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Furtive eGT another amazing Electric Supercar

While I have long waxed and waned about the virtues of the Japanese Nissan Leaf and all American Tesla Model S, I have never spoken about the French Furtive eGF from Exagon Motors.

Exagon Motors is building the Furtive eGT electric supercar in a way that makes it outperform piston driven equivalents. Style and luxury have been incorporated with state of the art electromotive technology to produce a rare combination of efficiency, performance, luxury and style. The sleek lines of the eGT speak to the creative details and unique aspects of this exceptional vehicle. Take a look at Exagon's Web page and you will see what I mean. Well done Exagon Motors, well done!

The Furative eGT reminds me of the Venturi Fetish when I stop to think about electric vehicles and France as a country. Unfortunately, like the Fetish, the eGT is a toy for the rich. Low volume niche electric performance luxury vehicles like this are not going to change the world themselves, but they do something priceless: they prove that electric vehicles can be awesome, and in many ways better than anything offered by a piston ICE vehicle.

Toyota is proving that Hybrids are cool for everyday people. Despite the added electrical and mechanical complexity of a hybrid, vehicles like the Toyota Prius and equally complex Chevy Volt are proving to be highly reliable, low maintenance vehicles. High reliability and durability is valued by new vehicle consumers. Honda and Toyota in many ways pioneered the high quality reasonable value aspects of the auto-industry. The Japanese automakers learned early on that they could build a huge industry with reliable value segment vehicles that hold up well over time.

Tesla Motors is proving with the Model S that an electric high performance luxury electric vehicle does not need to cost as much as a nice home in a relatively expensive reals estate market.

The Venturi Fetish and Furtive eGT are the diamonds of the automotive high technology sector; they are rare, expensive and highly desirable. The Tesla Model S brought that flare and flavor to a more accessible price segment.

Its going to be a while before we get a fully electric Toyota compact sedan in the value price segment of the market (Mid to lower $20k's) For now electric Vehicles that are reasonably priced will likely be made of steel and powered by fragile lithium batteries that are mass produced. The real solid electric vehicle batteries will come in the form of variants of the Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. LFP is the durable, strong, enduring and robust lithium battery needed to build an Electric Toyota Camry.

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