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Papa Schwarz Memories Live On

Get down..... and boogie

Here, we can see my parents enjoying life to the fullest, to celebrate the holy union of my sister to her lovely husband.

Today was a sad day, as the world lost a wonderful man name Ken Schwarz, the only father I ever knew, he adopted me and treated me as his own. He was a great dad, a great person, a funny guy, a real man. He went through a lot of hardships in life but his optimism, sense of of humor and light hearted positivity prevailed.

My wife and I spent a good portion of our day and night grieving, with eyes of tears, and hearts full of sadness and sorrow, but we share this GIF image to celebrate the spirit of Papa Schwarz, our beloved father who passed away today. We will not remember him for his death, but instead we share this to celebrate the life he lived, his spirit of fun and happiness.