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Ubiquitous Surveillance

Laser Bounce Audio Harvesting Off Sheetrock

The computational power of todays computer networks will pave the way towards a more honest future. In the future the truth about everything will be easier to access because of ubiquitous surveillance.

Today the NSA and CIA have access to the worlds most powerful computer systems and classified network technologies. They use these tools to keep America safe from nations and organizations that seek to destabilize or harm our country, our way of life and our economy. Even at home here in America, and in all other nations, corruption and crime still exist.

My GN2 w/ 8Ah LiPo Charger : Charging

Your smart-phone is a spy satellite in your pocket, loaded with sensors that can be remotely accessed by authorities, the invasive nature of target surveillance goes deeper into the social networks you play with. If you have a detailed open blog like this, or a facebook page that you play with a lot, then you have created a digital footprint that can be used to construct a psychological and social profile. If you spike the curiosity of an artificial neural network at the right government agency, your page rank will increase, and if you score is high enough, actual human field agents will be alerted about you for a review process. If the powers that be determine that you are a national security problem, a mission will be created to collect more data about you to create a more nuanced and detailed picture of your life. This process is used to find domestic terrorist and other evil people that need to be brought to justice.

A FaceBook Lego Creation I Smithed
Upload for Clarity

I intentionally uploaded much of what I think about online through myspace, facebook and this blog. I put this content from my mind online so that there is a unambiguous record of who I am and what I stand for. If someone looks me up in the future, they will be able to get a very clear understanding of who I was, what I cared about, what I believed in, about my life, about me. Its not out of a narcisistic desire that I populated the web with information about my life and believes and ideas, its out of a desire to openly express honestly the concepts, ideas and choices that exist as an every changing composite that comprises the memory modules, reference libraries, and conceptual understanding and general intelligence framework that produces my cognition, world views and beliefs.

I view Facebook as a lifetime scrapbook, and at this point I am willing to trade the ownership transfer to the materials I upload in exchange for free hosting. Here on blogger, I am willing to allow ad's on my blog to help pay for the hosting, and so that when this blog becomes more popular in the future, it will generate a revenue stream. I was inspired to add ad's to my blog by a man named Kenneth Rockwell. He publishes a photography website, and explains that his website is his well being, his source of income, that which sustains his ability to take care of his family

Into Hidden Spaces

The internet has already broken down barriers to specialized information of virtually all types. From people to corporations, music, movies, books and blogs. The internet connects people across time and space as the most sophisticated publishing platform ever developed.

The next time you use your computer online, think about what you computer use says about you! If someone else was watching what you were doing, what could they conclude about you?

Be careful with your words, and do not say things in writing that you will regret in the future. If you are angry or in a strange state, make sure to take some time to stop and think about what you really want to say before posting it online.

Tweet on my friends, share your ideas and set each other free with the truth.

As always, Thinking About It

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