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Galaxy Note 3 : Life

Was given a Note 3 by my best friend and his wife, they upgraded to Note 4's, and so I officially retired my old Note 2 on 4/20/15. It took about 2 hours to translate the new Note 3 into a full functioning replacement of my old Note 2. I am just now finishing the deep power cycle to refurbish the battery, it gave me 49 hours to 3% SOC after I fully charged it. 
This Note 3 was used for about a year, its the white version, and I picked up a white and black UAG case for it on amazon months ago. In early 2015 I traded a fitbit one for this note 3, not really a trade, more of a mutual exchange of kindness between my best friend and his wife and I. I used the Note 3 without an active sim card for 2 days as a camera, and then when the battery got down to 44% I turned it off, took the battery out, put it with its charger, the battery and the case into a metal cookie tin, and set the stored unit on the shelf for about 3 months.

On 4/20/2015 It was the 2nd wedding anniversary between Megan and I. I woke up early at 6:05am, Meg was still asleep. The weather forecast for the day was 0% chance of rain and a high of 74deg F. The sun was rising into our only window through our Mylar curtain. I took the Note 2's otterbox off and removed the back cover, and took out the battery which was at 55%, and took out the sim card linked to my verizon account. I got the cookie tin down from the shelf and unpacked the Note 3. Put the old inactivated sim card from the note 3 into the note 2, and the active sim into the Note 3. I then put in the battery which was at about 27% state of charge after camping for 3 months from a starting charge of 44% in an environment that ranges between 63 and 81 deg F, with a median temp around 74. Once booted up I used the Backup Assistant to restore my contacts. A series of software updates, 3 in total, brought the Note 3 up to Android Lolly Pop (5), and then further configured the device while it sat connected to my 8AH portable charging setup, the pure DC clean power from that little brick ideal for charge cycling a battery from storage. It took about 2 hours to top it off to 100% charge, we departed for hiking at about 10:15. We used the phone for navigation while on the ride in Winston the CRZ out to north bend, we stopped at whole foods on the way to pick up a couple of things.

We arrived at the Iron Horse State Park with our Wa State Parks Pass. Spent about 5 hours there total, completing about 20,000 steps worth of hiking, about about 15 floors of climbing eq. It was a beautiful day and the trail was mostly quiet, we didn't encounter many people and this was music to Meg's heart. We did encounter a person that Meg knew from her previous job as a nanny, a petite late 30's to early 40's woman named Shela. I used the Note 3 with the Fitbit app to communicate with my Fitbit Charge HR, to get an idea of how far we had gone several times while hiking. I also used the Note 3's camera to shoot wide angle stills and some video clips, the Canon T5i's 50mm prime lens was not ideal in a few use cases.

We got back to the car, feeling like we got a nice long walk in, and departed for home. We got home and took a short nap, both cleaned up and then went to 13 Coins in Seattle for dinner. There we used the Note 3 as a camera, and it did well indoors, capturing some photos of our dinner and of us with selfie style and the aid of a small candle for added warm light. On the way back to the eastside, we dropped off some gum and cherry juice at my parents home, rented Big Hero 6 on bluray at a redbox, and then came home to watch the movie. We both fell asleep during the movie, and ended up watching the rest of it the next morning.

The Note 3 continued to operated on 4/21/2015, and made it all the way through the day, it was only this morning at 8:30am that the battery reached a critically low 3% state of charge. I hooked it up to the portable lithium Ion Charger at 8:44, it was then that I decided to write this post, enjoying my morning Tea, parked in front of a small electric space heater cranking out 600w of warm air, out 7 hours ventilation session dropped the interior temp near the floor to 63deg F.

The sun is out, the clouds too, its a %55 change of rain today and a balmy 45deg F right now. The cool day is a in strong contrast to the warm sunny weather we enjoyed on April 19 and 20, the 21st started out sunny but turned into a all evening long drizzle rain system. The rain let up while I was asleep last night, a session of sleep interrupted by intense inner abdominal pain from gas bubbles forming in my GI. I drank water with the hopes of liberating the pressure, a series of wind breaks followed, glad to be doing that during the late night air exchange.

I will charge the Note 3 to 100% again and that will complete the removal from storage complete deep cycle restoration step needed to reboot the battery, now the goal is 30-80% with a deeper charge every 20 days or every 500 hours of operation.

Peace be with you friends, thanks for reading!

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