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Digital Extensions of You Online

You likely exist as a digital extension of yourself outline. Every time you use a search engine, your IP address and what you searched for paints a picture of who you are. If that was done on your smartphone, the extension goes even deeper. 

Elon Musk was recently interviewed to ask him about the most important technologies that young scientistsand engineers should be working on to improve society. He mentioned that we already exist as digital extensions of ourselves online, and certainly if you have a Facebook account or Twitter account, and have ever posted anything, you definitely have a digital footprint that is demonstrative in at least some capacities of who you are and what you think about.

To prove that the simple act of searching online creates a digital extension of you, look no further than browser cookies, meta-data, Siri integration, Cortana integration, Alexa integration, Facebook AI, or Goggle Search bot crawler AI; when we use these "free" digital assistant services, "free" search engines" and any network connected computer, we are knowingly or unknowingly creating a digital footprint that can be used to understand who we are.

Companies that sell products and services are very interested in understanding who you are, what you are interested in, what you care about, this way they can market products and services directly to you with targeted marketing to present you with relevant adds for stuff that you will likely be interested in, according to the AI that Amazon uses to create product suggestions, or that Netflix uses to create media suggestions. The digital extension of you goes beyond social networking and search engines, your smartphone is a spy satellite, and if you do not lock down your settings, companies will also know where you live, where you work, your daily travel routes, where you shop, what you buy. The more you integrate digital services into your live, the deeper you go into the real of creating a detailed complex digital extension of your mind, in computer networks, online, digital extensions of you!

When you take your digital camera out and shoot photos, then upload them to Flickr, an AI engine on flickers servers looks at your photos and understands the contents of each photo, so that you can say "flower pictures" and any picture with a flower that you uploaded will be presented to you as a search result of your content. Facebook uses some really advanced AI to tag people, to understand who is in the images, how people are associated to one another, and other complex attributes about you and who you are connected to.

Go back in your mind to the 1960's when scientists and philosophers were thinking about integrating our limbic system into specialized cyborg space suits that automatically would allow fragile humans to survive travel in dangerous manned space exploration and colonization missions in the future.

Today the ideas of a cyborg has evolved towards visions of computer brain interfaces that amplifies  cognitive faculties happening in our cortex, where the creative, intelligent problem solving innovations in thought happen, where the real magic in our mind is happening that sets humans apart from all the other animals on earth!

The confluent overlap between artificial neural network development and brain science research is a positive information feedback loop. Computers allow people to share ideas in layered collaborative iterations, allowing engineers at Apple for example, to all work together to design the next iPhone. AI is used to coordinate the employee activities at large corporations to leverage the collective power of all the employees. Even the AI reminders present in digital calendars completely reworking the ways that people are able to operate in complex schedules. Long hours and hard work are required to make something exceptional today.

The bar has been raised in terms of the barriers to entry into an existing well developed market place. Consider the challenges that Elio is facing to bring their 84 mpg car to market. Expensive, time consuming, and plagued with complex risk, Elon Musk thought that Tesla had a high probability of failure when he joined Tesla Motors, an electric vehicle company started in 2003 to bring the modified carbon fiber electric Lotus Elise vehicle, the Tesla Roadster to market. A forked development of principles and techniques developed by AC Propulsion, a high performance long range electric sports car, the T-Zero predated the Tesla Roadster, and was no doubt a example that Tesla drew from in many ways to develop the roadster. Forward ahead to today and Tesla is building Model S' in California.

I was watching a movie called The Black Road, where the protagonist was modified with an AI cartridge brain implanted named "Clive" that inserted behind his ear. It would talk to him directly through his mind, having access to thoughts and sensory IO from the body, the AI was able to do complex medical analysis when the protagonist was injured. Because the AI was a military project, it was not able to help the protagonist commit felony acts. You have to watch the content to see what I am talking about. We can see many other examples of AI assistants in media, and they exit today in our lives with Siri, Cortana, Alexa and more. We are already moving towards self driving cars, thinking drones, and deep learning computers in many different applications.

Even toys like the Furby have a complex artificial intelligence engine, one that gave the NSA a scare that turned out to be unjustified, back when the Furby was initially launched around the year 2000. The NSA was worried that the Furby would listen to classified information, and then Parrot the information outside the security of the NSA buildings, potentially creating a security vulnerability by exposing classified information to people without the correct clearances. The Furby was not a threat, now NSA employees are allowed to have them at work! Fast forward to today, and Amazon has Cosmo, a $180 toy that resembles the fictional robot Wall-E, it leverages a users smartphone to connect to a cloud computing platform, via a bluetooth link to the users phone. That means children need a smartphone (old one over wifi ok) to make the little Cosmo work to is most enjoyable potential. This means the AI driven toy is leveraging the existing high performance computing power in the app connected phone, and a cloud computer platform that the app connects to using the phones wireless internet. The Fleet of Tesla vehicles does the same thing, operating life a hive, all connected to a central cloud computing platform, where engineers take the fleet data and use it to train the Autopilot AI engine which is ultimately packeted and sent out as a software update to all the Tesla cars.

The digital extension of you online and the emergence of thinking machines are deeply related! The brain computer interface that will allow your brains cortex to fuse with a computer, will harness an AI engine so that the computer can develop a custom IO exchange protocol that is uniquely matched to your individual brain, your unique thoughts, to you! Today brain imaging techniques are used to advance our understanding of biological neural networks. As we dig deeper into understanding the human brain and mind, more ideas will be shared that informed bonging innovations in artificial intelligence technology.

