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GMO the Key to Living Forever

Genetic engineering will be the key to endless life. Why should a tree live 600 years if a person dies after about 80? 

There is no good reason why people cannot live for 600 years if we use technology to solve every problem that causes cells to stop reproducing good copies of themselves for the maintenance of life in an organism, a plant, a person, anything alive can live forever if we can figure out how to keep the cells alive, making endless good copies to continuously remake a person!

An Irony that technology developed by Monsanto will help society to unlock everlasting life? Some of the innovative science developed to genetically engineer plant cells, will allow scientists to remove the things in our cells that cause death!

Your body started out as a single cell, that split, again and again, becoming more than 100 trillion cells. Your flesh hanging on a skeleton made of calcium you ate, a whole host of orgasms alive in your guy flora helping the magic compost that turns food into thinking and movement, to life itself. Life is a self reinforcing chemical feedback loop of DNA, shared by all life, the chemical instructions at the molecular level, your genes that have all the instructions to make you, a clone of you. We could toy with your genes and make a slightly modified GMO version of you. We could make a duplicate of you. Nothing is impossible!

The core ideas is very simple. Aging is caused by DNA damage happening in the core of every cell. Ionizing radiation from many sources causing DNA damage, then when our cells go to make a replacement cell, the instructions are damaged. Over time the instructions become worse, copies of copies that have been further damaged by radiation, and eventually you can see the aging effect, as people become old, they start to look different, the cell processes causing aging, some of them programmed into the DNA itself, others caused by DNA damage. We have to modify the DNA to remove the Telemere and other components that preprogram cell death. The key to solving cancer is also in understanding cells. Cells makes up all life! If we advance cell technology, we will advance life!

I have been reading and writing about the human brain, and the ways that our brains handle information, sensory data, and motion control data to move our bodies, so that we can experience the world, affect the world, speak to each other, listen, share, learn, do, create, imagine, its amazing! Your brain is the pinnacle of natural intelligence in the world, some people so crafty that society is giving birth to super human artificial intelligence right now. Companies like Google with the AI based bot crawler, and Siri at Apple, Jarvis from Ironman already in your phone via the cloud. We are living in a future that was imagined by scientist who are long gone, dead, part of the earths chemical recycling systems now, all life is chemically recycled in the world. The biosphere of earth a thin layer of soil / dirt < a living substance made of an ecosystem worth of organism that allow plants to turn water and sunlight into food that fuel the human experience, that fuels life as we know it.

Those plant cells are amazing too, especially the ones that turn sunlight into starches, cellulose, wood, sugars, the fuel that powers the human brain, glucose from our food, we breath in oxygen laced nitrogen gas and breath out CO2, the process of energy creation in the human body is amazing itself. Your eye balls are amazing. Your brain is amazing. Trying to understand it all, might be impossible for one person, but people in the sciences collaborate to build knowledge, then test it over and over until new truths are testable.

Humans have a problem solving nature, especially when we are pressured, pressed, or in dire need of a better solution. Some people will drive cell technology so far that it will become possible to roll back the clock on aging, slowing aging, reversing aging, living forever in the ultimate disruptive technology of endless life!

Who wants to live forever? I do. In fact in my faith, Christianity, it is taught that by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, your energy Soul that is never destroyed, because energy is never destroyed, continues living on in heaven, another dimension of space that is way outside the scope of current human science!

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