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Kind Words Make all the Difference

You can lift other people up with positive edifying words or tear other people down with negative condemning words! 

People are connected by social networks of communication, informal associations, friendships, relationships, made of words that were shared, ideas shared, common goals, when we collaborate everyone wins! 

Nice guys finish first, check out this youtube video ^^ 

When people work together, they make more progress, they do better work, they forgive each other more easily, teams are always strong then the sum of the individuals. There is something about collaboration that allows the different knowledge and skills that people have to fuse when to actively communicate, sharing powerful ideas aimed at creating solutions, for the mutual benefit of the whole team!

Meg and I are a team, we call it marriage, we love each other and work together to make our lives possible. We do better as team then either of us would have done alone. There is power in groups, teams, partnerships, friendship, relationships, and it starts with words, words that people speak to each other, words that people hear, to listen is to understand. When we read something, the black lines produce words in our mind, and those words have meaning which we derive in the sentences to produce understanding. This is the basis of consciousness in the human world. Animals in nature do not write books. We are definitively the most thoughtful species, but that is a double edged sword. Nuclear weapons are the outcome of the thoughts of some people, and not exactly a rose colored image of kindness or love. There are bad people in the world, the cause of badness so complicated that it far outside the scope of this posting.

At any rate, some people are really bad, and deserve to be put to death. This is why the death penalty exits, and death penalties have been around for a long time in society, in fact the death penalty is ancient tradition of holding wrong doers ultimately accountable with their life! I like the death penalty. I feel bad when innocent people are wrongly convicted and executed, but there are a lot of bad people who deserve the electric chair! ISIS for example, is composed of hate filled angry mean people who hate everyone who does not align with their deranged cause. ISIS's members want to drag all of society back to the year 1410, when women had no rights, when gay people were killed for being gay, so that ISIS can subjugate and control, power lusting pervert sickos who deserve the electric chair.

I roll with my piece off safety in case one of the idiots from ISIS shows up in my presence. I believe in justice, absolute justice, including the removal of ISIS from the world! Thats right, I am going to use my words here to condemn ISIS. I hope they enjoy the drone strikes! I have strong feelings that make me want to use curse words to describe ISIS, but I think you get the idea, I want ISIS to die, to be gone from the world; their deranged ideologies left in past where they belong!

See the problem with ISIS is that they do not want to play fair, nice, balanced, reasonable. ISIS is an abusive gang of stupid thugs, islamic wacko thugs who want to impose their screwed up ideology on everyone. They do not deserve or have the right to think that way, to conduct themselves like, and if they continue, the CIA and DOD will blow enough rockets from drones at them that no one from ISIS will remain, they will all die from Drone strikes. I think it would intelligent if the stupid fools in charge of ISIS stopped preaching dumb nonsense, and started teaching their members values, morality, ethics, love, kindness, reasoning, logic, and intelligence! Thats about as likely as it is for the SUN to freeze over instantly! Sadly, the member of ISIS are a marginalized bunch of poor islamic people who hate the world! They band together with their hatred as a group, running around like dumb thugs, forcing people in the regions they occupy to claim allegiance, alight no one intelligent has joined ISIS yet! Only uneducated dumb thugs align with this evil backward group!

America may be guilty of promoting materialism, what a sin, but America has given rise to shared prosperity with all kinds of cool technological developments, our friendly partner nations in Nato also contributing a lot of scientists, like the rocket pioneers from Germany, and others from western Europe who pioneered the space race. We have to be careful with Russia, its a dangerous place, with a dangerous government. I think Russia is a really interesting country, and I actually like Russia, the Russian language, the Russian history and culture, their food, some of the cultural concepts about freedom and liberty, some of their laws, and find that even the USA can learn form and improve from studying Russia. America and no nation for that matter is perfect. All people are flawed, and nation states are made of people. No corporation is perfect, because all corporations are made of flawed people. No religious leader is perfect, they are flawed people too. In fact you cannot find a perfect person in the world alive today, and I am not sure that anyone was ever actually perfect.

Lets get down to why I Christian and not Islamic
Look at this image above! 

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