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Pixel & Pixel XL : Android Awesome!

The best Android phones you can buy! 
Priced accordingly! $649-869

When the Network Becomes the Computer

Microsoft Cortana (from Halo) also in Windows 10
Back in 2010 Steve Wozniak of Apple was speaking about the future of computing when he claimed that "voice" was going to be the "next big thing" He was spot on the dot correct!

Low TDP Chipsets suprising GPU performance

You do not need a powerful gaming computer to play older computer games on a ultrabook, iMac or other lower powered portable computer.

Random Act of Kindness

Imaging what the world would be like if everyone regularly engaged in random acts of kindness!

Echo Dot 2

The Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen now gives voice control to our Nest Learning Thermostat & eventually more ^^ $39.99

Nissan Leaf 2 Year Reflections

13 Nissan Leaf S Blink Charging Drivers View Stitch
Plug in, charge, wait, go, electric cars are just like your Smartphone. Electricity becomes your gas station, your never have to go to the real gas station again as long as you drive electric!

Wifi AC Google On Hub TP-Link

Upgrading our home wireless network with AC speeds on 2.4Ghz & 5.Ghz via 13 antenna in a Goggle On Hub by TP-Link! 

Pong Made Gaming History On This Day

On this day, once upon a time, the first commercially successful video game launched! Pong "Beep Bop Beep" : marking the beginning of using computer technology for interactive digital entertainment!

BMW Electromotive Tech Interesting

2016 BMW i3 : Image via
Cool BMW electrics cars. BMW Efficient Dynamics spikes my interests! Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. The carbon fiber reinforced hot press tech is awesome too! FTW 

Driving Intoxicated

Not everyone is fit to pilot a vehicle, sober or not. Some people lack the motor skills, cognitive performance or other functional attributes required for safe vehicle piloting. Legal marijuana poses additional challenges for keeping our roads safe while self driving cars offer a technological safety solution! 

The 18650 Revolution

I lightly disassembled a USB charger
containing a single Lithium Ion 18650 3.6v
The 18650 battery is the building brick of an emerging super powerful electromotive industry and these same batteries are unlocking rooftop wind & solar systems with 24/7 output. Thank you Tesla Motors!