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The Solutions to Failed Western Medicine

Sickness yields tremendous profit for those that treat it! Fat, sick and half alive, Americans have access to high tech medicine while simultaneously enjoying preventable heart disease, preventable cancer, preventable stroke, preventable diabetes, and preventable birth defects. The solution to these preventable diseases are healthy diet and regular aerobic exercise, solutions that are increasingly rare in our culture.

The Numbers Tell of a Dismal Reality:
That We Have the Power to Change!

• Cancer: 1,500,000 diagnosed each year; over 50% will die of it.

Pesticides spraying is becoming less common: Now the toxic chemicals are genetically engineered into the foods where it is impossible to wash off. Even where GMO engineering is not used to produce dioxins in the plants, systemic pesticides are applied to the seeds, where they are absorbed into the tissues of the plants.

Colony collapse: the bee colonies failures are a biological indicator of how toxic these practices are. The pesticides sprayed on, engineered into and soaking into the seeds of the foods that we eat absolutely cause cancer. Many of these toxics applied or engineered into plants bio-accumulate in animals. The GMO corn fed to the cow produced cow meat (beef) that is laden with the chemical toxins. The animals are getting sick too... the farms pump them full of antibiotics to deal with that problem. When did cows start eating corn anyway? Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb.....

Are you round-up ready? 

Oncologist to the rescue... you have the money right? 
Bend over!

• Diabetes: 25,000,000 people are diabetics right now (including children); 80,000,000 are borderline.

Sugar, High Fructose Corn Trash: Lets make every food taste like candy: bag and box: engineered flavors: fat sugar and salt- it tastes good huh!

People are eating too much, and too much of the wrong kinds of foods: simple carbs devoid of nutrients. This low nutrient density diet causes the body to crave more, as people hopelessly stuff their faces with more high fructose GMO corn syrup enhanced foods in a futile attempt to satiate hunger caused by the mal-nutrition of cheap processed foods popular in industrialized countries like America.

The average American is only moving a few thousands steps per day, when 10,000 steps are needed to maintain fitness. This lack of exercise coupled with a poor diet is at the heart of the diabetes epidemic sickening Americans rapidly. The costs of preventable diabetes are nearly as staggering as the profits that stand to be gained by the insulin and glucose test strip manufacturers......

• Heart Disease and Strokes: 81,000,000 (every third adult) has some type of cardiovascular disease.

Even children are developing heart diseases now. The "Screen" generation socializes on an LCD, does their school work on an LCD, listens to music and watches their entertainment on an LCD. They email and text and Google and book-face and tweet: smartphones in hand for a persistent internet connection. Inactivity is so prevalent that childhood obesity has become an epidemic: a first world disease that plagues industrialized countries: especially America: the car country, where everything is so far apart that you almost have to use a private vehicle to "transport yourself" efficiently. The x-box has replaced real sports, but at least the "Kinect" is getting these same people to move during their "game play".

Stairs have been replaced by escalators and elevators, able bodied people lazily abusing them: the norm.  First person interactions have been largely replaced by social networking. Shopping in person has evolved into shopping online. Do yourself a favor and watch the movie "Wall-E" : the people in Wall-E are a good example of what we could degenerate into if we are not making a conscious effort to stay mentally, morally, spiritually and physically fit!

Most of the heart diseases and strokes are related to inactivity coupled with a nutrient poor empty carbohydrate heavy diet. Read the book "Spark, the revolutionary new science of exercise"

• Alzheimer's Disease: 5,400,000 have Alzheimer's right now (every 8th senior)

Again the lack of movement and activity is directly related to neurological diseases in the elderly. Active adults enjoy greater memory performance, sharper cognition, improved mood, improved sleep, improved sex and in general a better overall experience of life right up until death. Fit people do not always live longer, but they spend more of their time living free of preventable sickness.

