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Star Trek with Fusion Energy

Magnetic mirrors, like Q switching a gas laser, the Fusion Pulse Hydrogen engine of tomorrow will bring mankind to new reaches in the universe. Translating secret defense technology of yesterday into  the power we need to go interstellar tomorrow........

Fusion Not Exothermic Chemical Reactions

Chemical rockets are a dead end, because burning aluminum power does not produce the kind of energy dense reactions we need to go beyond the moon. We need to build a moon base, to harness the Helium 3 from the Moon, from which Fusion powered spacecraft that use He3 as their fuel will enable us to launch from the Moon, crafts that give Star Trek some footing in our real civilization. A hybrid multi-fuel fusion energy can be used in many different propulsion configurations, based on magnetic and electric ion control and mass ejection, matter acceleration. We have a lot of good ideas in science to build some really cool 2020 era worthy fusion power spacecraft.

The Truth Revealed

General Atomic's announced that they have a long standing partnership with Lockheed Martin to develop a compact nuclear fusion reactor based on older compact reference designs used in unmanned aircraft for long endurance information reconisence missions. In the late 1980's, compact light weight helium cooled nuclear energy generators were developed to power electric remote control spy planes, and these long endurance UAV's gave our nation the kind of reach for the truth that space Satellites originally provided, but with the advantage of faster deployment with much greater resolution. Deeper down in the atmosphere, these actively camouflaged UAV's are shooting high resolution video of subjects that interest the powers that are in power.

The Truth Obscured

Steven B. Drone at Sandia National Laboratories, an expert on these compact UAV mounted reactors published disinformation that is is available online, claiming that there is no promise or feasibility with compact lightweight nuclear aircraft power source technologies. The interesting thing is that in 1986, a fast flux helium cooled thorium reactor took to the sky in top secret technology. The official story is very different, as is the case with Lithium Ion battery technology.

Secrets for Safety

The private and public sectors claim that the Lithium Ion cell was developed by scientist at Sony in 1990. The truth is that Lithium Ion batteries have been used in the defense sector since the 1960's. This is another example of where the Government hides its best technology as long as it is able, to maintain a strategic edge. To this end America's compact fusion reactors are at the very forefront of nuclear electric spacecraft technology. Not only will commercial nuclear fusion reactors replace coal oxidization heat pollution plants of today, Nuclear fusion will bring human civilization to the Moon and Mars and beyond.

The word Nuclear is to many people a word that incites fear of fukashima and 3 miles island, the mystery of radioactivity and radiation poisoning. The truth is that commercial nuclear fusion has been a very safe low fallout technology for society. Coal power is the leading source of radioactive heavy metal fallout in society, the metals in the coal, released when the coal is burned, no practical way to preflight the heavy radioactive metals from the cheap coal before it is burned for heat. Our well meaning defense contractor and aerospace companies kept the secrete of nuclear rocket technology out of the public discourse, because the general public was not ready for the truth, the sheep of modern mankind, too sensitive and uneducated to handle the truth. The Average person does not understand nuclear physics, most do not even understand that difference between AC and DC electricity, how a battery works, or other basic science concepts and ideas. The public of today is just barely able to handle the truth, mostly because science fiction slowly introduced these concepts of nuclear rockets and warp cores in Star Trek, a rate of fiction involvement that the general public can digest. All of our technologies today started out as wild eye'd ideas in the past.

Imagine if you took a modern smartphone back to the Roman Empire and showed it to one of their leaders. To communicate, you would need to either know, or also bring a tool to translate, a digital tool like Google Translate, or something more polished from the near future. We can get there together, to a brighter future, to share the truth across time and space, to push the boundaries of what is possible, the Art and Science of Innovation

We are all in it together, lets start collaborating and moving forward. We can use something other than War or the threat of war, to developed better technologies, to develop newer cleaner technologies that disrupt societies formation of air pollution, for a fresher breath tomorrow, a cleaner energy future.

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