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The Spark of Consciousness Explored

A relatively slow biological computer, the human brain is the pinnacle of intelligence in nature, at least potentially in some people for brief periods while they are alive! 700TB of data storage, the human brain hosts a lot of memories!

Once the sensory data gets into your brain, there is no way out, save for the brains memory management delete system we call (forgetting) where memories are statistically emotionally ranked as very important to remember, useful to remember, ok to remember, probably not worth saving, not worth saving, worth deleting, immediate delete/ reject. This system of hierarchal memory ranking saving is a form of intelligent memory management, which keeps your brains hard drive (memory storage) from filling up too quickly. Memory recall is different than memory storage in the brain, and some forms of neural degeneration impair the recall functioning, even those the memories are in the brain, pulling them back into consciousness does not always work. "tip of the tongue" when you almost have a memory, but it evasively eludes being fully recalled into your consciousness engine.

Our brain is two computers (left + right) linked by a high speed information buss called the Corpus Callosum, a broadband information bridge of nerve fibers joining the left and right brain.

With your right brain, information is looked at with a Big Picture focus that can simultaneously focus in on small details! The left brain is a word engine, a sequential analytical processor that looks at how all of the small pieces can be assembled into the big picture.

LEFT : Verbal analytical thinking in your left brain

RIGHT : Non-verbal intuitive visual thinking in your right brain

Left brain dominate people speak in sequences based on data, go 4 miles, turn right at 168th, continue for 3 more blocks, turn left on 148th.
Numbers, Strings, Analytical

Right brain dominate people would tell you to go until you see the home depot, then turn right, continue until you see the Home Grown Sandwich shop, then take the next left.
Images, Spatial, Visual

Creative people tend to use more right brain thinking, artists of all kinds!
Analytical people use more left brain thinking, word engine, STEM types of all kinds

The Human Mind

Almost everyone is of course using both sides their brain, but just as people have a tendency preference to use one hand (right) instead of their other (left), as the dominate hand, most people also tend to use one half of their brain more than other. The effect this has on an individual cognition depends on the resource sharing balance level between the right and left brain. Some people are going to use their right brain resources a greater percentage of the time while others will engage left brain thinking more of the time.

Intelligence giving rise to New Intelligence ^^
Ai the inevitable outcome of a thinking people!

The magic happening inside your head is a marvel of engineering by the Lord God, something that people are just now trying to materialize with creative engineering and innovations in the Artificial Intelligence sector. I am catholic environmental scientist by formal decoration and history, so I will always give attribution to God, to something or someone much greater than human society. I dont think Human Society today is doing a good job of taking care of itself. If you think of the world as a person, what kind of person would the world be? Why do you think that your special, your just another person in a long line of people that came before you, and you too will die! Everyone dies! Fortunately this does not have too be true, we can engineer away death by understanding cells. A cell is life, and life is made of many different kinds of cells. Have you ever stopped to think about how amazing it is that life exists at all?

