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Seeking Stimulation

People are motivated by powerful ideas, desires to feel something new, to be stimulated, to taste, to touch, to look at, to hear, to experience something new, powerful, provocative & interesting! 

Always Awake

Forging new ways in to the future together, we live as one people, alive, the world never sleeping! Hooked up and jacked into to the TV & ultimately the internet, plugged in our smartphones, our brains connecting to content, ideas, information, and each other, the beat of society electrified in the purest pursuit of cortex excitation! We have to keep the power on to enable a brighter future, progress in society depends on clean, abundant, sustainable grid energy!

Protecting Electricity

The very systems that host my blog are only possible because of electricity, if I am able to see further than anyone else, its is because I am standing on the shoulders of giants, all of us alive today the genetic victors of previous humans, of all those who died in wars, who fell to diseases, who died from viral impacts, natural disaster, car accidents, and all the ways that people die, no one gets out of here alive, and some of us survive to pass on our genes to the next generation of people, children are the future!

Comforting Constraints

Could the things we like most be holding us back from living more freely? more completely? unhindered by broken negative ideas that people often recycle, asleep on the treadmill of consumer materialism, copying the boring norms from one another, a world of followers who are desperate for a real leader, for someone cool like George Westinghouse! Elon Musk one of the only super cool leaders alive today! Taking us all further, Tesla and Space X are the future of transportation, if not in production, for sure as the ideological motivator of all the related sectors, the competitors, the copy cats and followers.

Executing Wisdom

When your about to make a decision, what would the older version of your self think about it? Being comfortable often holds us back from embracing a brighter future! So you only get to live once, what makes you feel alive ?

Promoting Clean Technology

This is why I am passionate about promoting the end of cancer with totipotent stems cells, by being an evangelist of the technology. I want to promote fusion energy, genetic engineering, clean technologies that will lift the entirety of all future generation higher, taking all people further, ending all diseases, solving all problems and replacing the fragmented problem ridden world of now with a high technology utopia where people jack their minds directly into networked computer systems, so that we can finally move beyond reading black dots on a screen, words, ideas, the screens are too slow, the video is faster than reading, but less organized, less creative, and lacks the ability to present complex ideas.

Writing Best

Writing is still our most powerful form of communication! Writing gives ideas a framework that enables the information to transcend time and space if the power stays on so the internet can grant democratized access to information about almost anything. I have some ginger root, and was looking for new ways to use it in the kitchen, Google was the solution to accessing cooking ideas, knowledge, inspiration!

Defending Truth

Stick up for what you believe in! This is your one life, your running out of time! Are you making a real positive difference in your own life or the lives of others? To what end are you toiling ? Hedonistic or intelligent? What will it take to unite all people, to solve all problems, to go where no one has gone before into deep space and beyond? We must start voting for a better future today, wit our feet, with our money, without voice, our ideas, encouraging others to embrace better ideologies!

Its a battlefield of mind friends, where everyone is thinking about something! I am certainly thinking about it! That is the point of this blog, to change the ideologies of other people who may honor my legacy by reading the content; hopefully ideas worth sharing! If during my life,  I am able to create any kind of positive meaningful changes in the lives of other people, then I would consider that life a victory!

Moon Hoax : Vaccine Confusion : 

Rhetoric + Misinformation : Lies + Stupidity : 

Talk about stimulating, a close friend told me about the moon hoax theories, propelling me to go on a mad campaign of evidence finding. After about 3 hours, I have amassed, observed, reviewed, written, published and shared the evidence. I even found the origin of the moon hoax theories, a bit published by the Hare Krishan in the late 1960's claiming that the moon is farther from Earth than the Sun, something from Hindu Mythology.

This goofy false information went on to inspire conspiracy theorists who do not understand science, photography, history or any of the related subjects to give them any credibly when talking about the Apollo moon landings or the evidence and documentation hitherto related. The theorists espouse fictional ideas that original in their unfounded fact devoid opinion, distrust of the government, and suspicious paranoia. I suspect many of the people that started the Moon Hoax theories took LSD too many times at higher doses, and I wrote about the psychological harm that LSD is able to cause by evoking latent mental illness in my recent article about alcohol being more dangerous than cannabis. While not physically harmful to the body, LSD can be harmful to the user by causing abstract thinking that results in risk taking behaviors, accidents and in some cases death when people mistakenly believe that they can fly while under the influence of LSD for example.

Anti Vaccine people are similar to the moon hoax folks. The people claiming that vaccines cause autism often do not understand anything about the immune system, anything about how vaccines work, any basic science or medical knowledge needed to inform and educated perspective, and their rhetoric is an affront and an insult to Dr. Jonas Salk, developer of the polio vaccine! The anit-vaccine propaganda is dangerous because it can give rise to viral outbreaks that defeat the vaccination programs via viral mutation in the bodies of people who do not get vaccines. The core of the anit-vaccine campaign theory centers around the use of mercury sterilizing compounds in multi-dose bottles of vaccines, a problem that was long ago solved with mass produced single use vaccines that are already widely used, that do not contain harmful stabilizer or preservative chemicals.

The internet is a mixed bag because it allows non-expert people to share information, and in many cases, people who have no idea what they are talking about share their opinions as if they were facts, informed without any science, without any facts, just stinky stupid opinions. Other people read this misinformation and accept it as true, perpetuating the spread of lies.

Widespread stupidity caused by atrocious failures in our education system  giving rise to a whole generation of unsophisticated confused people who no little about anything technical or scientific, who are over ridden by fear caused by a lack of understanding, their incompetence causing them to distrust anything that is not easy to understand. These same people feed their children foods coated in pesticides that cause cancer, they microwave food in plastic, their clothing drenched in BFR, and they have no ideas. Asleep, many of these vocal people who claim the moon landings were hoax or that vaccines cause autism, making absolutely terrible choices that harm themselves and their children all the time. How about some smog for breakfast, does it sound healthy to anyone to breath tail pipe pollution? I worry for our future because of widespread stupidity and a lack of understanding that God warned his people about "my people die for a lack of knowledge" in Hosea 4:6

I find sharing the truth stimulating, especially calling out liars, identifying misinformation, sharing the real information, setting the record straight, studying history and sharing the truth! When presented with these hoax theories, strong motivating emotions started to overwhelm my consciousness. I translated this negative energy into positive blog posting to cause other people to think more about what they are believing, saying, sharing: to encourage others to defend the truth!

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  1. The moon hoax people, the anti-vaccine people, the paranoid opinionated people who deny the truth, they worry me because they are probably not thinking about toxins in the foods they eat, tail pipe carcinogens they breath in traffic, the global economic problems associated with finite foreign oil, or other problems like the ballooning costs of health care, the lack of sustainable agriculture, the failures of hedonism, the speeding towards a cliff configuration of materialism, the dangers of crude single molecule prescription drugs, or a myriade of other important issues that have bearing on our future, on the lives of our children and grand children.

    Who cares if we have been to the moon or not, we are going back to the moon with robots with the Lunar X prize, and AUDI is sending a robot to the landing site of the Apollo moon missions. I am sure the paranoid of the world will claim that is a hoax too..... never fail to be amazed by the stupidity of some people! Blows my mind, I find some of their anti science perspectives deeply off putting!

    How are we supposed to move forward as a society if people are always preoccupied questioning the validity of history from the past. Lets focus on right here and NOW where we have the power to actually do something to make the world better!