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14 Megapixel Screen : the 5K iMac deep inside

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A brilliant P3 color gamut 14 MP display that exceeds the detail of 4K, eventually 8K and beyond ^^ The 5K iMac is the most beautiful computer you can buy!

You can option the 5K iMac to over $4000 on Apple's website, but for under $2400 out the door you can also get a good one On Sale! Skylake i5, 8GB Ram, 2TB Fusion Drive, 5K P3 Display, laptop style graphics card, its not a Gaming Machine, its just an awesome desktop computer, clean, sleek, wireless galore! The second gen Magic mouse is interesting, easy to zoom, scroll, navigate around, switch screens, its all very pleasing to use, elegant, simple! Have a look inside via the youtube video

5120 x 2880 pixels !!!!!! Retina 5K display, via a display board with custom logic from parade!

3.3 Ghz Intel I5 Skylake Quad Core Processor

A fusion of 128 GB Sandisk PCIE SSD & 2TB Seagate HD : into a virtual "Fusion" drive! The OS automatically managing which drive to use for each kind of data. The human brain potentiates memories in order to save some ideas and reject other information. Our brain has to balance what it same in order to avoid filling up its 700 TB capacity too quickly!

AMD Radeon M395 GPU + 2GB GDDR5

User Replaceable Ram, Awesome!

User Replaceable Hard Drive, Awesome!

User Replaceable Cpu! To 4.0GHz and beyond ^^^^^ 2017

Immediate Future Upgrades Ram +add Late 2016 likely to occur when needed! Base 8GB : upgrade 32GB : Future proof for video editing

Check out the referred model at Best Buy via the following link!
 'late 2015' iMac Retina 5K 3.3GHz Quad-Core i5; Radeon R9 M395 GPU (2G GDDR5); 8G RAM; 2TB Fusion Drive

The 2TB Seagate Drive
The Whole Kit Packed Carefully behind the Display
with Elegance, a clean design that looks awesome!
Well made, with good engineering, the software is solid! 

Mainboard Front
Look at that board quality! Awesome Design

Mainboard Back
Elegant efficient part placement!
Board space conservation Optimization 

Fast, nice and fast! 

Adapted from the original teardown official post on the I Fix It website, you can access by clicking the hyperlink :)

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