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Taj Palace Indian Food (Amazing)

My future wife/ girlfriend and I went out to eat at this Indian restaurant called Taj Palace. The food was absolutely amazing. It was by far the best Indian food I have ever had.

We ate garlic and spinach naan (both were excellent). The 2 star spicy Saag Aloo was so tasty we were both blown away by the intensely delicious flavors. The Mango Lassi was pure delight (made of their home-made yogurt and mango), it was smooth, cool and bursting with bliss inducing power. The prices are reasonable too.

Taj Palace
2331 140th AVE. NE
Bellevue Wa 98005


Open Daily 

11am to 3pm Lunch 
5pm to 10pm Dinner

I have never put a restaurant reference on my blog before. I can say that I was not super hungry when we arrived. The food was absolutely delicious! The servers were friendly. The service was great. They have some interesting wall artwork too.

If you are in the mood for Indian food and happen to be in Bellevue Wa, please do yourself a favor and give the Taj Palace a try.

Aaron K Schwarz


  1. I love you my future husband/boyfriend Aaron :)

  2. Ate there again with you, for the second time and it was just as amazing as before! It has become my favorite place to eat, the Food is Amazing and the owners are very kind. I hope that others will find this restaurant and treat themselves to a delightful meal!