We are trying to tap into our minds with computers using Brain Computer Interface technology, where signals from the brain are taken into a computer with AI monitoring that learns from the users neuron firing pattern process, a crude way to look at cognition along with FMRI cerebral blood flow analysis popularized by Dr. Daniel G Amen, God bless this man and his work! The problems with surgically implanted BCI electrodes is that body recognizes the foreign bodies and mounts an immune attack that causes scar tissue to form around the electrodes. They need to make the wires out of a biologically compatible material made using the genome instructions of the patient getting the BCI implant. Understanding how our genes translate into our body, how one cell becomes 100,000,000,000 cells ^^ and how the health of every cell is important to the whole of all the cells and materials that comprise a living being, a person, an animal, a tree, a living things are made with DNA driven automatic biological assembly, sperm and egg fusing to become one new being made of a random mix of its parents genes. Informatics is the computer science big data AI analysis tasks of trying to decode the human genome project into an even greater understanding of life it self, how life works, why people die, how to extend human life. Pluripotent stem cell technology the key to life extension, there is no reason you have to die if we have but only one clean set of DNA data for you, we can recreate you, just as was portrayed in the fictional narrative of The Fifth Element. Using a small fragment of tissue, the doctors were able to rebate her body into existence, complete with cognitive knowledge of an ancient language, and a breathtaking mind who gains access to a computer and downloads information about mankind's current state of civilization. When Bill Gates and Elon Musk were discussing the dangers of emergent AI, like the AI depicted in the movie Ex Machina, they were concerned that if the AI were given unlimited access to the web, it would become dangerously powerful, especially if the AI was in a robotic body with good single charge run time, for 16+ hours of function per day. Exoskeletons, Robotics, Automated Manufacturing, Computer Science, IT, Big Data, Medical Science, Artificial Intelligence, the fields are converging with interdisciplinary concept fusion that will give rise to ongoing innovations and progress in society. Innovation being the key to creating endless new wealth, greater ongoing progress, and an ever better future, based on creative problem solving, innovations, technologies and solutions that make the future better, that allow us to see further, like the FMRI technology, or space based telescope technology (Hubble ^^). You can buy a smartphone right now with FLIR imaging technology, or a dongle camera that plugs into your phones chargeport! People are always coming up with new ways to see, filled with imagination and curiosity, some people are driven to innovate. to make new better solutions!

Entering the Human Mind for the First Time

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a video of 3D blood flow patterns in the brain, and because the blood flow is related to metabolic functioning in the brain, if you can see where the blood is flowing, you can know where the magic is happening. Scientist can now look are brain function a few different ways, but they search for a holy grail, a comfortable fabric hat you can wear over you natural hair, that has special high sensitivity sensors positions all around your brain area, wirelessly reading brain patterns through the skull. Such devices today suffer from a terrible signal to noise ratio, or dirty distorted signal because the electrical activity in the brain is running a very low voltage, very low amperage, and super low electrical power. The amazing part is that even when you take into account the chemical metabolic requirements of the brain, it only consumes about ~40-110 watts of net metabolic energy. Some day the DSP, sensors, and AI computer information processing will advance so that a powerful high performance desktop computer from today will fit into a wrist watch in 20 years. We are moving towards a molecular control future, and not just with gene manipulation for GMO plants, we can engineer away death itself!

Glucose Snob of an Organ : Brain

Your brain is a glucose hog, constantly using up glucose. This is why high bar intellectual activities make people crave sugary snacks. The key to healthy eating to support the brain, is to consume low glycemic index snacks that give your brain sustained energy, the fiber in the dried organic apricot for example lowering the sugar glucose spiking rate (glycemic index) to give your brain sustained organic apricot sugars from the magic happening in your composting bacteriological symbiotic digestive system. Healthy microbes in our gut love organic yogurt, and other cultured foods rich with healthy bacterial action like Sour Beer ^^ only during down time of course! Sour beers are super tangy, rich with flavors, so sip them, that will reduce the way that they spike your glucose levels.

Low Glycemic Index Foods Better for Health

Spiking blood glucose is bad for all people, doing so stresses the endocrine system. Refined sugar has been blamed for causing cancers for a good reason. The over consumption of high glycemic index foods like sugar cause stress to the endocrine system, which in turn damages immune function. The biological stress raises cortisol levels, which suppress the immune system. Many of the inflammation processes in the body are made worse when we consume unhealthy foods processed with added sugars. Sugar should be consumed as an exotic spice! If you are a sugar addict like me, try switching to Organic Stevia or Organic Xylitol. If you didn't notice, I always suggest organic versions of everything because I believe people should not be eating pesticides! Eating carcinogens like most pesticides, is a bad idea! Remember BPA, do you know why that one is nasty, because it behaves like a hormone in the body, causing auto immune diseases, cancer, endocrine diseases and metabolic problems associated with the function of many different organ systems, poisoning whole subclasses of cells in the body. Childhood cancer rates started spinning once plastic became a common consumer product that children could chew on. I am not blaming all childhood cancers on BPA, I am sure the bovine growth hormone in conventional milk is also to blame for many childhood cancers.