The science of the brain and exercise is relatively new, but even organizations like AARP are trumpeting the benefits of aerobic activity these days! When you get your heart pumping, it stimulates the brain. It turns out the movement is a really complicated mental activity. Watch a robot like the Honda ASIMO try to run, and then ask yourself if running is a computationally simple task!

• Birth defects: One in every 33 babies is born with one (accounts for 20% of all infant deaths).

Add up the toxics we are exposed to in our consumer products, foods and smog: and it becomes clear that PCB's, VOC's, Dioxins, Heavy Metals and other Toxics are all around us: we are swimming in a sea of industrial pollution. Not to be overdramatic, the clean air and clean water acts helped to curb industrial pollution emissions. Things are cleaner now in this respect, but other problems have arisen when those issues were resolved. The over-use of plastics (BPA), and BFR's in consumer products is responsible for exposing people to toxics at very intimate and personal level. These chemicals are in almost everything that we touch that is flammable: carpet, fabric, ect. That new car smell: beware.

Throw in some food pesticides, hormones and antibiotics: pregnant women are being chemically assaulted from all sides. Many of the perfumes, dyes and cosmetic problems that women use are immune system disrupters, tetrogens that cause birth defects, and carcinogens that cause cancer. The poor developing fetus' are being exposed to these chemicals constantly: no wonder autism speaks!

Dont Expect Congress or the Senate to Help You

Most of these jerks in public office are corrupted by campaign bribery from toxic special interest industries. Companies like Monsanto and Merck (chemical toxic companies) spend hundreds of millions per year buying up the voting interests of most public officials. The companies that profit off of toxic food chemicals, toxic medicines and toxic industrial smog/ pollution are over-represented in government. The perversion goes deeper still.

The people running these "evil" companies are former governors, congress persons, senators, judges and officials from organizations like the SEC, EPA, DOE, FDA, USDA. These people move back and forth between serving as executives for these companies and as the regulatory persons who operate government agencies that regulate the private sectors that the businesses compete in.

During the late 1970's and early 1980's, most large corporations figured out that they could yield a net return on investment of 50x. That means for every 1 dollar the business spends on lobbying a public official the regulates that sectors business, the business gets back 50 dollars worth of increased profits: usually through deregulation measures designed to make some profitable aspect of the business more profitable. Consider Goldman Sach's: as a company it was able to lobby heavy financial deregulation favors in order to legalize all sorts of questionably ethical highly risky investment schemes.

Numerous other examples of what is essentially bribery can be seen in every big business sector. Remember that public office elections are big ticket items (it is very expensive to run for office, the media smearing campaigns are costly). Invariably, a lot of the people in office end up caving their moral and ethics to private special interests that give the politician the money they need to run for and secure public office.

Big Pharma (Merck, Pfizer, Bayer, Bristol Meyers, etc.) collectively operates a fleet of 4000 full time lobbyists... what do you think those 4000 people are doing everyday? They are making sure that the next Toxic blockbuster drug like Vioxx makes it to market efficiently, so that they and their friends can make billions before the class action lawsuits begin as tens of thousands of people seeking relief from these drugs die prematurely from the toxicity of the drug. The safety testing for the drug is done internally by the drug company: do you think they are going to condemn a product that can launch and bring in billions of profit? Conflict of interest? It is actually illegal for a company to do anything that is bad for the companies shareholders: therefore they are legally obligated to do unethical immoral things that boost short terms profits. 

The Doctors are Uneducated

Many of the doctors practicing in the United States are arrogant self absorbed ignorant pricks who fail to possess even a cursory understanding of the history of medicine. They have been indoctrinated by pharmaceutical representatives and sleazy organizations like the AMA with convoluted ideology that focus's the scope of medicine on waging war against disease, disease causing agents and symptoms. All of the money is in the treatment, not the cure.

