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Solar Power

The sunlight is starting to break through the clouds more frequently where I live and I am reminded of the suns power. The sun is a massive fusion powered heat and photon (light) emitting engine that fuses hydrogen into helium to produce mind boggling amounts of energy every second.

Nissan Leaf Battery Better By Design

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The all electric Nissan Leaf was the first affordable, mass produced, lithium battery electric vehicle. Key to the Leaf's success was a battery design that balances safety, performance, cycle life, calendar life, energy density, power density, charge rate, discharge rate, weight, structural integrity, and thermal management. 

Hybrids Go Multi-Platinum

Astro the Prius in Olympia Wa, parked in front of a "Performance" Truck
Toyota is the name that comes to the minds of many when they think of hybrid vehicles. The Prius family is now a range of vehicles that give excellent fuel economy and emissions reductions with lots of practical interior space and utility. The Prius are not "fast" but they have plenty of power for commuting in traffic, going over mountain passes and cruising along at 70+ MPH on the freeway.

BMW I3 and Efficient Dynamics

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The i3 from BMW represents the commercialization of the Efficient Dynamics programs best offerings and technologies. 

Furtive eGT another amazing Electric Supercar

While I have long waxed and waned about the virtues of the Japanese Nissan Leaf and all American Tesla Model S, I have never spoken about the French Furtive eGF from Exagon Motors.

Cars Hog Energy: Drive Less = Lower Carbon Footprint

A lot of media attention has been given to the 40MPG claims of the major automakers latest 4cyl compact cars; mostly because it can be difficult for normal people to achieve the "optimistic" EPA sticker fuel economy ratings.

Distracted Drivers Deliver Death and Suffering

Here at PCC in Issaquah WA, we can see the excellent parking work performed
by the operator of this Acura MDX. "Limited" says it all ! 
Bad drivers create a safety problem for everyone! 

Toyota Hybrids, Tesla Electrics & The Nissan Leaf

Toyota has proved in over 4 million real world road going hybrid vehicles that $3000 worth of carefully computer controlled 6.5Ah 1.2v nickel metal hydride batteries can enhance the energy efficiency of the automobile in terms of minimizing tail pipe pollution and fuel consumption.

Apple Tax Avoided

In one of my recent postings about upgrading to a smartphone I noted that I did not go with the iPhone 5. After years of holding IOS enthusiasm and zeal for Apples latest hardware the magic feelings that Apple conveyed to me were muted and ultimately silenced by customer betrayal and environmental hypocrisy.