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Patented Molecules < Patenting Bio Mimicry Combinations

Voltaire wrote about the failures of single compound modified isolate patent molecule pharmaceuticals hindered by side effects! 

"Physicians pour drugs of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, into humans of which they know nothing"  

I found this quotation in an amazing book, the link below is hyperlinked to Amazon so you can pick up a paper or e-book copy. 

Health and Healing: The Philosophy of Integrative Medicine

By Andrew Weil

Instead of patenting drug molecules, move to patenting mixtures of molecules that work together to minimize harmful side effect, improve (increase) the therapeutic ratio, making safer drugs that are more effective, less harmful, and even more profitable. Genetically tailored drugs may be the future of medicine, but in the interim lets move away from crude isolates to mixtures of isolates that mimic natures safer way.

The Better Way

The pill pushing doctors of today have been blinded by two generations of medical schools that missed the beat on natural safeguards in plant  from which many drugs are derived, the sole focus on a single"most active" isolate that could be purified into a white powder, chemically modified into a novel molecule and patented. There is a better way with bio-mimicry, using the science of biology, botany, and pharmacology to create an interdisciplinary fusion class of drugs that have a wider margin of safety, fewer side effects, and better performance. Get your chemists inspired to take another look at the solutions present in nature in order to develop better products that more people will like!

Better Pharmaceuticals

Everyone want therapeutic medicines that work properly, without side effects. Lets work together to enhance the pharmaceutical industry with the best of naturopathic knowledge, combinations of drugs that combine multiple plant extracts from a given medicinal plant into a mixed form with the precision of modern chemistry and medicine, without all the side effect of crude single isolate drug derivatives. When drug companies isolate a molecule to patent from a medicinal plant, they are missing the other synergistically active components in the plant that have greater therapeutic value with the targeted "active" isolate. Rather than patenting molecules, it would be better to patent formulations that improve on the plants natural spectrum of compounds, compounds that work with the primary active compound to produce a safer, more effective drug combination.

Endless Life

The science of biochemistry, the human genome, informatics to decode how genes are transcribed into the proteins that make up life, how the proteins fold to assemble cells, how prions affect cells, how viruses work, how to use totipotent stem cells to solve cancer, we are forging an amazing future in medicine with core cell sciences that will unlock the fountain of youth! This frontier of industry wide medical innovations will give rise to tremendous new and emerging market opportunities. Some of the angle investors in life extension technologies, billionaires who want to live forever. The fruits of their labors seen in whole research institutions devoted to solving cell death, understanding the biochemistry of life so that we can make safer GMO foods, enjoy better therapeutic drugs, making the future of medicine more effective, safer, removing the stigma of prescription drugs so that even hardened eco-fanatics will believe. Creating evidence and proof that no reasonable person can deny, technology is the lever of riches!

You Cannot Deny the Effectiveness of Pure Isolates

Cocaine as a concentrated extract of the coca leaf is way more potent as drug than chewing the leaves of the coca plant, or brewing up Mate De Coca tea from coca leaves. The natural leaf does not have any of the problems that cocaine has created in civilization. By concentrating the major active part of the coca plant, the minor active parts are lost, the effect of cocaine stronger and more crude than the parent mixture of secondary and tertiary alkaloids present in the coca leaf. The insulins that my wife takes for diabetes are remarkably effective. One short acting to cover carbs and sugar from food, one long acting to stabilize blood glucose levels through the day & night, the innovations here are remarkable, and they keep Meg alive, for these insulins I feel greatly appreciative of the companies that produce insulins. Pure ethanol, "everclear" or moon shine, as a concentrated distilled isolate, is far more potent than beer or wine with out all of the other health promoting components in beer and wine. Cannabis concentrates are more potent then dried marijuana flowers, but the use of concentrated extracts are more likely to cause overdose problems, tolerance formation, and increase the abuse potential. Caffeine as a molecule is not coffee or tea, and if you take caffeine pills, thats different than drinking organic coffee! Organic coffee is loaded with health promoting substances that improve mental function, not just caffeine.

Patent Technology not the Molecules

No one can patent water, but fresh water is being lost to water pollution, the processes and technologies to clean up grey or salt water into pristine quality drinking water where the opportunities exist for patenting, profit, and economic opportunities. Look at what RO technology has done to create business opportunities for water purification technology. The Slingshot vapor pressure distillation being developed by Kamen Technologies another amazing business opportunity for water purification technology. Panted the process, not the product. This is another technique that pharmaceutical companies can use to improve their margins in future emerging markets!

I wrote the above after reading a Kindle copy chapter of the amazing book referenced in the header.
I also found this book on Google Books  < hyperlink (click to access the book online)

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