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Year 2030 Nuclear Reactors Burn Nuclear Waste as Fuel

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Burning plutonium + whole actinide series, 4th generation reactors can burn toxic nuclear waste that was going to be dangerous for 10,000+ years, but because of the 6000% fuel economy improvement in the 4th get reactor, the waste will only be radioactive at a high level for 30 years, making the long term storage of nuclear waste problem easier and less costly to solve for all reactor complexes that install a 4th generation reactor! Innovations that excite people about future energy technologies!

Spent Nuclear Fuel

The nuclear waste problem of today will be an energy solution in the future. Turning highly active waste into energy! Recycling the metallic fuel! Duh! 

Anti-vaxxers Causing Disease Outbreaks

Families struggle to understand vaccine technology, fearing what they do not know, but they are simple. Vaccines are like a software updates for your immune system. Please at least try understanding the facts: 

Seeking Stimulation

People are motivated by powerful ideas, desires to feel something new, to be stimulated, to taste, to touch, to look at, to hear, to experience something new, powerful, provocative & interesting! 


Can the $200 OLPC actually help people with an annual income of less than $700 ? 

Moon Missions

The First Full View of Earth 
Some people think the Apollo moon missions were a hoax: at $25.4 billion spent by 1973,  that would be the largest, most complex, longest lasting deception ever executed.

The Truth is more interesting! 

Fitbit Surge : The Computer Inside

The Fitbit Surge : Teardown from iFixit 
The only smartwatch I have tried, a Fitbit Surge (<- click link) has been living on my wrist for about 6 months! I found this teardown to look inside without destroying mine! Just click the linked title in the image caption to see the official teardown :) 

The future of Computing is Wearable

Reading a review of the iWatch OS3 by Walt Mossberg (this guy is awesome!), I was reminded of how computers will be worn in the future, and in some ways they already are (smartphones, bluetooth ear buds, smart watches) 

Smartphones eating PC & Camera markets!

If you purchased a digital camera in the last few years, there are few incentives to upgrade! Like the PC market, the camera market is being eaten alive by smartphones! 

Lithium Ion Batteries Made of Oil

Lithium Ion batteries are made of petrochemical oil derivatives, the LiPo case material, electrolyte, separator film, the chemical additives, cell wraps, labels, BMS board components, and the plastic housing of the BMS. 

Digital Extensions of You Online

You likely exist as a digital extension of yourself outline. Every time you use a search engine, your IP address and what you searched for paints a picture of who you are. If that was done on your smartphone, the extension goes even deeper. 

Patented Molecules < Patenting Bio Mimicry Combinations

Voltaire wrote about the failures of single compound modified isolate patent molecule pharmaceuticals hindered by side effects! 

"Physicians pour drugs of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, into humans of which they know nothing"  

I found this quotation in an amazing book, the link below is hyperlinked to Amazon so you can pick up a paper or e-book copy. 

Health and Healing: The Philosophy of Integrative Medicine

By Andrew Weil

Globalization of the English Language

If everyone communicates in the same language, then all people can communicate more effectively. 

56 calories per day to loose 5lbs per year

If you want to loose 5lbs on this same day by next year, cut out 56 calories per day from your diet, or you can burn the extra bit with a 15min walk. Eat less and move more, its not magic ! 

Alcohol more harmful than Cannabis

Addiction experts in psychiatry, chemistry, pharmacology, 
forensic science, epidemiology, and the police and 
legal services engaged in delphic analysis
regarding 20 popular recreational drugs. 
Alcohol is more dangerous and causes more harm than cannabis, so why is alcohol legal everywhere and cannabis is only legal in certain states? 

Apple Watch Series 2

Polymer, Steel, Ceramic : Apple Watch Series 2 Collection
Image via Link
Waterproof to 50 meters + GPS , works with iPhone (no android), starting @ $369! Worth buying? read more to find out! 

Borosilicate Glass : Boron is Amazing

Borosilicate Beakers : Image via Link
You touch it everyday, the top surface of your smartphone or tablet, or touchscreen laptop surface, the boron makes the glass super strong, it also makes scientific glassware thermal shock resistant & tough! You can get OXO bakeware made of Borosilicate Too! 

$159 Apple AirPods (wireless Earbuds)

Apple AirPods w/ iPhone 7 : Image via Link
For $159 : easier to use & better wireless tech than bluetooth earbuds, but what about noise isolation, and the shape could not possibly fit everyones ear properly! 

Neurosynaptic Learning AI Autopilot for Cars : Artificial Neural Networks the Key

Developmental robotics using artificial neural networks takes the approach of using a learning AI that must be trained like a baby, knowing nothing at first, but learning vast amounts of knowledge in a cumulative process similar to going to school for 18 years, but in only a few weeks, because the robots can share their learning with each other online, hooked up to wifi and with LTE, just like a fleet of Tesla Model S's! 

Smartphones Revolutionized Photography in 2011

Apple's iPhone 4S brought in the era of mobile photography linked to Facebook, Twitter, and the internet in many ways, uploading photos that people capture everywhere, the "Selfie" emblematic of the era we live in today. The digital photography revolution started in 2011!

Connecting the Human Mind to Computers

Nothing will expand the power of the human mind more than hybridizing brains with digital & analog AI based computing platforms that use neurosynaptic processing modeled after the computational biological information processing in the human brain. Bio-Digital Irony via Innovations worth "Thinking About" 

Neurological Constellation Formation : Building a Better World by Uniting Good People :

Make the pledge to make A Better World for everyone!

Clean Technology, Ecology, Life Extension, Harm Reduction, Ethics, Values, Ideologies worth thinking about! Innovations that improve the world for everyone! Technologies that reduce pollution, because pollution causes harm to everyone. We are all in it together here on earth, lets start working together to build a better tomorrow!

