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Intentionally doing something because you are able, because you want to, because it is cool, fun, interesting, exhilarating, makes you smile, because you are alive, living in each moment as they fly into the past, forging your way into the future one instant at a time, choose wisely! 

A heady reflection on the ethics of life!

Do you have a purpose?
What is the meaning of life?
Why does life exist?
What are you here alive for?
What are you doing with your life?
Who are you?

Good & Bad

The world today is a mixed bag of good and bad! If you study history, it has always been like this. Today shared prosperity exists on a greater scale than ever before because of science and technology, innovations that gave us flushing toilets, smartphones with LTE, toothpaste, floss, GoreTex engineered membrane fabrics, polymers galore, hundreds of thousands of man made chemicals (drugs, dye, adhesives, lubricants, uv stabilizers, plasticizers, vulcanized rubber reinforced with kevlar, iMacs and broadband internet, a world of knowledge building, human forge our future as a civilization partially divided by war, crime, greed, hate, bigotry, ignorance and toxic negative thinking! Set yourself free to live more completely by embracing positive ideas, watch TED videos, think more, wake up and live! Surprise, your alive, what are you doing with your life?

Challenge Illegitimate Authorities

Do you accept what you have been told by others, or do you challenge to get to a deeper understanding, to the truth, to real empirical knowledge, the science that defines our abilities in technology, that defines our impacts on ecology, that defines our global economy, the energy distilled as a derivative in money, its funny how it all works, use that powerful abstract right brain lobe of yours to see the big picture and the small details at the same time!

Trivial Nonsense Does Will Not Matter in the Future

Who cares about the outcome of a sporting event that will be long forgotten 50 years from now, do you really think future people will give a shit about athletic events today if we completely disturb earths atmosphere with carbon emission that cause run away climate change, with pollution that fouls all air and all fresh water. Wake up! Hello, what are you doing? What are you voting for with your money? What do you think that you know? Do you think your opinions matter?

We Choose Our Future

Together we choose the direction that civilization is heading, we are making choices all the time that affect our future outcomes. Look at risk analysis and insurance, look at finance and accounting, the rise and fall of large corporations, booms and busts in the economies of the world, the rise and fall of nation states, the fragmentation of language and currency, the disparity between the rich and the poor, 7 billion people all alive at the same time, the beat of human life on a Giga scale, all repeating broken concepts that take us no where faster, while people desperately want a better tomorrow for their children. A people who unknowingly feed their babies food drenched in pesticide residue, while their slightly older toddlers chew on plastic toys that bombard their young bodies with toxic hormone like plastic chemicals as their saliva leaches these toxins from the plastics. Ignorant people so stupid that some of us run gasoline generators in doors and then die from CO poisoning, very well done society! Good job educating people! NOT

Inefficiency Everywhere

I am not sure where we completely dropped the ball as a civilization, but government are less efficient than ever before, crime is still a huge problem, and preventable diseases are the MainStage of healthcare today, with crude side effect heavy drugs the answer of a broken medical system over run by a litigation society, ignorant doctors that prescribe toxic drugs that harm people, like Vioxx. I wonder if all the stupid duplicity in government is there just to create jobs? hmmm

Rare Earth Mining Disaster

If you think I am being negative, go read about the rare earth town of Baotou China, where almost half of the worlds rare earth metals are mined in the Bayan Obo.

Negative Things in the World So Common! ?

How about the prevalence of animal cruelty? Slave labor? Rape? Human rights violations? Identity Theft? Corruption? Wow, we are really doing a good job huh!

Hard To Listen to the Truth ?

I can hear the crowd booing me at TED talk if I said the above, but I do not care! I will not stand by silently without at least speaking out against this sick crap we have in the world since I do not support it, and almost cannot believe that all of the decent people in the world allow the crooks to get away with it.

Innovation the Key to a Brighter Future

I am hopeful that society will embrace technology that makes the police even more effective at preventing, stopping, and eliminating violent crime, keeping the peace, public servants, with an honest, smaller, intelligent government in the future, with exceptional people in power, not lazy crook liars that cheat to get to the top, taking bribes along the way, Congress for sale!

Ignorance is Bad for Everything

Ignorance is the reason all the bad things continue! We could make life better for everyone if we made everyone alive today more intelligent! To whose benefit is it to keep society apathetic and stupid as a whole? Oil companies? Big Agro Chem? Big Pharma? Big Chemical? Why not turn these companies around to become positive partners to collaborate to make a better future? Put honest people in charge of these companies so that fair competition can bring innovations, shared prosperity, wealthy, intelligence and progress to all future people, a brighter tomorrow. What is holding us back? The ideologies of people. Look at the dumb crooks running ISIS for an example. They want to drag everyone back to the year 1410, and that is messed up. I hope God punishes ISIS with the US military until we drone strike everyone of those perverted jerks into the ground!


