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When the Network Becomes the Computer

Microsoft Cortana (from Halo) also in Windows 10
Back in 2010 Steve Wozniak of Apple was speaking about the future of computing when he claimed that "voice" was going to be the "next big thing" He was spot on the dot correct!

"Ask Me Anything" at the prompt for Cortana, I can simply say "Hey Cortana" to get that NLP query search action happening.

"Ok Google" activates said NLP search on my android phone while "Alexa" is the wake word for our new Echo Dot!

Voice has already become a large part of everyday computing with Apple iOS iPhone Siri action galore, she also happens to be one of the dimmest of the talking AI that you can interact with, although Siri's Mandarin Chinese is exceptional!

There are some serious networking bottle necks, bandwidth limitation and Comcast data caps that will hinder the evolution of computing beyond motherboard heavy lifting to distributed computing in the cloud, and while this is true, we are already leveraging computing in the networks with Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant.

It was Eric Schmidt of Google who spoke of "The network becoming the computer" : which went on to inspire many thought in my mind about the role of computers in the lives of every day people, search engines democratizing access to information about nearly anything through a simple google search, you can even get a collection of different search engine results on a search engine called dogpile!

Cloud Computing, Software as a Service, Streaming, Subscription, Broadband, Wifi AC and more, its IOT galore as appliance, lightbulbs, shoes and clothing become intelligent, "smart" products of all kinds from bathroom scales that talk to your Fitbit account to fridges that load recipes on the door based on the inventory of food items inside, the future will blow your mind when you realize we are already half way there!

We live in the age of Amazon Instant anything shopping 24/7 shipped directly to your door step, often quickly in prime fashion like magic! Soon drones will take to the skies, wait they already have. Look up the movie "Drone" on Netflix! Self driving cars are already starting with Uber and the Tesla Model S via software updates (Version 8.0 today) P100D FTW

The catch words of tech represent whole industries of change, halls of knowledge, schools of thoughts, massive technological changes, it is enough to get you thinking about where your ideas came from! So let me put it to you!

Where did you get all of your ideas?

Do you understand early childhood intellectual development, how you went from the blank slate brain of your baby state to the self aware consciousness of full developed adulthood?

Through your eyes and ears many things have entered your brain and mind, to give proper attribution to all of it would be impossible! Perhaps you can give your parents and peers some credit for helping your to become who you are, to develop the values and ethics that you hold, your belief structures and ideologies! We become like those whom we spend time with, like dissolves like. Your thoughts become your choices, your choices become your behavior, your behaviors becomes your personality, your personality becomes your character, your character becomes your future. Your are the consequence of your culture, of globalization, of high technology, of education, organization, of systems of change all around you!

Who are you ?

When you are talking to these digital assistants take time to consider the difference between your mind and machines you are interacting with. Of course Siri is stupid, we have not achieved singularity yet!

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