Hormone Disrupting Perfume

Never spray synthetic perfume on your skin, its filled with inedible toxic chemicals that wreak havoc to the cell health in your body, causing all sorts of sickness and preventable diseases like cancer, thats the entire post! Truth : Ethics Matter
OSIRIS-REx : NASA : Awesome : Image via Link

Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) is an ongoing NASA asteroid study and sample return mission. The cost of the mission will be approximately USD $800 million, not including the $183.5 million Atlas V launch vehicle  !

In Defense of Ethics : George Westinghouse!

Good people make the world better, visionaries that changed the world, all of them setting out to make the world "better"! You learned right from wrong when you were a child, so why do bad people exist? Who knows. George Westinghouse's life is the best defense of ethics that I can think of, just short of the life and times of Jesus Christ. Ethics matter! Lets make the world better together! 

Cortana the most Human AI of Today

Image via Link
Part of the windows 10 experience, baked right into the search bar next the start menu button on the home screen, Microsoft's AI personal assistant is able to be activated by just saying "Hey Cortana" and if you configure Cortana Settings, she will always be listening for "Hey Cortana" Awesome!!!

iPhone 7

Image via Link
IP67 water resistant ^^ 
The 7 plus has dual rear Cameras ^^ quad LED true tone flash ^^
3.3 Billion transistors in the A10 CPU^^
New Taptic engine & all digital Home Button ^^ 

LTE a miraculous solution to Mobile Broadband

On facebook I condemned FB for putting up UAV's that create WIFI in poor countries, where the local government squander tax revenue on luxury cars, aircraft, mansions, servants and lux galore for the diplomats while the average person is so poor they don't have running water or electricity, and even if it was available, they would not have the income to pay for the service! 

Kind Words Make all the Difference

You can lift other people up with positive edifying words or tear other people down with negative condemning words! 

People are connected by social networks of communication, informal associations, friendships, relationships, made of words that were shared, ideas shared, common goals, when we collaborate everyone wins! 

GMO the Key to Living Forever

Genetic engineering will be the key to endless life. Why should a tree live 600 years if a person dies after about 80? 


Intentionally doing something because you are able, because you want to, because it is cool, fun, interesting, exhilarating, makes you smile, because you are alive, living in each moment as they fly into the past, forging your way into the future one instant at a time, choose wisely! 

3.5mm Headphone Jack not in iPhone 7

Another special Apple "designed for iPhone" dongle required to use your favorite headphones! At least it is only $9, so stock up with a few if you are going to drink the iPhone 7 fluid! 

Lithium Ion Fires & Explosions are Preventable

Lithium Cobalt Carbon, the dominate lithium battery chemistry used in Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and other portable electronics like the Tesla Model S, are prone to catching fire if the manufacturer is not extremely thorough with QA : QC during the entire vertically integrated manufacturing process that must be done in a clean room. 

14 Megapixel Screen : the 5K iMac deep inside

Image via Link 
A brilliant P3 color gamut 14 MP display that exceeds the detail of 4K, eventually 8K and beyond ^^ The 5K iMac is the most beautiful computer you can buy!

The Spark of Consciousness Explored

A relatively slow biological computer, the human brain is the pinnacle of intelligence in nature, at least potentially in some people for brief periods while they are alive! 700TB of data storage, the human brain hosts a lot of memories!

Intelligent Population Regulation

People are afraid to give up their rights to reproduce, but there are lot of bad parents in the world, people who are frankly unfit to be parents who had children anyway. The sick cycle repeats, and now we have 19 kids and counting, two dumb fools who barely graduated from high school producing an army of similarly confused people, to who's benefit? 

Keep Learning

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young" ~ Henry Ford 

Salt & Your Body

Water intake and sodium intake from salt are balanced by the brain, kidneys, bones, blood production, urine creation, hormones, and a biological system in the body so elegant and complex that our bodies exceed and eclipse even the most complex man made technologies! 

Innovations = Shared Wealth & Prosperity for Everyone!

Innovations create shared wealth and prosperity. Politics hinder technological progress. Can we move beyond listening to the wisdom in TED videos to actually doing something with the truth! 

Public Urination

Everyone has to pee, and when you are stuck in a traffic jam, congested public transportation place, or somewhere else where a bathroom is impractical to access, what can we reasonably expect people to do with number 1? 

All Lives Matter

All life is precious, temporary, each entity living and dying, none of us get out of this world alive!

Galaxy Note 7 exploding while charging : recalled

It might be IP68 rated for water resistance, but some have
exploded while charge = immediate recall from Samsung!
If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, immediately contact your cellular carrier or the retailer who sold you the phone and procure a free replacement Note 7 as soon as possible! 

$40k Exoskeleton for Disabled / Elderly in 2016

SuitX Pheonix : Image Via Link 
Prometheus the film depicts Mr. Weyland ( Guy Pearce ) wearing a robotic exoskeleton as an old man, but now such a device exists in a crude early form called the SuitX’s Phoenix exoskeleton! $40,000 gets you some cool gear, if you are disabled to the point where this machine gives you an edge over someone in a wheel chair! 

Space X Falcon 9 Exploded This Morning :(

The rocket was set to launch Facebook's Amos 6 internet for Africa satellite, totally destroyed in the oxygen tank malfunction. The Falcon 9 in this case is not going to be reused, the fire the ensued after the explosion totally destroyed it beyond repair!

Watch it on Youtube 

Plugged in : Hooked up : Screen Glow the Drug of TV and Internet

Long ago people said that TV rots the brain, now they point the finger at internet and cry out that it is bad for millennials!