Speak out, at your school, at parties, at church, at dinner, with family, with friends, wake each other up and think about it! What are you doing today to forge the future tomorrow ? 

A Quest for Truth

I am on a quest to find the truth in life and share it with everyone! I want transparency to make freedom ring louder than ever before! I want to use my words to stir people up, inspire and incite them into doing something to change their evil ways, selfish thinking, and I am a selfish hypocrite liar myself. I struggle to be honest, fair, reasonable and kind. I am a twisted sick person deep down, but at least I care about trying to be a good person, and I try every day to honor God, praise be his Holy Name. I would be a lost person without my faith in Christ Jesus. It is from my faith in God that my love for life emanates, the origin of my virtues in Christianity, the ideas, concepts, Holy Word that Lord God, praise be his named shared with humans through the writing of other intelligent people from the past, in the distant past. The Living Word exists today because the words it contains are powerful, so powerful they can win over the heart and mind of anyone who engages faith completely, and here on this blog, I confess my sins, kneel, and humble myself before the Lord, Heavenly Father please forgive me, I love you Lord, your Amazing, my Healer, my Teacher, my Father, Father God your above all, all powerful, all knowing, ever present, Praise be to your Holy Name!

Impossible to Know Everything

Truth, no one has the absolute truth, science is revisionary by empirical design, people always challenging to understand more. We are moving into the molecular control age with GMO, and custom tailored drugs, life extension, fusion reactors, 5G LTE, and information big data so outlandish that the AI we give birth to will exceed the neurocognitive performance of any person, will become a super intelligence that is a slightly brighter dim reflection of God than a person :)

Anything is Possible

God tells his people that we can do ANYTHING if we put our minds on it! ANYTHING!
Bend space time and warp across the universe. Solve Cancer. We can even engineer away death in the future by collaborating in medicine, science, genetics, informatics, chemistry, interdisciplinary fusions of ideologies and knowledge, pushing the cutting edge forward, new innovations and better technology, tomorrow will be brighter with lights that use less power while cranking out more photons longer, LED FTW!

The Electric Vehicle Revolution

Electric vehicles will replace the tail pipe funk of yesteryear with Tesla Model S P100D technology that redefines the transportation sector, with AI self driving car sharing that allows group ownership of a vehicle that can be duty cycled 24.7. Today most privately owned vehicle sit idle for 22 hours per day or more! Especially boats, aircraft and leisure vehicles like motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, etc

Calling out Evil and Destroying it with Good Clean Honest Technology

We can blast away evil with light, breaking down evil systems and replacing them with positive progress, to lift each other up with the truth, with edification, education, infotainment, progress, innovations that excite! Go beyond what is possible today, Dream Bigger, We are going to go further, faster, with more fun and excitation. The future will be very exciting as well phase out corruption and evil from the world with Ubiquitous Surveillance that holds everyone in public accountable, AI engines helping the police to identify the wrong doers. I already installed an AI supported camera system in my home, and I will vote for that change in society so that criminals are held accountable, punished, and processed. If someone tries to hurt me, they will die! I keep a gun on my person at all time, waiting for bad people to show up because of what I have posted online, calling out the crooks of the world, evil sick people who should die. The death penalty is awesome! Down with evil people, they do not deserve to live!


I mean nothing is impossible, we can defeat gravity, build space elevators, colonize the moon and mars, with fusion energy we can do things that sound impossible!

Energy & Matter
The universe, and everything in it, is made of Energy, even matter itself is made of energy E=MC^2


Information is made of energy
Thoughts are made of energy
Movement is energy
Food is energy
Money is energy
Chemistry is energy
Physics is energy
Science is knowledge, organized energy
Life is made of highly organized DNA knowledge
The universe is so vast it is hard to comprehend, lots of dark energy!

Our eyes are blind to most of the electrodynamic spectrum, which extends infinitely in both directions, our tools are just limited yet, and we can only see parts of the spectrum, an infinite spectrum of energy. We are chasing light, the speed of light defining time, everyone running out of time that no one can buy back without special life extending technology, pluripotent stem cell reintegration that rolls back the clock on aging, giving extended life. With technology we will extend the lives of people who want to keep living, obliterating every disease that causes people to die, by understanding each CELL in the body more completely, cell health the key to an organism survival continued existence, but today, everything that is alive ends up dying. This does not have to be true! We can genetically engineer out the Telemere chain in each cell so that they continue to make new copies, and we can even insert clean copies of the DNA that have not been corrupted by ionizing radiation from the sun, nuclear waste./ testing/ reactor fallout, natural radiation from the ground and other sources of damaging energy that cause chemical dislocations in our gene strands that the cells use as a recipe to replace a dying cell with a new copy, continuing the life of the organism as long as the cells can make clean copies, aging the consequence of damage to the DNA instruction, bad copies that cause building error in our cell systems as we become old. The answers to living forever can be found in Cell science.

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