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Apple Tax Avoided

In one of my recent postings about upgrading to a smartphone I noted that I did not go with the iPhone 5. After years of holding IOS enthusiasm and zeal for Apples latest hardware the magic feelings that Apple conveyed to me were muted and ultimately silenced by customer betrayal and environmental hypocrisy.

New Connector

Abandoning the 30pin connector for the new plug made years of accessories obsolete. This will undoubtedly give rise to needless upgrade and electronic waste on a scale that is hard for many to comprehend easily.

Locking Customers Out
Hardware construction with tri-lobe security screws, hot glue and frame clips renders Apples devices nearly disposable when the inevitable performance fades as the sealed in lithium ion batteries weaken and ultimately fail. When Apple decided to glue and security screw the batteries in their devices they alienated me and other techno-philes from ever purchasing their hardware.

Disposable ?
How can a company claim to be environmentally responsible if they make the only disposable component in their hardware (the battery) nearly impossible to safely access/ change or replace by the end user.

Check iFixIt 

If you want to get a good idea of what I am talking about, go take a peak at iFixIt's teardown analysis of any of Apples latest hardware. Adhesive has become the new norm in Apple device construction. While the liberal use of Adhesive chemicals is good for high speed production, it means that device repairs become a nightmare. A simple battery swap in an android handset that takes less than 3 minutes compares to a technical nightmare when it comes to trying to change the battery in an iPad or iPhone.

Glue for the Batteries in All Apple Products

Thanks Apple. Not only are they gluing batteries into their small format highly mobile devices, they also started to glue batteries into their notebook computers. This became widely known in the PR fallout associated with Apples now reversed withdraw from the EPEAT certification system.

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