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Ivy Bridge 22nm of Intel's Finest CPU action

I don't own one of Intel's latest 22nm Tri-gate transistor Ivy Bridge HD4000 chips, but I just helped my brewing partner build two computers based on the i3 iterations of that chip flavor. Don't leave your discrete graphics behind.... While the CPU is beefy for all sorts of action, its lowly integrated HD4000 GPU setup leaves much to be desired. A low end discrete graphics card will run circles around intel's latest attempt at fusing GPU's with its (i) series CPU's.

Bluetooth (Safer and Better Connection for Cell Use)

The Motorola H12 : A Stylish Nerd Worthy Bluetooth 

You have seen those funny little dongles in peoples ears right? You have observed someone having a conversation through one of these devices that appeared at first to be having a conversation with an imaginary friend.... :P It turns out that using one of these blue-tooth things can help you avoid dangerous levels of cell phone radiation ;) 

Sniffing Internet Clouds Everywhere

Streaming music, movies, books and video clips: Pandora, Hulu, Rdio, NetFlix, Kindle Store, Google Play, Itunes: Reflecting on how the digital clouds are rising up to rain down content through broadband internet connections. Far deeper than Email, the internet and the clouds that store and serve it are penetrating into every facet of your life whether you know it or not :) The world of data is interesting today, streaming and network access taking on physical media and local storage.

Taj Palace Indian Food (Amazing)

My future wife/ girlfriend and I went out to eat at this Indian restaurant called Taj Palace. The food was absolutely amazing. It was by far the best Indian food I have ever had.

We ate garlic and spinach naan (both were excellent). The 2 star spicy Saag Aloo was so tasty we were both blown away by the intensely delicious flavors. The Mango Lassi was pure delight (made of their home-made yogurt and mango), it was smooth, cool and bursting with bliss inducing power. The prices are reasonable too.

Taj Palace
2331 140th AVE. NE
Bellevue Wa 98005


Open Daily 

11am to 3pm Lunch 
5pm to 10pm Dinner

Ethics of Usery

Lending money at an unreasonable interest rate is considered immoral and unethical in every major world religion. In the united stated, the interest rate applied to a loan is not regulated at the federal level. Sleazy greedy companies like "check into cash" or "money tree" or most credit card companies lend money at rates ranging from %18 to %500 : short term loans of high risk having the highest interest rates.

Disappearing Middle Class Americans

John Talton of the Seattle Times recently wrote an article "How Middle Class Lost Its Place in Economy" where he highlights some literature that eloquently conveys the history of increasing income inequity in the United States. Click read more to dig deeper into this issue.

iPod Touch 5

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After two years Apple finally updated their most popular iPod, the iPod Touch. Its thinner, lighter, faster, and has a much better camera this time around. The new Touch even includes a wrist strap retainer cleverly built into the thin body that clicks to hide or rise for use. Perhaps the coolest feature included on this iPod is Siri. It also sports a new 4inch 1134 x 640 display! They even throw in a set of the newly designed EarPods!  Can this combination of new features create a worthy off contract iPhone alternative over wifi ? Yes! Will I buy one? NO 

iPhone 5

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Apples latest Keynote brought with it product announcements for upgrades to their most popular mobil products. The iPhone 5 was perhaps the gem of that show! Lets have a look at what the new iPhone of late 2012 brings with it....