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Sugar is Evil

Sugar is an addictive toxin that is behind the obesity epidemic, the childhood disease epidemic, the diabetes epidemic, the heart disease epidemic. Sugar is evil, more addictive than cocaine, it hijacks the brain of the consumer to turn us all into sugar junkies sick with metabolic disease, even thin people can be obese inside near the core, with all of the same health problems as fat people. Sugar is the evil that is making everyone sick!

Watch "Fed Up" on Netflix

$35 Qi Charging System for Galaxy Note 3

RAVPower ® Wireless Charging Receiver Wireless 

Charger Charging Receiver For Samsung Galaxy 

Note III 3, Qi Standard Wireless Charging Receiver

Read a really cool short article on Anandtech about the state of wireless charging technology, and remembered a person showing me this setup in the back of his Note 3. I hopped on Amazon and ordered the receiver and charging station for about $35. Have a look at the system... I put some hyperlinks in this article for you reading pleasure should you wish to think more about it! 

Toyota & Lexus Hybrid Crazy : Ignoring EV Tech

If you listen to the executives from Lexus or its parent company Toyota, their general mantra about the EV is that building pure electric vehicles is and will continue to be unprofitable, and the market for EV's is too small. Sadly, they are mistaken, but it is not hard to understand why.

Delta Airlines LED Fleet Update

Saves $50,000 per plane per year in fuel costs, while also reducing the amount of service hours needed to keep the planes up and running, further costs saving thereby realized. With LED lighting the APU can operate at a lower output, consuming less fuel, creating fewer emissions, and allowing the planes to go just a little further...... what is not to love about LED lighting?

Galaxy Note 3 : Life

Was given a Note 3 by my best friend and his wife, they upgraded to Note 4's, and so I officially retired my old Note 2 on 4/20/15. It took about 2 hours to translate the new Note 3 into a full functioning replacement of my old Note 2. I am just now finishing the deep power cycle to refurbish the battery, it gave me 49 hours to 3% SOC after I fully charged it. 

Gas Price 2015

Falling to pieces, I am reminded of TV commercials featuring Patsy Cline's famous song.... the price of gas has dropped by almost $1/gal as of late in the USA. Where I live near Seattle gas prices are below $3/gal, and in some parts of the country the prices are just less than $2/gal.

Fuel Cost EST 4 Meg

Here we compared the relative fuel cost estimates for vehicles that get 30, 40 or 50 miles per gallon. We ended up going with the 40MPG vehicle, and here is why..... the 2014 Honda CR-Z ex Man was the one.... :)

CRZ deep zoom to Honda of Japan info :)

2015 Honda CRZ JDM Spec : Images in Post From

After discussing the purchase of a CR-Z with the person who I love more than life itself, she agreed to let me buy a brand new one. Inspired by her kindness and generosity, I sought to learn more about it so that I can make a truly informed choice, and so that I will be able to fully appreciate what it is that we are adding to our family of vehicles.... at this... 

Honda CRZ Sport Hybrid

Honda CRZ Sport Hybrid : Image
The concept of a sports coupe with a 6 speed manual transmission and a lithium-ion hybrid drivetrain made by Honda is just too cool to pass up. The Lease on my 2013 Leaf S will end on Nov 11th of this year, and it will be replaced by a Honda CRZ.... here is why..... 

2016 Acura NSX Plug-in Hybrid ^^

2016 Acura NSX PHEV by Honda : Image
The 2016 Acura NSX will bring the best of the original NSX combined with hybrid technology from Honda. The Next NSX is a Plug-in Hybrid. That means more power, digital all wheel drive, and better fuel economy. The virtues of cleaner high performance will resonate with everyone when the next NSX hits the streets of Earth ^^

Tire & Wheel Weight : Vehicle Fuel Economy

2005 Toyota Prius Wheel 15in 14lbs
Image Source:
At 14lb the OEM 15in wheels on the second generation Toyota Prius was one of the lightest wheels ever produced for a mass market vehicle. The magnesium aluminum alloy that Toyota used in these wheels was traditionally used for high performance racing and sports car wheels. It turns out that lightweight performance parts can also be used to improve a vehicles fuel economy.

Guns Are Dead

I put a gun on the ground and yelled at, but it would not respond. I demanded that it get up and do something, but it laid their lifeless making no choices at all. It dawned on me, this gun is an inanimate object that requires a Human operator.