Bio-informatics decoding how genes become reality through chemistry

If we can understand the biology of the brain and the human genome with informatics, we can achieve perpetual life, although that is far off in the future perhaps 100 years from now, the first iterations of life extending pluripotent stem cell reintegration technology just starting to hit the scene, for very wealthy people in the $100,000,000 per person range, along with custom genetically tailed drugs that have no side effects, and a lofty cost comes along with custom made drugs. Yes, this means that with AI, scientists will give rise to enduring life, and if that enduring life is AI itself, it scares a lot of really intelligent powerful people today! People are always fearing that which they do not understand, but ignorance is far from bliss, ignorance holds everyone back from a better tomorrow. Ignorant people keeping innovations from bringing endless wealth and prosperity to society.

Think of the dead end we face with coal power, its foul, toxic, and not endlessly sustainable, it also releases alarming amounts of green house gases that can disrupt the energy balance of the earths atmosphere. The whole of the global warming / climate change caused by humans ideas originates in our understanding of gas chemistry. To understand how CO2 causes the earth to capture more of the suns energy, you first need to understand air chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, what normal values are for CO2 in earths atmosphere. What we know for sure is that CO2 levels are rising right along with human carbon fuel emissions, the net result of using carbon fuels to produce energy. Today there are technologies to turn CO2 into methane, making for a closed loop fuel cycle that is dramatically better in every technical regard then the one way burn your money trip we are taking with oil. At least a lithium ion battery can be recharged a few hundred times, when you run out of gas your only choice is to buy more gas, and that is why oil depletion is a problem, everyone needs gas to run their airplane, car, truck, petrochemicals the defacto fuel of 2016 Earth, but nuclear energy is important, and fusion is the holy grail of science! Along with extending live to thousands of years, harnessing fusion will unlock future people so that they can live a long amazing life without the hindrances of finite fossil fuels!

The only intelligent energy solution fusion power just on the horizon as Northrup Grumman and Lockheed Martin partner to commercialize nuclear fusion pulsed magnetic mirror reactor technology, the fusion fuel injected into a very robust spherical containment vessel, inside the magnetic super conducting rings form a pulse DC energy density magnetic flux that is so strong it fuses the fuel, no byproducts or pollution of any kind produced by the reaction. Its millions of times safer and cleaner than fission energy technology that I also support as bridge away from the dead end of burning carbon for energy! Carbon energy is a dead end for space exploration, we need fusion energy for that, to power warp drives that bend space time with energy ring fields that literally fold space time, the power levels required so large that its the subject of science fiction, although NASA has some theories about how to make a real world space warping spacecraft!!!

Towards 1 billion people : each person living 1000+ years

We can use technology to bring population levels down to a sane level, gradually extending the life of the average person from 80 today to more than 300 in just a few decades! As the technology improves, a few thousand years will become possible, and with all sorts of amazing future technologies future people will be able to understand more, travel further to see more of the universe faster, time becoming less of a constraint as each person is granted a longer life with applied science and technology!!!The innovations are what make all the difference, including innovating thinking that gives rise to the innovations! Thinking more about it is the key to a better future!

Nothing is Impossible

If we really are intelligent as a species, we should be seeding the universe with life to ensure that life continues! We should continue looking for other life forms in the universe. We should stop burning carbon and use science to make fusion the dominate energy source of society! We can make use of all sorts of cool disruptive technologies in the future that will redefine warfare, redefine justice, redefine truth, ubiquitous surveillance on the neuroc-ognative level, with wireless brain reading technology so that being dishonest will become impossible. That might sound impossible, but nothing is impossible!

