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Guns Are Dead

I put a gun on the ground and yelled at, but it would not respond. I demanded that it get up and do something, but it laid their lifeless making no choices at all. It dawned on me, this gun is an inanimate object that requires a Human operator.

Guns are not a problem, dangerous crazy people are! Stupid crazy people make the world worse for everyone. With or without guns, some people will always be crazy and violent. Taking guns away from honest people will not solve this problem.

Taking guns away from honest sane law abiding people will not end crime, will not make the world safer, and will not do anything positive. Nerf the world for liberal safety, too stupid to protect the selves, these fools believe that taking away everything potentially dangerous is the solution to ending violence.

I am reminded of people who go through their homes to childproof everything that might be a hazard to their young childen : this an understandable act, it does not sense to apply the same ideology to the world as a whole. These anti-gun people want to live in a world like children, where someone else has the real responsibility.

I love the police and those who keep the peace, but the sad truth is that they cannot be there for you fast enough when seconds make the difference between life and death. Furthermore the star has failed to keep crazy dangerous people out of the general public, instead we have filled our nations prisons with pety drug crime offenders, institutionalize racism designed to hold low income crack deals down while smacking rich white people with a mistameanor for cocain posession, the hidden message is that crack is for poor people and cocain is for rich people, they are both chemically similar and made from the same plant.

Crazy dangerous people roaming freely is the problem, crazy people who are hazardous to themselves and other people. We live in a world of extremes because we have embraced a toxic carbon based finite and smog producing energy system, one that visionaries like Hyman Rickover, Albert Eistein, Nikola Tesla and Elon musk all disagreed with. They warned us that society would fall apart if we failed to enhance renewable energy resources.

The movie "Man of Steel" portaits the distruction of planet Krypton because the society that superman came from made the same backwards choice to deplete finite energy resources that destabilized the core of their home planet, here on earth we have cracking in the crust causing destabilization of the surface, sink holes and land slides and earthquakes the outcome of this narrow mind mining.

The living skin of the earth is thin and fragile to the industrial poisons and the scale of pollution that comes from 7 billion people all living resource depleting lives simultaneously, a glimmer of home shines on the horizon with recycling, energy efficient design, sustainable planning and Eco friendly better chemical products and solutions.

The Internet democratizing access to the truth if we only have the will to seek it out. The problems in our world are born with the flaws of each person. Outlawing guns will address the flaws in people. To make the future brighter, cleaner, safer, stronger and better we have to cultivate better people. We need to cultivate better children, better old people, better everyone. We need to embrace knowledge as a civilization to really move forward with progress. With carbon energy we have but only an illusion of progress, the cracks and decay from this broken energy system evident all around us!

We were warned by the Lord our God, in Proverbs 10:21 The lips of the righteous feed many, but fools die for a lack of sense (knowledge, wisdom), also in Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

The Lead bullets of today are a poisonous neurotoxin, a heavy metal that is sprayed into the world by target practice and war alike. Lead free bullets offer a more sustainable alternative. Shooting at an indoor range also helps to keep the metals in a recycling loop.

The solution to gun violence is the reduction of violent crime, starting with the state addressing dangerous mentally ill people who are likely to misuse firearms. Even if you take away guns from honest people, criminals do not care about laws. Their are countless examples where honest people with guns help the police. People save their own lives and others by simply showing force. A gun is a force multiplying tool. More offend then not, the simple brandishing of a firarm is enough of a show of force to change the balance of power in a situation between a citizen and criminal. Do not expert people Europe to easily understand this, over there population density is so high, there is an officer of the law ever 300 meters. In America the police are often miles apart, and that means many minutes of delay, enough time for a home invasion to start and finish befor law enforcement even shows up.

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