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Pandora Radio Online

I have been listening to internet radio with Pandora for several years and I really like it! 

Microsofts "8" Ecosystem

This article focuses on Microsoft's launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT and then goes on to consider how these operating systems and the Metro UI they share is creating a unified cohesive ecosystem with Windows Phone 8 and Xbox. The 4 screen paradigm for Microsoft, read more to dig in ~

Yes on Prop 37 : Label GMO Foods

The people have a right to know what they are buying and eating. Yes on Prop 37 to Label GMO foods! 

Lance Armstrong is Guilty : I was wrong

I was wrong: Lance came forward and admitted he doped! With this in mind, that fact should raise serious concerns about professional sports and doping, and the conspiracy and corruption required for it to happen.

Cleaner, Fuel Efficient Vehicles

The upcoming 2014 Tesla Type X (CUV)
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The list of clean and fuel efficient vehicles continues to grow by the day. Every major automakers and many minor automakers are developing hybrid, plug in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Things Are Getting Better

In all areas of life things are improving if you look at the things in the world through a lens focused on progress and innovation. 

The Solutions to Failed Western Medicine

Sickness yields tremendous profit for those that treat it! Fat, sick and half alive, Americans have access to high tech medicine while simultaneously enjoying preventable heart disease, preventable cancer, preventable stroke, preventable diabetes, and preventable birth defects. The solution to these preventable diseases are healthy diet and regular aerobic exercise, solutions that are increasingly rare in our culture.

Understanding Vehicle Smog

Do you breath in the stuff that comes out the tail pipe of your vehicle?

Someone else does!

IKEA Commits to Efficient LED Lighting

A $20 Philips 12.5W 805Lumen LED A19 Bulb
Retail giant IKEA has declared a war on inefficient lighting. Today the retailer announced that it would phase out all non-LED lighting products in its ubiquitous blue retail stores by 2016.

LED for the win!

80% less electricity, 10x longer lasting!
Philips claims their 1
2.5 Watt AmbientLED *60W eq* will save its users around $130 worth of electricity, while also being fully dimmable.