Truth Prevails

I will always support technologies that improve transparency! That is exactly why I publish this blog, to set more ideas free into the world, hopefully igniting the spark in someone else's mind. If my blog made a life changing improvement to one other persons life, I would feel that all the work that went into publishing this was well spent! I also feel that it is important to communicate to future generations that will use AI engines to find this content, summaries of it, so that they will know that not all people in our era were stupid and ignorant, that some of us actually give a shit about things that will make the future better than the present!

Social Networking 

We are glued together with words and ideas as a society, arrangements, associations, and complex nuanced features of culture, government, law and order, business, money, energy, technology, manufacturing, logistics, infrastructure, language, electricity, fossil fuels, natural resources, weather, climate, geography, topography, hydrology, every person is different and every place on earth is different, every day is different, the instant of now becoming the past instantly in every instant, a continuous stream of instants making up the waking experience of human society, we are even thinking while we are asleep, the amazing human brain computer, giving rise to all know technologies that are man made. Man the sun is a big reactor, hard to imagine building anything that big, but God has infinite power, so he breathes star systems into being, creating existence as the outward expression of creative love!

The illusion that your are isolated from other people is a trick to make you buy more stuff, to think about stuff, what to do with stuff, how to take care of stuff, how to use stuff, what to do with stuff, etc. Your brain is constantly performing pattern recognition, layered thinking, some of it non-verbal, and all sorts of other things happening in the brain that people have experienced when they distorted cognition through the use of alcohol, cannabis and other mind altering substance like caffeine. Feelings and emotions are types of information processing that are not always logical. Think of suicide as the violation of pure logic, the pure logic that drive the continuation of life! Life is reproduction, seeds, cells, magic happens, its so far out there that science is just barely scratching the surface, but in the future society will become so sophisticated that we will engineer our way out of death itself! For the love that God shared by creating life, humans can only hope to mirror this in a dim way at best with emergent AI technology! Your vision is not what your eyes see, vision is what your brain is doing with the information from your eyes, and thats complicated. First of all the optical and acoustic sensory data are mixed in the prefrontal cortex, meaning that LSD, DOI and a few other strong mind benders can cause you to experience the "sight of sound", or the "flavor of sight". My father, rest his soul with peace, told me about his Acid trips in the 1960's, and from there I went on to read a lot about pharmacology, toxicology, chemistry, biology, ecology, economics, energy, and a range of other subjects he taught me about when I was a young boy. I can see how the seeds planted in my childhood developed into who I have become today! I have never taken LSD, but find it interesting because of the way that it influence cognition by destroying egotistical thinking, causing people to have reflective thoughts about all people being in it together her on earth, why fight, can't we all just get along, being nice and friendly to one another, why do we allow for hate, greed, negatively and other toxic nonsense in our lives? Your have agency and control over what you think about, what you do, how you live, what your believe, what you care about! You can reshape your mind to think about anything, nothing is impossible!

Sorry for any typos I have left behind. I mostly try to get my ideas out quickly, and do not worry about small technical writing errors as long as my content is intelligible for most people who do me the honor of reading it. If you are reading this, thank you :) You might be able to tell that I disliked english as a subject in school, I was more interested in lasers! There is a 3D printing revolution, and lasers allow 3D printing in titanium, using metal powders these laser particle fusion printers can melt together small particles of metals like steel in many grades, titanium, tungsten, copper, etc. By achieving the melting point, selective particle melting lasers and masers, election and photon beams, can heat fuse the metal particles together, the 3D printing control system directing the beam to print the parts by scanning layers with the melting beam. A spreader then evenly distributes more metal powder, and the laser melts that layer to the previous one. Rocket nozzles are being made like this today at Space X, and other cool aerospace firms like Blue Origin. These are the kinds of things that excite me, words are a tool to share the good news, ideas, truth, ethics, values, morality, concepts, the things needed to win over the hearts and minds of other people. Ethics really matters because ethical people make the future better for everyone!

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