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iPhone SE spacegrey 128GB

----------------iPhone SE Space Grey 128GB 
After 4.5 years of Phablet smartphones I make the jump from Android 5.0 to IOS 10 in a 4in iPhone SE 128 until 2020

Reparable vs Sealed Electronics

Modular vs Sealed Portable Electronics : Device repair a worthwhile noble pursuit that reduces e-waste, minimizing pollution, saving end users money & pleasing customers! 

Microsoft Surface Laptop : Limited Useful Life

Microsoft 13.5" Surface Laptop (Platinum)
A range of beautiful, lightweight Windows 10 S performance laptops with a stylish sealed design that cannot be upgraded or repaired, choose your configuration wisely....

Xbox One X

Image via link ->
Xbox One X the last console from MSFT ? Work on next Xbox console beyond Project Scorpio/ One X already underway ^^ 

Dish Sterilization : A Case for Dishwashing Sanitization 150+ deg F hot rinse modes!

Hand washing dishes to a sanitary state cannot be accomplished at 175 deg F ( 80 deg C) because elevated temperatures in this range cause skin scalding (thermal denaturing of the skin & sub dermal layers of the skin on your hands. Some automatic dishwashing machines have a heating element to raise the water temperature to sterilizing levels to accomplish sanitary hot rinse cleaning of your dishes. 

Sunrise Colors

North Facing Sunrise 

91 miles per gallon ( 2.58 l/100km ) via 2013 Honda CR-z mostly 55-65 mph highway use

Traveled 105mi (168.981km) using 1.152gal (4.36 L ) : US Dollar 2017 $3.099/gal for a fuel cost of $3.57 or $0.034 cents per mile

A 5K inverted cubic spherical fracturing 5120 by 2880
Made using public domain image base layering under
ovular color curve inversion boundary technique
 Aaron K. Schwarz (C) 2017 :

"Zero Eye Vivid Explosion" Aaron K Schwarz (C) 2017

"Zero Eye Vivid Explosion"  Aaron K Schwarz (C) 2017 

Restoring Old Headlights

A 3M headlight restoration kit from Autozone for $18 + 1 hr, water in a spray bottle, some paper towels, blood sweat & tears 

I restored the old oxidize headlights on our 1993 Subaru Legacy^^