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Galaxy Note 7 exploding while charging : recalled

It might be IP68 rated for water resistance, but some have
exploded while charge = immediate recall from Samsung!
If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, immediately contact your cellular carrier or the retailer who sold you the phone and procure a free replacement Note 7 as soon as possible! 

Long ago, Samsung made phones with user replaceable batteries, and a case back that popped off where you could add mods to the phone. That has gone the way of mirror glass surfaces sandwiching a metal frame these days, thinner the name of the game apparently!

Thin Game in Consumer Electronics Designs!

A 9.8mm thick laptop called an ACER Swift 7, that I saw in a video yesterday, sporting 7th Gen Intel Kabylake cpu action, the Acer Spin 7 more appealing then even the Swift 7 for sober buyers!

Acer Swift 7 : 9.8 mm thick! 3.5mm Head Phone Jack!
Take that Apple, you can fit 3.5mm audio ports into thin shapes!
Sober Choice : Acer Spin 7

Light, thin, efficient, less materials, longer battery life, smaller fewer fans, more touchscreen brightness touch the internet action with the productive versatility and full computer capacity of a windows machine. You can play Steam, Edit Photos, Make Work Documents, Design Software, Manage Accounting + Inventory, Facebook, Youtube, Pandora, the computer in its laptop form is the highest powered most functional most versatile tool every made, imbued with millions of collective cumulative R&D hours, we build these devices today on shoulders of technological giants like Robert Noyce of Intel. I wish I could have had the pleasure of working with him, even if for only a short while!

I already switched to a phone that lacks a swappable batteries, the sapphire screen rugged Kyocera Brigadier (picture bellow) endorsed by Bear Grylls and available on Verizon Wireless in the USA, its built in wireless charging helped to sway me away from abandoning android for an iPhone! At the end of the day this Brigadier is an OK phone that is very rugged! I like washing it when I am washing my hands to keep it clean! I have rolled with this model of phone since Oct of 2015, I got the last one they had in stock at the closest local Verizon Wireless Store! The box looked jacked up, and getting the Data from my Note 3 onto this phone was a gyration of confusion that I figured out in 2 hours! Smooth sailing, it is the jack of all trades smartphone computer, but only master of rugged screen tech! Which is awesome! Previously large clear windows of sapphire were only used as specialized windows in Science, Defense, Aerospace, and other big budget applications! For $399 this was not a bad deal!

Kyocera Brigadier "Rugged Android Verizon Phone"
Sapphire Screen : Wireless Charging :
IP68 & MIL-STD-810G

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