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Xbox One X

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Xbox One X the last console from MSFT ? Work on next Xbox console beyond Project Scorpio/ One X already underway ^^ 

6 Teraflops of performance for $499 makes the Xbox One X the best deal in high perfomrance personal computer hardware on this side of 2020 : to build a desktop with similar performance from new parts you can expect to pay 3x more ^^

Vaporware Awesome Holographic beyond AR/VR under development ^^

A virtual holographic projection system that works beyond the scope of AR & VR is already under development, the source confirming that a demo of this holographic projection technology had already been presented in Shenzen at Foxconn's research & development group, and within the deep inner secretive labs of MSFT for hardware that will not be commercialized until the early 2020's at the soonest.

Musion presents a similar concept on stage of 3D holographic projection presence technology ^^

New Experiences Made Possible with Innovation

Google Cardboard $15
Turns 2013> Android Smartphones into a VR Viewer 
Google Cardboard

A building excitation in my cortex exists for emergent VR experiences. Meg & I went to the "Wings Over Washington" ride in Seattle last week for a VR experience, followed up by some Google Cardboard action this week on my Galaxy Note 3 inside a Starwars themed promotional cardboard VR viewer that my sister gave me :)

Technological singularity an exciting emergent phenomenon from computer science & information technology, but entertainment al la youtube with infotainment also fuels my interests in future, emergent, and disruptive technological advances in STEM subjects that translate into real world new experiences for real people that make life more fun and enjoyable! New forms of media, new ways to connect human minds to each other and to products and services.

Think of how powerful digital 3D working environments could be to groups of all kinds in all sectors, government, engineering, science, research, medicine, product design, collaborative interactive group data analytics for the executive teams and team members, show people the information in new an exciting ways, allowing teams to interact with complex data in simple natural intuitive ways that leverage our brains natural 3D information vision system. Save energy with telecommute meetings in digital first person.

VR Awesome

To transcend place with virtual reality means you take your eyes & human visual system on a magic carpet ride that is hard to describe, nothing short of technologically miraculous for a system made of plastic lenses mounted in a cardboard frame leveraging the information technology present in my 2013 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ^^ a nearly 4 year old smartphone now : still producing wows with the simple Google Cardboard experiences.

HTC Vive Rig Setup $1500+ USD2017
+ Room or Space for the Setup

The full Oculus rift requires a powerful gaming desktop of a type that I do not own, while the HTC Vive setup requires a room full of hardware setup + a gaming desktop : way outside the scope of my spending parameters, especially under the debt reduction protocol currently in place. Combining my cell phone + holder with lenses the only way for VR now.
2017 Samsung Gear VR + Galaxy S7

Samsung Gear VR looks awesome for $45 on Amazon, but I would need a much more powerful newer phone like the Galaxy S6 or S7 to make it work : also not happening any time soon given the $600+ prices of the S6/S7. Our current Xbox One is not powerful enough to power any VR platforms that have default plug & play compatibility able to produce a "good enough" VR experience. Apple likewise does not support VR on the iPhone in an official capacity for a polished experience.

Not even the One X is slated to pair with VR experience accessory for mixed reality, at least not as launch or in 2017. Playstation VR already offers a nice middle ground between the casual smartphone approach of Google Daydream of Samsung Gear VR and the high end HTC Vive / Oculus Rift + Gaming PC setups!

Google Daydream VR + Google Pixel Phone 

Screen Light Sleep Theft 

Turn down the brightness, warm up the color temperature, avoid bright lights & screens in general before bed time, that include the TV, Phone, Computers, Tablets or anything with an illuminated screen with information. Try a dim bug light with a very warm orange color temperatures in LED of 3 watt or less, just enough soft lumens to see at night. Think night light low output lamps near bed time, nothing bright. All these bright digital screen platforms from TV's to smartphones, VR and beyond, they are the primary cause of common modern sleep disorders.

Apple VR

The acquisition of AR & VR companies by Apple + a patent history in VR technology going back to 2007, Apple is poised to take on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, Goggle Cardboard, the madness in Cupertino, CA going way beyond making phones out of fragile glass & dent easy metals like Aluminum - the iphone 6 was so breakable that it set records for mechanical weakness in modern smartphones, fragility that should be reserved for stationary computers, not mobile devices that people keep in their pockets! Finger fumble = broken screen or worse with aluminum and glass phone designs.

Thinking About VR?

There are 4 methods to access 3D VR entertainment

1. Recent smartphone + Google Cardboard  Free- $15

2. S6 or newer Samsung smartphone + Gear VR accessory  $650-900

3. VR ready budget gaming rig + Oculus Rift $1400-$2500

4. VR enthusiast gaming rig + HTC Vive $2700-$6000

My current setup consists of a Galaxy Note 3 + a promotional Starwars themed Google Cardboard, an essentially free to me setup as the phone was gifted to me (thanks Janson & Alicia) and the cardboard unit was gifted to me (thanks Sissy)

Upgrading to the base supported $550 Galaxy S6 + a 2016 Samsung Gear VR viewer $45 only increases the resolution over my free setup a small amount, probably note worth $600, though if you are already in need of a new android phone, the S6, S7 or S8 are great phones that work with the Gear VR headset with easy plug & play style.

The budget VR build makes use of an existing computer cases, monitor, mouse, keyboard & consists of a 550-600w power supply $100, a nice Z270 motherboard $130, 8GB Gaming DDR4 $70, a VR ready graphics card $400, & the $600 Oculus Rift + $100 Win 10 + $50 better than OEM CPU cooler = $1450

The enthusiast VR build starts with a high end 850w PS $125, a K unlocked Intel i7 $350, 32GB DDR4 fastest gaming memory $400, a high end gaming MB $325 & a GTX1080 8GB DDR5 GPU $700 + the HTC Vive Setup $800 = $2700

The Oculus Rift build makes the most sense if you are just wanting to get into the full on desktop PC accelerated full VR experience, and it gives you general access to polished VR games as well as 3D Youtube content + more. The HTC Vive with a more powerful computer will produce a more visually immersive experience, but lacks access to full games with more simple demo style indie titles. Visually the HTC experience will trump the Oculus Rift, but the Rift works better in more places. For reasons I noted above the VIVE requires dedicating an entire room to its sensor setup, while the RIFT can be used in small rooms of any kind.

It will be very interesting to see how VR technology expands when desktops can support 4K or 8K resolution per eye for an even more lifelike visual experience. Higher refresh rates with butter smooth motion control essential for reducing motion sickness experiences caused by frame jitter, lost frames, motion refresh lag of any kind and a variety of other image artifact errors emblematic of trying to run VR on an underpowered computer.


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