I believe that Science Fiction media is a barometer of interest that people have in future technologies. I believe that science fiction media generates interest in advanced technologies, inspiring young people to become scientists and engineers. We all get our ideas from someone else. The human brain starts out practically thinking with a blank slate in the cortex. Think about how a baby develops from a single cell, and how all the systems of the body emerge from the genetic instructions in that single original cell. Now think about how Stem cells work to create our immune system. Now think about how the human immune system can be used to solve cancer, to solve many diseases that have the origin in immune system malfunctions. Biologic medians have the ability to solve all kinds of cellular problems that are the molecular cause of all diseases. Genetic manipulation of our genes, even while we are alive, is the key to life extension technology!

Solving Terrorism

Speaking of the NSA and thinking machines, think about how cool it is that big meta-data is being harnessed to find terrorists! While Edward Snowden was angry about the collection of data from everyone, the reality paints a much brighter picture. The DOD and US government has the safety of the American people at the core of its interests in the War on Terrorism. We have to use technology to defeat ISIS and the radical ideologies of Islamic states that want to punish all Christians to death. While Islam may be about peace at its core, we have to understand more to understand why they want to defeat Christianity. The Arabic culture and Islamic ideologies are the only society that escaped European imperialism.

The rest of the world has been strongly influenced in all cultural dynamics by the exportation of western ideologies, mostly originating in the UK. Today I speak English because of imperialist actions of the UK hundreds of years ago, I think as a person in feet, miles, inches, imperial measurements that came from the UK, as a college educated scientist I also think about measurements in metric. I want Metric to win over as the standard, not imperial measurements. The existence of the imperial measurement systems is evidence of European imperialism, and its effect on the world as a whole. Our consumption of coffee, tea, sugar, drugs, explosives, rockets, oil almost all modern technology started out in Europe. Remember that it was Anglican people who taught the arabs how to mine oil! We can thank Arabic Scholars from the middle ages for protecting knowledge that ultimately gave rise to all the science technology engineering and mathematics fields that eventually went on to create the high renaissance in Europe, where people like Issac Newton developed calculus, powerful concepts about the areas under plotted curve functions, used extensively in all engineering, a few power ideas about quantified rate change ultimately give rise to space exploration!

I used AI search engines to find all this information about the history of Islamic Culture. I spent countless hours in college reading about the history of science and technology. The confluent developed of interdisciplinary subjects like neurosynaptic CPU design, nothing more than the fusion of other well develop ideas being shared between people who are working hard to solve difficult big data problems. Today the Neurosynaptic chip can turn 2.5 watts of power into trillions of calculations per second, order of magnitude more efficient at handling big data than the Van Neumann architecture present in almost all digital computers today. We are boldly heading towards a very interesting future!

Islamic culture will ultimately fade, people in the countries have already started adopting materialism, the slippery slope that will take then down the dark road to the realization of concepts exported by imperialist historical actions of European countries. America exists because of European ideologies, people who moved to America from Europe, bringing ideas and viruses that the Native Americans had never seen before. The Virus's that Europeans brought to America wreaked havoc on natives, they lacked the antibodies needed to mount a proper immune response, many falling victim to biological warfare before that concept was even a commercial reality.

Today islamic states have a tricky economic situation because their primary source of income come from exporting oil. The oil market low at the moment, a supply glut, production costs with fracking all the way down to $19 per barrel. Canadians alone sit on 55,000 square miles of bitumen, a substance that can be chemically converted to hydrocarbon fuels like gasoline with "cracking" technology. Oil is actually manufactured in the crust, and we can pump organic matter into hot parts of the crust to make more oil. You have to cook organic matter at 300 deg F at several hundred PSI for about 10-30 years in order to make more crude oil. We mine oil today much faster than the earth produces it using this hot pressure cooking of compost fluids in the mantle of earths crust heat process.

We can defeat islamic states by embracing new energy technologies that go beyond finite constraints and problems created by importing foreign oil from countries that Hate America. I think I understand why Islamic countries hate America. They think that Christians are hypocrites, who blaspheme God constantly, young women in America dressing like street hookers, the Islamic leaders are afraid that women would get equal rights if they adopt western ideology. The Islamic leaders are worried that Christian western society will export ideological harm that could ruin the culture of Islamic countries. They are worried that we will use science and technology to destroy that which they consider most holy. When we dial down to the core of the issue causing war in the world today, it really boils down to the ideologies of people, the cultures of countries reflective of what the people in a country care about, what they value, what they believe in! If we want to realistically end terrorism, we have to win over the hearts and minds of islamic people the world over. It is really a battlefield of the mind that we are trying to win.

Moving towards one world government, one world currency, one world language, standards across earth, a unified global internet, unified global energy grids, unified shipping, global supply chains, international collaboration, the world never sleeps, we can leverage the continuous awake state of mankind to move everyone alive further with science and technology. Innovations are the level of riches that will set mankind free to explore space in new ways, to go to Mars and beyond! It is western ideologies that are also causing most of the pollution that is bad for life in the world, including the polluted ideologies that cause vain shallow materialism and the decay of families, people growing apart, fixated on money and stuff, the real value is in our friends, people who share our ideologies. Even when people have different ideologies, we all have a lot in common. Every one uses the bathroom. Most people have 10 fingers on two hands, and brain that is amazing. Everyone breaths shared air with everyone else, no one owns the atmosphere. We are all in it together, and if we can galvanize people to unite, we can end the war on terrorism, use the money that would be spent fighting war to build better infrastructure for tax payers, better schools, better medicine, better government, better energy, better food, better everything!


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