. Dabney), our Honda PCX-150 Scooter will be utilized for commuting along with a thermal insulating 1 piece rain suit to avoid the use of our antique Subaru for even more annual transportation cost savings. 

Road Reflections of Concrete Connections

Car culture, tires, gas pumps, motorcycles, trucks, buses, hover-boards & bicycles. "Wheel's" that move people & things. Muscle, motors & engines, the power to spin those "wheels" either biological, electrical or petrochemical energy (typical).

Boiling Water

Hydrogen Bonding of H20 (Water Aq.) Model
Boiling water for tea, coffee, meals, sanitization or any other reason (hobby, craft, sterilization, manufacturing) etc. etc. The good, the bad * the ugly! 

CR-z Idle

Winston my 2014 Honda CR-z sits idle now, its 151R battery hooked up to a Deltran Battery Tender + 1.25 amp maintainer. Topped of the fuel tank, turned off the insurance & will let the newly overpriced registration expire (thanks Wa. DOT) 

Information Furniture

Computers migrating form factors from mainframes of the 1960's to the smartphones of 2010's onward! How much computing horsepower do you need? 

Non-Interference Engines vs Interference Engines

Timing belt/ chain failure ruin an interference engine, causing the pistons & valves to collide with destructive forces. Fortunately automakers produced many non-interference engines over the years: here is a list. This one is for you Bruce (former Swype sales/ business development guy) 

Limitless Mankind Ending Death Itself

An infographic at about Human Evolution sparked a reflection so powerful that I have never felt so small or insignificant in the scope of history, but I feel fortunate to be alive at the start of the digital revolution that is paving the way towards a Kardashev Level 1 civilization

Purple Basil Indoor LED tri-color

36w LED x 4 Purple Basil plant seeds :) 
Morning Snow Dusting Today : Planting Indoors : LED + Seed 
Using a TaoTronic 36w tri-color LED to start 4 organic purple petra basil plants indoors on a day where a snow dusting enhanced the visual appeal of the landscape outside where we have the pleasure of living. The achievement of peace through gardening tech :) 

Nikki Catsauras Tragedy : Self Driving Cars Saving People

Lo & Behold : Reveries of the connected world depicts the emotional damage caused by the circulation of photos about a horrid car accident rooted in speeding, cocaine use & a teenage driver who lost her life because of this combination. 

Achieving Inner Peace

Meg & I watch Netflix's Chefs Table together :) An unlikely source of inspiration to introduce intentional peace inducing thoughts & actions, the episode about Jeong Kwan gave us both great pause to stop & consider life with a new healthier perspective. I hope the consumption of this content will blossom a life long sequence of healthier thoughts as we forge our future together as one people. 

Energy Thought Materials

The universe is made of matter & energy that mankind distorts with innovative technologies! On an Earthly scale by earthly little people, all of us with our finite 700TB memory compute brains trying to make sense of the world in a life long cycle of biological decline caused by aging. Today stem cells offering the solution to death itself in future well developed forms of today's early stem cell technology. Each of us genetically & socially unique, we are each emblematic of the era & cultures we find ourselves in.

Lithium Ion Formation Slow

A major problem with lithium ion battery pricing stems from the tremendously complex 3 week long formatting cycle at the manufacturing stage. 100% charging also damages lithium ion! 

Tremendous, Huge, Big, it's going to be Trump

Donald Trump won the presidential race against Hillary Clinton! Like it or not he is the new president of the USA. There are some things I like about Donald that I outline here in this posting! 

Ehang 184 Electromobility Flight Future

The Ehang 184 is a short distance low altitude electric passenger quad copter with autopilot! In Dubai the Transit Authority is brining the184 into a commercial application of the most advanced transportation technology!

Segway MiniPro $599 Awesome

The Segway Mini Pro is awesome. IP54, Magnesium Frame, UL2272, 14mi @ 10mph of Stable Safer Fun! Skip the low end hoverboard's and get a Segway Mini Pro!

The Segway Mini-Pro by Ninebot is the best self-balancing scooter you can buy for only $599 

Galaxy Note 3 GPS cable unplugged solution worked!

I dropped my phone :/ from desk heigh onto the hardwood floor, but my foot slowed the phone down! The impact did not break the screen, as phone screens often break when phone impact the ground. Every 2 seconds someone in the USA breaks a phone screen. Made of glass is cool, except that it shatters easily. Be gentle with your phone if you want it to last? People upgrade to new phones for psychological reasons before they break their phones. The phone is going to be in someones possession for 6 months to 10 years, with a median upgrade centering around the 18-24 months interval. Poorly treated overcharged lithium ions lose most of their battery life after 24 months of constant 100% overcharging at night (which swell shrink fatigues the anode while also causing cracking of the cathode). Lithium ion batteries last longer when kept charged between 30 & 80%

I tried many software repair efforts before resorting to a partial disassembly given the number of small screws. In the end it was more time efficient to do the mechanical repair.

I found the video about this repair using google on youtube. Have a look for yourself!

Capturing Vehicle Energy

Gasoline engines in most vehicle only convert about 30% of the potential chemical energy into motion, the remainder exits the drive-train as waste heat. 40 MPG + can be achieved using clean technology innovations! 

Airplane Mode : Use Wifi + Bluetooth @ Home

Smartphone @ Home = Turn on Airplane Mode then enable Wifi, this will keep your phone from using high power RF to connect to a distant cell phone tower, the wifi connection will let you "data" and Text message! Turning off the cell radio with airplane mode also enhances battery life substantially. 

Ultrabook = Ultra-Lame

Pay more for less that you can't fix, its glued together and not meant to be opened, ever! Ultrabooks offers a weaker, thinner, lighter computer in disposable fragile package, the Surface computers from Microsoft perhaps the most obvious example!

Car Sharing

Smart Digital Rental Car Sharing Network Model Replacing Car Ownership 

iPhone Turns 10

While the iPhone turns 10 in a few months (June 29th 2017) the iPhone 7 underwhelmed while the iPhone 5SE remains the best one to get for now! 

My Late 15 iMac 5K got a Ram Upgrade ^^

iMac Ram Upgrade 

Adding 8GB More User Replaceable
 Ram Easy With Door Access ^^

This Model was Shipped with 8GB of memory, something insufficient for the iMovie action I give this machine, nor was the factor memory amount enough to support my typical media heavy multi-tab internet + steam + more action. This upgrade was $54 and increased the Total Ram in this Machine to 4 x 4GB for 16GB

See the YouTube video I made about this ^^

Counter Strike to Singularity

Game engine Bots reflective of the information handling magic behind our eyes, with GPU's we are speeding towards Singularity!

Netflix Preview (trailer) Feature Added

A new feature added to Netflix allows you to preview content to help you save time you might have spent watching something that does not suit your tastes.

Geeky Beer, Tea & Coffee DIY 7 Layers Deep

Beer brewing, tea brewing, coffee brewing, the magic in the making of these super popular beverages, you can DIY your way to geek heaven 7 layers deep. 

Google Daydream Underwhelming with Future Potential

Google updates "cardboard" with an upscale $100 Daydream headset that pairs with the expensive new Pixel's phones, but this system fails to deliver anything groundbreaking. 

No Checkout Required

Amazon's new retail store in Seattle without a checkout. Pack your bag with the items you want & go, the items billed directly to your Amazon account.     

Trump Fan of Dr. Ben Carson : Good

I was a big fan of Dr. Ben Carson, an honest intelligent man who ran in the presidential race for the 2016 election. Now Ben Carson gets an appointment by Trump to become the Secretary of Housing & Urban Development or HUD.