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Why Blame Lance Armstrong

Grand liar of Cycling, King of performance enhancing drugs, but not a drug chemist. What about the system of doctors and drug companies that produce the juice that these athletes use to dope?

What are the ethics of raising money for cancer research. Would it not be more noble to stop the carcinogens in the world, to end pollution that subsidizes the greedy solutions of industries that create these cancer causing fumes, toxins, dusts and vapors. From plastic chemicals like bisphenol-A to bisphenol-S, to the tail pipe emissions of gas burning vehicles, to the pesticides and artificial chemicals in our food chain, to the engineered poisons in synthetic perfumes that people spray on their largest organ, their skin. We are swimming in a chemical soup of diluted pollutants, the fallout and carcinogens that cause cancer all around us. If you put a white egg into a dye bath, do you expect to see it emerge with the same color that it entered with?

Why are these doctors and drug companies that produce the performance enhancing drugs like EPO, allowed to continue operating? The answer is that we are moving beyond upgrading our homes, cars and computers, we are now in the Monsanto age of chemical engineering excellence with computer aided design tools and synthetic chemical manufacturing technology at its brightest.

The state of science is such that bacteria can be genetically pimped to produce insulin. We can use science today to do amazing things. Performance enhancing drugs have made a splash in holywood blockbusters like LUCY and Limitless.

Are we ready for the faustian bargain of trading performance for cancer? The steroids of progress overshadowed by the sickness they cause as a side effect. The fallout of a broken series of choices to use the dope to go faster, its the same fake choice we make at the gas pump to get more range in less time, the side effect is air pollution that hurts everything alive on earth.

Let these words fall upon the world with influence and power, for they are the truth. Why; is the most important of all of these questions.

Why are we here on earth?

Why does corruption exist?

Why does evil continue in the face of laws designed to reduce crime and evil in the world.

We live today in age where violent crime is at an all time low. Do not dilute your self into believing that the world is peaceful. Today slavery, war, poverty, corruption, lies, betrayal, fallout and pollution, greed and evil, the sickness of mankinds mind abound in great abundance. These sick toxic broken ideas are holding us all back from a brighter future.

Can we summon the strength to ask difficult questions, to look into that mirror, into our own eyes in an act of self reflection? The weight of glory has never been easy to bear, pride always coming before the fall of all mankind. Nothing perfectly straight will ever come from the crooked sinful ways of mankind if we continue to embrace bad ideas as a people.

What can we make of our civilization if organized criminality is allowed to exist in transnational energy companies that fuel the world. We are all in this together, like it or not, so why not embrace a positive change? Do we really need or can we even sustain 7 billions people all alive simultaneously? To what end does adding more people to this earth enhance the lives of anyone?

Fools, Sheeple, the world today is populate by sissy fud mongering tools, half baked examples of an otherwise whole person. We have a world full of facade people, people made of crooked eye illusions, half alive, sick, wage slaving away to pay bills, the brightest of people held back by systems that put stupid evil people into positions of power.

Why does power corrupt a person?

Why have we failed to learn from history?

Why do we continue making the same mistakes?

What is fundamentally wrong with a Society that Knows God?

How can we know God and continue to embrace evil?

How can the world be transformed by the life and messages of Jesus Christ the Messiah, and still we have evil in so many forms, across all areas of society.

If super intelligent aliens from outer space came to the earth, what kind of scores would they give human civilization?

To what end are we toiling away ever day?

What is the grand goal, greater purpose?

It is the question, that search for significance that starts to peel away the layers of evil fud that the world coats ever person with at school. We learn bad ideas from each other, repeat broken bad ideas, like a record that keeps playing over and over again, one stupid idiot after the other making the same mistakes over and over again? How can this be true? How did we get to this place?

Looking back into history, the Story of Mankind is an interesting show on Netflix, but it speaks to a greater truth about where we can from as a people. Our violent history, from the fall of the Roman Empire to the rise and fall of Nazi Germany, from world war 1 to world war 2, we have been a waring people all along. Lies and dishonesty are not a new features of human society, but why do they exist. Why would we teach each other broken toxic ideas?

Doping in cycling is unfair because it makes the sport more about who can get the best juice, and less about the human endeavor to rise above and overcome challenges. The very act of living is proof that life goes on. I lost a hero when I learned of Lance Armstong's lies and doping; I felt like I lost a friend, a friend who inspired me to stay active, especially on my bicycle.

Speaking of bicycling, I remember climbing this small mountain that my parents live on, back when I was 17. I was in a low gear, climbing at a good rate, when two diesel trucks passed me. I was choking on the smog from their tail pipes, and got to wondering why I had to breath negative consequences of someone else bad choices!

Would it not be more fair to have the driver of a vehicle breathing the sooty exhaust their vehicle? Why make everyone else breath the fallout of tail pipe pollution from a vehicle that everyone else is not operating? It was the first time I came to understand externalization. Externalities as it turns out are behind the tragedy of the commons, the squandering of fresh water resources, california golf course, the polluting of our atmosphere with tail pipes that drive climate change; the plastic pollution that comes from the high cost of lower prices, its not magic, its oil, its petrochemical.

Can we move to a society of all metal and glass, an electric society without plastic? Sure, with technology we can do anything. With new solutions we can go further, with less, for less, and more. With innovation and creativity we can create new forms of fusion power, and space travel, of folding space and warp drives, of ion thrusters and new forms of propulsions that do not rely on oxidizing carbon, on burning coal like our ancestors did. We can move beyond the foul fall out heavy faustian bargain of carbon energy to embrace a new atomic battery age. With information technology allowing me to publish this, it seem that almost anything is possible!

Set your self free with the truth and awaken your mind more fully, you can become a brighter version of you! Be positive. I struggle to be positive myself, but I write this both to encourage others and to remind myself of what I care about most! Enjoying life. Life is short, can be taken from one suddenly by an accident or a disease. Why spend your time here on earth unhappy?

Blaming Lance Armstrong for the doping in professional cycling is an absurdity, he is just another victim of a system of pharmaceutical performance enhancing. From drugs that pump your mind like meth, to the cannabis that people use to become more artistic, we have been using performance enhancing drugs like green tea and coffee all along, so much so that we gloss over the use of sugar as normal when in fact it is similar to sprinkling cocaine on our food, the sweet tooth is a drug addict, and that is everyone. We are human, and silly, and goofy, and prone to making mistakes, and all of us will fall before the Glory God.

God calls us to rise above the gross inequity of sin, of a sin that harms people. He asks us to be kind and to show each other grace. Today in this capacity I failed completely, but I know that I am more than the product of my mistakes. With a focus on family, the toll of help can be overwhelming at times, a drain to the body and mind. Sometimes when those that are closest too us are sick, it makes us sick in a way, a way that makes me want to run away from everything. But I am stronger then that, I am more intelligent and more compassionate then that. I will have to eat my words and restate the truth tomorrow, to undue things that I said today.

I find often that I under-appreciate the power of words. I am a wordy person as you might be able to tell, so if words are powerful, then my only hope about the words I have spoken and shared, is that at least one other person will resonate with the truth and change for the better. Its all about love, a love that can only come through knowing the Lord our God and Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. The Holy Spirit is a software package that runs inside our body and nervous system and mind, our brain the wetware hardware on which this part of God, the Holy Spirt operates. The Trinity of faith, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is all about love. This is what make Christianity different than all other religions. Go forth and show each other kindness, life is short so make the best of it.

Peace be with you friends :)

I will keep thinking about it, and hope to inspire others to do the same

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