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Restoring Old Headlights

A 3M headlight restoration kit from Autozone for $18 + 1 hr, water in a spray bottle, some paper towels, blood sweat & tears 

I restored the old oxidize headlights on our 1993 Subaru Legacy^^ 

Started by cleaning off the headlights with some glass cleaner & glass cleaning paper towels.

The kit includes
3 sanding discs
A foam holder with fabric hook attachment to sanding disks
Scratch Remover (fluid in Pouch-tear open)
Synthetic Car Wax (fluid in Pouch-tear open)

Spray the headlight with water & sand with the 1000 grit till evenly dull (3 min per side)
Spray water & sand with the 3000 grit 2x longer than you did with 1000 grit (6 min per side)
Spray water & sand with the 5000 grit 2x longer than with the 3000 grit (12min per side)

Apply scratch remover evenly and buff away the residue, rinse & dry

Apply synthetic wax evenly and buff away the reside, rinse & dry : done

My arms got a good workout doing this, and the results are amazing! It Worked Well! Super cool, and I saved the left over scratch remover & wax and the sanding pads and foam holder for a second round of restoration to something else needing it in the near future : pending assessment of potential projects and approval process for selection.

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