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Focusing on Gods Amazing Love

Re-baked this Photo on my mobile phone using one of the Samsung art apps on the GN2, then posted it to blogger on the same device. ^^

Howard the Honda PCX150

2013 (C) Honda Powersports
I traded my GXSR600 in for a 2013 Honda PCX150 scooter as part of a long line of changes I have made to reduce my carbon footprint. 100+MPG's from the freeway capable scooter seemed too good to pass up.

Extending Lithium Ion Battery Life & Value Performance in your Mobile Devices

There are a few simple things to remember in order to maximize the value performance of your lithium ion batteries.

1. Format the battery on its first cycle with a deep cycle (to calibrate the battery computers)

2. Avoid charging the battery to full, do not leave it camped on the charger

3. Avoid discharging the battery to empty or to very low states of charge

4. Store the battery at 50deg F and half charged

5. Regularly use and cycle the battery, exercise it

6. Keep the battery cool, avoid direct sun

A Samsugn Galaxy Note 2 replaces my 5 year old ENV3 feature phone

(C) Samsung 2013 All Rights Reserved 

I have long waxed and waned about how "Smartphones Suck", with poor battery life, overpriced data and security issues that combine to what amounts to carrying a spy satellite in ones pocket with a battery that dies after 1 day.