Consider a cancer patient. Many cancer patient receive millions of dollars worth of high tech chemotherapy, radiation knives and surgeries. Think of all of the money, economic activity, and jobs created by this one sick person. Whole sectors of jobs would be eliminated if the American people embraced healthy lifestyles, preventative care, good diets and healthy exercise. The sickness is good for business, business owns government, and thus the system does nothing to encourage healthy lifestyles: instead business as usual includes bribery to keep GMO labels off of foods, subsidies for high fructose corn garbage, and lax oversight at the FDA and USDA.

Colleges fail to educated doctors about medical ethics. Again, education is a big business, and big government has funding in education, and large corporations control government: there is something akin to social engineering going on here. They "those in power" do not want anything to disrupt the status quo, because keeping things the way they are means big profits for those in power! There is a military slant in medicine to "kill the problem".

This chemical warfare approach is most evident in chemotherapy. Placating the symptoms is another major approach encouraged: that is where the drug companies make all of the money. They don't want a cure for herpes, they want to sell billions worth of valtrex (valacyclovir) to treat the symptoms of herpes. The drug companies don't want people to become healthy and fit, they want to sell hundreds of billions of dollars of diabetes managements drugs, and monitoring products to keep people feeding them a steady dole of cash. The more diabetes there is, the more money Eli Lilly can make selling insulin and glucose test strips.

People in medicine that promote health lifestyle choices as solutions to diseases are dismissed as quacks, often discredited and attacked by their piers in "scientific" medicine. The non-western approach  to healing by increasing wellness through healthy lifestyle changes is condemned as a pseudo-science, meanwhile the pharmaceutical companies are combing natural plants, bugs, fugi and bacterial for biologically active substances the big drug companies can patent and then produce synthetically, to then sell for obscene profit margins. Many prescription drugs have a %50,000 markup: the difference between the price you pay for the pill and the cost to manufacture it: if you wrap in R&D, the margins are only in the thousands of percent.

Medical ethics have given way to the powerfully motivating pursuit of maximized profits. As sleazy business people entered the medical field, their tricky accounting methods and profit centered ideology perverted the science and objectivity of medicine. Many family doctors (GP's) have been reduced to pill pushing drug dealers by pharmaceutical companies. These doctors are encourage in every possible way to promote synthetic drugs as the sole and only effective "approved" treatment of the symptoms of sickness and disease. The focus is on treating the symptoms, not the problems.

The Problem is Unhealthiness.

People eat garbage and live sedentary lives of minimal exertion. "Movement is Life" says a poster at the orthopedic (joint replacement wing) of the local hospital in my region. Ironic! If people had stayed active all along, most of the joint problems they have would have never developed in the first place. People love to blame genetics "I was born with it"; a predisposition to develop joint failure, arthritis, diabetes or heart disease "I have a family history of it": wholesale discounting any sense of personal accountability they have in maintaining a healthy diet and a physically active lifestyle.

Add in the toxic soup of industrial emissions, tail pipe smog we breath in traffic, toxic consumer products with synthetic immune disrupting chemicals, toxic unhealthy thinking, negative emotions, increasing social isolation, loneliness, anxiety and depression and it makes perfect sense why so many Americans are so sick!

The costs of the "star-wars" approach to medicine is staggering and unbearable: increasingly companies are asking their employees to pay a larger share of the health insurance costs, as those costs skyrocket in response to the rising costs of "high tech health care focused on treating the disease once it is fully developed"......

Does something seem off here ?
Business as usual in western medicine sucks!
It costs too much, is far too ineffective, and it focused on all of the wrong solutions!

The Solutions are Simple

Move More : Stay Active

Eat Healthy Organic Natural Foods

Keep a Positive Perspective

Make God #1

Prioritize Friends and Family over Stuff!

Have a Sense of Humor

Lighten Up

Think About It

You can be everything that God said you are :) Love : translated and expressed : demonstrative love as wisdom, kindness, and generosity. You can become a better you! You can live free of sickness and disease. You can live each day more fully and more completely by choosing a healthy lifestyle!

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