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Neurological Constellation Formation : Building a Better World by Uniting Good People :

Make the pledge to make A Better World for everyone!

Clean Technology, Ecology, Life Extension, Harm Reduction, Ethics, Values, Ideologies worth thinking about! Innovations that improve the world for everyone! Technologies that reduce pollution, because pollution causes harm to everyone. We are all in it together here on earth, lets start working together to build a better tomorrow!

I care about life, all lives matter, and we can make the world a better place for all people now, for all future people. We can unite with love and clean technologies aimed at reducing pollution to reduce the harm caused to all lifeforms by pollution. Capitalism is working with eco-friendly solutions that are exciting, at least you can finally buy organic foods! We are making progress!

Pollution is an Externality:
The outsourcing of someones shortsighted greed via poisonous pollution that harms the health of all living beings, your children, pets, friends, family, the people you love, pollution is even bad for the people who cause the pollution.

Evil sick thinking is the root cause of pollution and all other problems, Satanic ideologies, intense selfishness, negativity, greed, corruption, lies, inequity, bigotry, hatred, fear, animosity, none of these are good, they are all evil, designed to hold you back by ruining your life. Pollution is the result of evil thinking. Even distracted thinking can cause us to make more mistakes. We can raise the bar in the world by each being accountable to life itself, by thinking about God, and why life exists, the creative love and expression of the most powerful, most intelligent, most creative, ever present Lord God who reigns supreme above all, in all the universe, known and unknown, through all existence, the supremacy of God beyond questioning by finite minds of hypocrite people, all of us imperfectly made perfect as a reflection of God, a small spark by comparison to his sun light power, warmth, might, power, life, the sun is a good metaphor for what God must be like, radiating life with power and light!

George Westinghouse was an exceptional guy who tried to solve problems that affected real people all over the world! Elon Musk cares about making the world a better place. Bill Gates the billionaire founder of Microsoft cares about making the world a better place. Lets unite and form an alliance to make the world better for everyone.

I almost believe in a Pseudo Scientific concept!

Minds connecting wirelessly using brain organs that can emit and receive ideas, when your brain is in close proximity to someone you love, they can see your dreams at times while you are dreaming, and they know what you dreamed about. This connection between minds, like so many other things is outside the scope of scientific explanation. It is miraculous and probably a Holy Blessing from God! Praise be to God for all life, for all existence, for the time he has given me in this world! The thing is no one has all the answers, not even super intelligent AI will help us to have all the answers. We can solve cancer, but I am not sure we can turn everyone living into a good person, that might be a little more ambitious than ending cancer, even more ambitious than engineering out way into an everlasting life of endlessly resenting cells, with high technology sufficient to produce molecular machinery that can repair DNA errors, we are going there right now!

Innovations that Excited the Past

Liquid Hydrogen a powerful clean burning rocket fuel, but also a series of related ideas, how to cool gases, store the liquified gases, use the cryogenic fluids, to store life, to go deep into space, to redefine humanity and our civilization!

We live in a cryogenic capacity world, cryogenic super cooling made possible well over 100 years ago! The Dewar used to hold liquid Hydrogen invented in 1898 by James Dewar, a triple walled vacuum flask made of glass.

The Original 1898 James Dewar Vacuum Flask
Today a cryocooler is made in small quantities, by specialty machine manufacturing technologies that make them cost prohibitive for normal people to use at home in the kitchen. The same problem exists for freeze drying at home, the machines that can freeze dry foods, too large and expensive, using tons of energy, they are not feasible for normal people to use at home. There are limited to what we are able to do burning gas, coal, oil, etc, the carbon finite energy era that we find ourselves in, breathing shared air we collectively make toxic with pollution, as more people in more places start driving cars with an engine-tailpipe. Electric cars are not a perfect solution, but the Tesla Model S is awesome!

We can mass produce cryocoolers, but their use is complicated and dangerous, the liability of selling them to the public makes a legal problem, a big safety issue, and so a machine has to be designed that is failsafe, one that cannot harm people if it is used by a reasonably sane person in a sane way. Generator manufacturers cannot be held responsible when people run gasoline generators in unventilated indoor spaces, dying of CO poisoning if they do, because we can limit liability, but cryogenic fluids can destroy your hand instantly, for example if you had a wide mouth dewar full of liquid nitrogen, and you put you hand in it for 10 seconds, it would flash freeze your hand, destroying all your hand tissue, killing your hand, and the boiling cloud of nitrogen gas created by the heat in your hand would likely also asphyxiate you if your not careful. There are many forces that keep cool innovations out of the hands of normal people, who might do amazing new things, if people even knew about cryocoolers. We have failed as a society to educated each other enough! The greedy evil people are often also incredibly stupid! Good luck getting Donald Trump to explain how a cryocooler works, he can't even keep business in business, and claims to be a business expert, what a load of coal dust lung disease ruin and decay to elect someone of such a character. Why not elect someone exceptional like Elon Musk or Bill Gates?

Cell science the key to solving Cancer! Genetically tailored drugs without side effects, the cure to all STD's, the cure to Diabetes, the cure to all diseases that harm people, with innovations that excite, real progress. The mind is a battlefield that can be won over by the good in everyone, to ignite the spark of cognition deep in the soul of each person, to incite passion with love, fun spirited optimistic upbeat positivity, solutions that allow everyone to benefit! Lets work together to make the world a better place by thinking really hard about how to do it, then actually voting with our feet, voting for change with our wallet, for organic safer foods, for non-toxic products, for the right way, the better way of doing things! There is a way to end crime, solve pollution, end all economic problems, the key is to win over the hearts and minds of every person! Through the dissolution of ego, you can turn a bad person into an amazing person! We can reshape the world by reshaping each other with powerful ideas! This is why faith is so powerful, it reshapes the minds of those who engage it! It is the ideologies we hold that reshape the future in every passing moment! Every choice you make has a consequence, often a complicated one that is hard to understand, like the harm caused by tail pipe emissions! Cancer from inhaling carcinogenic traffic fumes and particles, the tail pipe fumes often optically clear and invisible to our eyes, plastics off gassing as the sun heats the inner plastics in our cars. We can do better than off gassing plastics, there is a better way than BPA or BPS, we can innovate bio-plastics that are totally non-toxic, biodegradable, safe, natural, organic, sustainable.

A billion dollar satellite program in 2016 : the hardware!
Launched Sept 8th, it will bring back material from an astroid!  
See the thing is we are making progress with science, innovative technologies, pushing to understand the universe, the human spirit is amazing, the way we toil to make cool things happen, the hard work and knowledge to make it happen, the cultures that cultivates intelligence reigning supreme in the future! The cultures that cultivate innovators, creators, inventors, scientists, doctors, intelligent people to do more, to go further, to see farther, to see smaller, to move with greater precision, to cool to lower temperatures, to come up with news ways to make and use energy. We are amazing, but everyone is also flawed. People are a mixed bag of good and bad, the battlefield of the mind not always won by the good in people, we all make mistakes, we all fail, no one is perfect. Arrogance is knowledge without compassion! We can do much better then that! Egotistical people are crazy, why do they think they are so special? No one is worth more than anyone else, that is what my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ taught me through God's Living Word!

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