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Silent PC

Nearly every desktop & laptop I have played with over the years for school, work, fun gaming, editing videos, watching videos, listening to music, or others things like writing this blog; they all have one thing in common: cooling fans that make noise, especially when they spool up to high speeds to deal with waste heat from the CPU, GPU, HD, SSD & other mainboard components.

GTX 1050 into ancient desktop

A Zotac super compact GTX 1050 (ZT-P10500A-10L) replaces a MSI NX7600GS in an antique frankenstein desktop. Special thanks to Palit Microsystems for the new GPU ^^ 

CR-z Revisited

Lovely Meg w/ Winston the 2014 Honda CRz EX 6sp Manual
"You have already made the choice, now you have to understand why" reflecting on 3 years with a 2014 Honda CR-z EX manual 

Sun + Smoke : Illuminating Air Pollution

Sunny Stretch Record Set + Forest Fire Smoke 
Sunny weather makes the smoke more visible than ever during a record breaking stretch of hot summer weather while the Canadian forest fires blaze away making smoke that continues to blanket the Northwest for days; unhealthy air when its fun to be outside :(