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$40k Exoskeleton for Disabled / Elderly in 2016

SuitX Pheonix : Image Via Link 
Prometheus the film depicts Mr. Weyland ( Guy Pearce ) wearing a robotic exoskeleton as an old man, but now such a device exists in a crude early form called the SuitX’s Phoenix exoskeleton! $40,000 gets you some cool gear, if you are disabled to the point where this machine gives you an edge over someone in a wheel chair! 

As a machine the cost to performance ratio is abstract because it is a new class of device, comparing it with wheel chairs, electric mobility scooters, and other vehicles is hard because you wear this one.

Sitting causes diseases of many types, notable in people who sit constantly because of spinal cord injuries. The lack of cardio can be overcome using special exercise machines, swimming, and specially adapted gear that allows for skiing and many things you would not otherwise believe would be possible to do by someone who is wheel chair bound due to a spinal cord injury, or other degenerative condition that causes the loss of mechanical function in a persons legs.

Stats System

1.1 MPH with cain switch IO advancement : not as fast as wheel chair, electric chair 
8 hours run time with backpack battery energy storage system 
27lbs of gear 

The fully Adjustable fitting system is produce silent operating conditions, but the machine requires too much maintenance to be used alone by a disabled person at home. This machine speaks to the future of things yet to come from future innovations, technologies, and system integration, informed by science fiction, our dreams become our reality if we focus on making them happen. 

Some basic Internet Search Results on related Products and Technologies 

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Cyberdyne Robot Suit HAL

Brain Micro Electrode Array Control Exoskeleton
Image via Link

DARPA Arm Robot 

Strong artificial muscles, pneumatic control power system
National University of Singapore’s (NUS) engineers have created efficient artificial muscles that could one day carry 80 times their own weight and extend to five times their original length when carrying the load.
Delicate handling control technology! Egg

Einstein HUBU robot :) Expressive

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