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iPhone 5

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Apples latest Keynote brought with it product announcements for upgrades to their most popular mobil products. The iPhone 5 was perhaps the gem of that show! Lets have a look at what the new iPhone of late 2012 brings with it....

New Screen
Better color depth, slightly larger size, still retina. 4" 16:9 or 1136 x 640
Integrated touch controller (less glare, better color performance/ thinner)

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2x faster processing and 2x faster graphics
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New Case
12% Smaller
18% Thinner
20% Lighter

New Camera with faster performance, better quality, sapphire lens cover & LED flash

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New Lightning Connector
Faster, Smaller, More Durable, Easier to Use : Backward compatible with adapter.

LTE single chip/ single antenna GSM/ CDMA : Innovation : super fast mobil internet with extended battery life from the innovative dynamic antenna and single communication chip.

IOS6 : updates with refinements and consistent easy to use UI. Unlike every revision of android, IOS has maintained a consistent user interface, making the transition from one iphone to another simple, efficient and easy. If you want to spend more time doing what you are trying to do and less time trying to figure out how to do something, iOS6 is for you.


While some pundits in the tech sector have cried "boring" at the announcement, they can eat crow with the facts. Apple completely re-engineered the iPhone 5 from the ground up! The iPhone 5  will be as popular if not more popular than any of the previous iPhones.

Claims of Innovation Stagnation

Pundits claim that the omission of an (NFC) near field communication chip is evidence that Apple has taken a conservative microsoftish approach with innovation on the aforementioned iPhone revision.

I guess some people would complain about not having the keys to the moon and the sun if you handed them the keys to the earth... go figure..... low norepinepherine levels coupled with mild depression and bordem can cause people to lash out with negativity in all sort of different ways: condescending critical reviews of a product they have yet to even give an honost try...... can anyone say blowhard?

Samsunk Claims SIII is better LOL 

Apple and samsung have a very interesting relationship and history as companies. Samsung has released some creative marketing that suggesting the iPhone 5 is lacking specifications that the Samsung SIII has been touting for some time now.... as if an iOS user was going to jump ship for the SIII when they are enjoying airplay, real app selection and rock solid beautiful apple hardware. I hate to say it but the android handset market is full of janky kirfy plastic crapware that runs outdated laggy versions of android on a fragmented array of hardware so diverse it makes the menu at starbucks look streamlined..... the lack of quality android hardware is truly disappointing! While samsung has produced some of the best Android Handsets lately, their products are still far behind the overall fit, finish, feel and real world user experience of that the iPhone offers. The specifications of a product mean absolutely nothing if the real world performance does not deliver. Nerdy types can run down a benchmarking test to see which hardware is hottest, but that speaks little to the real world daily use of these devices. I hate to break it to them, but real world performance is about far more than specifications.

Data Plan Required/ Why ? 

I think smartphones suck because of the unethical data plan requirements that the big 4 impose on users of these phones. Its not just the $30 extra every month, its $30 plus %34 worth of taxes, or approximately $480 per year extra, and that is a for a very limited amount of data. LTE coverage is also spotty at this point, and paying for 3G data is a complete ripoff. The data limits 1GB per month for the price I mentioned are also severely limiting. In my daily browsing I can easily go through almost that amount of data reading the news (image and videos embedded). Essentially the cell phone companies charge 2500% more money than comcast does for broadband internet access. In addition to the high costs, I would rather not buy mobil data at this point in my life for a couple of reasons.

Free Wifi :) 

Wifi (free almost everywhere) is sufficient for me when it is needed/ truly useful (rarely ever). I am not trying to connect to the internet every waking moment of my life anyway! I would prefer to spend more of my time out living in the real world and less time glued to a screen like a digital zombie. I see people out and about with their eyes glued to their phones (while they are at dinner with friends or family, while they are walking, while they are driving) and it makes me wonder a lot of things... Have you ever heard the term lonely in a crowded room? I think these people need to check in the mirror, into a psychiatrist/ counselor; ignoring your friends and family while you are with them so that you can keep looking into a little glowing screen is sick and highly abnormal; as if playing with a smartphone superseded breathing and love as important.

Smartphone DUI Driving

I continue to watch these "smartphone drivers" out in traffic performing DUI style driving maneuvers and it gives me further pause to consider how these smartphones suck. Not only does the battery life of a smart phone blow electrons like a particle accelerator, I see almost no value added in having a constant on internet connection through a locked down throttled costly and highly limited mobil data network..... the wireless companies can take their data plans and sit on them, I am not interested! I furthermore do not want the distraction of hearing that I got a FB comment/ email/ blog comment or any other internet related update, while I am driving.

iTouch & WiFi is Great

The iPod Touch on the other hand gives me everything that I want in a handheld computer without all of the goofy unethical contract hassel and cost of of mobil data yuck from the big 4! The dumb phone is still great for voice and text! To each their own! It seems like most people are not using voice much these days anyway... a mixed blessing. If they were trading that time for real first person interactions it would be a blessing, but I imagine that is not the case. I think more people are hiding behind FB postings and text messages..... more connected than ever, simultaneously more distant from one another... the digital social paradox. High Tech and Antisocial : Is that Smart ? Smart-phone?

iPod Touch 5

While the newly revised iPod Touch looks like a worthy successor to the now 2 year old 4th iteration I use daily, the omission of GPS was a huge disappointment; I will cover the new iPod Touch in another posting. The camera upgrade alone (5MP F2.4) might justify a purchase, but $299 for the entry is steep. I will probably wait for the price to drop/ sale/ ect. I also want to read in-depth reviews of the new Touch before throwing down on one. Besides my point and shoot is a 10MP CCD with an F2.0 lens and 3.8x zoom. I am also not concerned about shooting 1080P video on the iPod. The lack of optical image stabilization is also a problem for me. I am also not a fan of CMOS image sensors for shooting video.

Don't get me wrong, the iPod Touch 5 is an all around improvement over the now 2 year old 4th version. It is the coolest MID that money can buy! I am probably going to abstain from buying the new iPod touch, sadly that means at least one more year and possibly 2 and maybe never. I have no idea if Apple is going to keep produce the iPod Touch. So much could change. Perhaps one of Apple's dingleberry competetors will actually come up with some kind of competent competition for the iPod Touch. I think Google is really the only company that can do it! If the Google Nexus 7 is any hint of what is to come, Apple better keep their foot on the innovation pedal or I will take my business elsewhere and in a limited way already have for the aforementioned 7inch jelly bean tablet :) While I am an Apple fan, my loyalty is to God and my affinity for hardware comes down to which company is selling the good. Kindle E-ink mops the floor with my iPad for reading.... for example! The Nexus 7 is everything it needs to be and nothing more!

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