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56 calories per day to loose 5lbs per year

If you want to loose 5lbs on this same day by next year, cut out 56 calories per day from your diet, or you can burn the extra bit with a 15min walk. Eat less and move more, its not magic ! 

I was doing research for another article, and found a study by the Archives of Internal Medicine talking about soft drink taxes of 18%, their finding suggesting that such a tax would reduce the average American daily calorie intake by 56 Calories, enough to shave off 5lbs per year, based on the amount of soda that the average American consumes every year, and the effect that such a tax would have on curbing consumption. 

Thin Fat People 

Americans often have a BMI that is greater then it should be if they ate a healthy diet of fewer added sugars, more fiber, fewer carbs, more healthy fats, and a balance amount of protein, all from organic natural foods. Worse, because of sugar, many thin people that appear healthy are in fact fat on the inside, fat surrounding their critical organs in a body that otherwise looks fit! 

Fast Food Nation

Today we have a fast food nation, and documentary film of the same name. How many food documentary films due we need before people wake up to the fact the Non-fat and low fat foods loaded with sugar are worse then the original full fat versions, because food manufactures had to make the food taste ok, and when they started removing fats, they had to add sugar to make the foods palatable. Fed Up the movie talks all about this. 

Cheap Foods = Expensive Healthcare

Super Size Me is another film thats worth watching if you think that fast food is safe to eat regularly. The high cost of low prices no more eloquently embodied by anything other than fast food. The fast food industry produces externalities on the US healthcare system by selling people highly processed unhealthy addictive sugar bombarded foods that cause all sorts of preventable diseases. Actually, 30 of the most common diseases affecting Americans can all be traced back to the overconsumption of added sugars, the resulting obesity, and the rest is history. 

Children with Geriatric Diseases

We are paving the way for childhood advanced heart diseases, childhood cancers that once only affected elderly people. As we continue to spindly sugar in everything as a society, more people will become more sick with more disease in more place more often, and that is an expensive incoherent choice worse than drug abuse. In fact, the War on Drugs should be redirected to a war on added sugars. 

Sugar a Drug? 

Sugar is the drug like food that everyone is abusing. I say this as a sugar addict. I have to avoid buying sugary junk food in order to avoid eating it. I have a willpower self control impulse disorder if sugary food stuffs are present in my home. I have weakness for candies, carmels, ice-cream and other unhealthy junk foods, something I learned from my parents, who I nick-named "Junk Food Jockeys", actually something my fathers old friend Alan W coined as a term when he observed the late Ken Schwarz eating a Snickers bar and Coca Cola for lunch when they worked together in real estate in the late 1970's.

Biological Resilience 

It amazing what the human body can eat! We can turn all sorts of semi-edible food like substance into movements and thinking. I find it remarkable that people in America are not more sick given the amount of added sugars that almost everyone is eating. When I was in Japan I noticed that almost everyone was short and thin. Their main carbohydrate starch sugar is white rice. The people who live to be 100+ only eat potato as a carb. There is something in potatoes that extends human life. I am still researching this potato life extension concept. 

Wolf Berries for Breakfast 

I woke up today at 5am with a horrible stomach ache, dehydrated, feeling like crap. I drank two 20oz glasses of water, and went back to bed, having the luxury of being between jobs at the moment. Upon waking again at 7:50am, I made my way downstairs and ate about an ounce of dried wolf berries, then drank a cup of green tea with no sweeteners of any kind. I feel drained and tired, the caffeine from the tea causing anxiety, a brewed it extra strong to combat my fatigue feelings. Meg suspects my body is trying to repair itself from our increased workout activities as of lately. I think she is right. 

Over Salted Again 

I put too much salt on the kind of bland dinner I made last night, a baking sheet with garlic and basil flavored olive oil onto which I placed diced up potato. I tossed the potato into the oil by pushing it around the baking trey, then seasoned the potatoes with ground black pepper and rosemary powder. I had preheated the oven to 400 deg F, put the potatoes in, and diced up two yellow onions and added them 10 minutes late. I started using our baby sized George Forman electric grill to cook up some bacon, and added some diced up squash to the oven trey 10min before the potatoes and onions were done cooking, so as to not overcook the squash. With no added salt, we used a himalayan salt grinder to directly apply salt like a spice to our dishes independently. I added too much to mine and did not drink enough water with dinner to dilute the electrolyte. I made enough dinner for 3 people, but we ate only enough for 2, leaving the rest for our temporary roommate who did end up eating any, the rest is in limbo now, I might split it with Meg for lunch when we get back from our long walk, which is coming up next! The brutal honesty, living life with the truth on my sleeve :P

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