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One Earth

Our Spaceship : Our One Earth : Our Home : Our Living
Today is going to be widely celebrated as Earth Day by the business world, since Earth Day 2012 actually falls on Sunday April 22nd. Remember, we only have One "read more" to continue reading....

Facebook Timeline Sucks : Fail

If you agree that Facebook Timeline is worse than the "original: classic" profile look, then please log into FB and like the following "Undo Timeline" page.

God Is Real

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A discussion between two people about God and the presence of evil in the world. God is Real......

Solar System Update 2012

My diminutive 20w Mono-Si based solar power system is getting a proper storage battery. Learn more about it by clicking "read more" 

Ebert The Electric Bike

Ebert and I at a Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Ebert is an electric folding mountain bike. Made in the USA by Prodeco Technologies. He is powered by a 36V 12AH Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery coupled to a rear hub high torque geared 500 watt brushless motor. In the distant future, vehicles like this will likely become practical commuting alternatives to the heavy steel oil powered piston driven vehicles of today.....

Fresh Safe Puff Puff

Not Breath Mints : Click "Read More" to see the GIF O.o

God is Love

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God's Love has the power to illuminate and warm the human heart and mind, just as the Sun's light and heat illuminates and warms the desolate coldness of our physical world! Click "read more" to find out what else love does.....

Respecting Life (God's Creation)


If people actually respected "God" they would be good stewards of all of the Life on Earth the way that God asked of us in the bible. God created Earth and all of the life on Earth for people to enjoy (make use of in a respectful intelligent way that is sustainable). The problem is that most of these people who call themselves Christian are ignorant: they do not understand what their own religion teaches, and they live lives of hypocrisy, hatred, waste, disrespect, bigotry and jugement : exactly the opposite of what their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was talking about........ (click read more to continue reading)