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3.5mm Headphone Jack not in iPhone 7

Another special Apple "designed for iPhone" dongle required to use your favorite headphones! At least it is only $9, so stock up with a few if you are going to drink the iPhone 7 fluid! 

File a complaint with Apple

Please join me: Contact Apple and Complain : If enough people do it, Apple will re-engineer the iPhone 8 to include a waterproof headphone jack. If we all roll over and take it, they can do what ever they want to extort their customers with bullshit specialized Apple only adapters & cables galore.

The Wrong Way

MagSafe gone from the new Macbook, now the headphone jack in the iPhone.....
More reasons to direction that Apple is taking. By removing the 3.5mm audio port, Apple disrespected their customers abandoning a patent free analog headphone jack port that nearly all headphones use, including most of the ear buds and headphones that iPhone users own an operate!

Small Proprietary Dongle Required 

Now you need a special small dongle with an Apple verification chip that coverts the output of the lightning port into the 3.5mm analog jack for headphones,  yet another thing that is easy to lose, break, etc.

Earlier Lighting Port Failures

Now the wear pattern on the lightning port will increase with more insertions and removals of the audio adapter and charging cable. into the same port. I dislike this solution so much that their new $159 wireless EarPods look like the only sane solution, albeit who knows about comfort, noise isolation, or audio quality for these. They also substantially add to the $649 base price of the iPhone 7. Man this situation is weak!

The iPad 2 battery!

It was bad enough when I found out what it is going to take to change the battery in my second gen iPad..... 26 pages of fixit instructions, + some special tools I have to buy and a lot of time.... Seriously/ Zero feasibility, I might just do it in the spirit of making it work for 35 years, and never buy another iPad since the designer embedded the battery so deep that you have to be an electronics repair expert with special tools to change the battery. What kind of eco friendly product is that? Most people are going to recycle the dead battery devices as e-waste that ends up in China. I do not want to export harm because a company poorly engineer their device with a non user serviceable embedded battery that is a total inconvenient dangerous pain in the wrist waste of time to change, wasting peoples finite time on earth trying to extend the life of an otherwise awesome tablet. Actually the iPad 2 was one of the best iPads ever, period. Thats why Apple continues to update it, widely uses as a POS register, the iPad has become a popular gaming platform with children the world over, allowing iPhone and the iPad to become the worlds most popular gaming platform. Nintendo is even porting Mario on to IOS now!

Designed Obsolescence

When manufactures seal in the battery, they are designing the product to die in a predictable timeline, so that you are compelled not to dump $100 into your old iPad, and that will likely compel you to spend even more $ on a new iPad, when the battery in your old one no longer works. To Apples credit, the battery in my iPad 2 still works fine, and its old! Amazing! My piece of crap Nexus 7 by comparison, is newer, was 2.5x less costly, but barely works anymore, slow laggy with poor battery life, and its a turd to change the battery in that one too, not that I ever would given the way it runs now. Software upgrade my foot, the upgraded software makes the old Nexus 7 first gen run so slowly that it is now annoying to use! To give Apple more good attribution, the iPad 2 also supports the current IOS software, amazing!

Intel Guilty of Battery Sabotage Embedding

Ultrabook laptops have sealed batteries, so does the new Macbook. I disagree with sealed internal batteries. My iMac keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 both have sealed internal lithium ion batteries. I do not like this. My Xbox One controller by comparison takes two AA, batteries NiMH or Alkaline, and will work for years and years and years, if the batteries go TU, easy to fix. Thats awesome, Kudos to Microsoft for that one! I guess that $110 million in controller engineering worked out good :) I like the nice modular interior design of the Xbox One and One S, both easy to repair, intuitive to repair, intelligently designed. Microsoft is not just a software company, they also design hardware, and the hardware like Hololens gets a lot of attention, engineering talent and funding because it is a groundbreaking new computer platform called augmented reality. For $3000 its also not for everyone, even Stephen Elop told me in person to wait for the 3rd or 4th generation of the Hololens.

Personal Values

So if your half awake to the point of camping in front of an Apple store for a product launch,  don't care about headphones with your phone, plan on using bluetooth audio gear anyway, and want the latest greatest iPhone 7, go ahead and enjoy not being able to plug in any of your  existing headphones without a special adapter! a small complicated proprietary adapter with a digital to analog converter that only Apple makes, not that Apple is going anywhere as a company anytime soon with that fortress of accumulating capital power, a mountain of cash so large it makes some oil companies in foreign countries look small by comparison! Thats remarkable because oil is the worlds most valuable commodity!

In Time : Truth

Sales # will give the real data on the effect the removal of the headphone jack has on the market penetration rate of the iPhone 7 and 7+.  I am curious to see how the market responds to this pile of horse shit decision that Apple made to omit a headphone jack from the new iPhone 7. Shame on you Apple! I feel betrayed as a consumer again! Your Mac Pro cannot power the Oculus Rift (weak) for $3000+ thats bogus. Your sealed iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Macbook batteries were already a betrayal of consumers and the environment, designed obsolescence, not green, not sustainable, not eco friendly, greedy and backwards! Its the wrong way Apple. When you stop pleasing your customers, you will start to fail.

Warning Apple

If you keep cheating your customers, with embedded batteries and proprietary dongles,  you customers using the internet will figure it out, and will eventually sober up. As the android linux ecosystem develops along with Windows 10 and Cortana, Apple is going to need to continue improving everything, including being a leader in making sustainable products that are easy to recycle, not just made of materials that can be recycled, if its not feasible to recycle, it will never happen!

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